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The Levoit LV-Pur131 Air Purifier is the older sibling to the popular 132 model. It has a sleek, square design in a pure white shade to fit seamlessly into most rooms in homes and offices.

On first glance it has everything an air purifier should have: an HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and a reasonable price tag. But there are a few little issues to be explored to get a true idea of this machine and what you might experience if you were to own it.

Does the Levoit LV-PUR131 eliminate odors? Does it help with allergies? Are there any faults to be aware of? Who is it suitable for?

Let’s see.  

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What Interesting About The LEVOIT LV-PUR131?

The Levoit LV-PUR131 is an attractive machine if you like fresh white colors and sleek lines. It has a horizontal control panel along the top with a digital display screen.

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What’s most interesting about this model is the auto mode. Auto modes aren’t exclusive to Levoit, other brands do feature them, but it’s still an interesting aspect to note. What the auto mode does is allow the machine to assess the air quality and change the fan speed accordingly.

This leads us to the air quality indicator which uses different colored lights to tell you how good or bad the quality of the air is. When you select the auto mode you don’t need to pay attention to the air quality indicator as the machine will adjust itself. This is pretty cool as it means that when you cook, clean or smoke the air purifier will kick into high gear and clear all the gunk from the air.

The filtration system is worth mentioning as is it is simple yet very effective. It has a fine mesh pre-filter, a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for hiding those nasty odors. This is all you really need for a thoroughly clean environment at a reasonable cost. There are no fancy lights, ionizers or permanent filters to plague you with worries of ozone, so that’s a great plus.

Is it good to reduce dust and remove tobacco and pet odors or diaper?

Yes, by many customer accounts the Levoit 131 is great at reducing odors. Fire smoke, cigar smoke, cooking smells and “teenager” smells have all been mentioned in positive reviews. This is partly due to the activated carbon filter (designed especially for the purpose of reducing odors) and the auto mode. The auto mode detects smells and particles and cranks the fan speed up to the highest level until the smells die down.

Does it have an ionizer?

Nope, this air purifier does not have an ionizer and it doesn’t produce ozone. This is a major plus for people who stay well away from ozone-producing appliances.

What do other customers and reviews say?

The reviews paint a great picture of this affordable air purifier. 71% make up the 5-star section while the 1-star section gets only 7% of the votes. Let’s figure out what people loved and hated.


Removes odors and refreshes the air: the odor-reducing abilities of this model have been praised many times in the positive review sections. Customers have mentioned that the air in their homes has become noticeably fresher, cleaner and with far less odor. Smoke, food and pet smells are mentioned, which are generally the most pungent odors expected in a home.

Helps with allergy symptoms: many reviewers have raved about the great reduction in allergy symptoms experienced by themselves or family members. Seasonal allergies and sinus issues have been mentioned in reviews written by very happy customers with reduced allergy-related symptoms.

Auto mode works really well: the auto mode has impressed plenty of customers. (This is interesting as other customers have found the auto mode to be a little disappointing). The positive reviews have noted that the auto mode switches to red (“bad” air quality) whenever the users cook and clean.


Won’t turn on: unfortunately, quite a few reviewers in the 1-star section have received a unit which just wouldn’t turn on. Compared to the number of people who didn’t experience this issue I don’t think it should turn you off purchasing this item if you really like the features.  

Filters are expensive to change: an interesting complaint in the negative review sections regards the filters. Some people have found that they need to change the filters far more often than they’d expected to, some as often as every month or two. Now, this could either be because the filters were actually dirty, or because the “change filter” light was playing tricks and illuminating when it didn’t need to. Either way, these customers found that the price of the filters was too high to sustain.

Fan stops working or makes a clunking noise: a few people have found that the fan makes a “clunking” noise inside the unit. Others have found that the fan stops working after a while. This is only a very small percentage of people compared to the many happy customers, so I wouldn’t let it sway you too much.

What are the technical specifications?


Recommended room area: 322 square feet
Special features/settings: The control panel is set out really clearly and tidily with easy-to-decipher symbols. These are the features you get with the Levoit 131:

Display button: this is the button with the eye symbol. It turns off the display panel (when the unit is on) so you’re not bothered by lights during the night.

Auto mode: this is the button with the counter-arrows. When you press this button the unit assesses the air and changes the fan speed accordingly. If the air is clean the unit will function at the “sleep” mode, if it’s really polluted it will function on the fourth/highest fan speed.

Sleep mode: the button with the moon and star symbol is to switch the unit to sleep mode. The sleep mode runs on the lowest fan speed and has very little noise.

Air quality indicator: the little oval screen in the middle of the control panel is your air quality indicator. It will change color according to the air quality as determined by a smart sensor. Each color has a recommended fan speed to best suit the environment. Blue = very good, sleep mode. Green = good, low fan speed. Yellow = moderate, medium fan speed. Red = bad, high fan speed.

Fan speed: the little fan icon symbolises the fan speed button. Press this to select the fan speed you want, from low, normal and high.

Timer: the little clock symbol goes with the timer button. Press this to set the unit to program a particular run time between 1 and 12 hours. The unit will automatically turn off once the set time has elapsed.

Filter types: fine pre-filter, true-HEPA filter, activated carbon filter

Energy usage: 40 Watts

Color white with a slim black panel on the top
Noise level (Db) <52 Db

Dimensions and weight

Size 18.5 x 14.5 x 7.2 inches
Weight 15.8 pounds

How do you use it?

It’s really easy to use once you get it all set up. Once you take it out of the box you just need to unwrap the filters, pop them back into the unit, find a flat space with a power cord handy and plug it in.

Operating the unit is really easy, here’s a general rundown of what to expect:

  • Turn it on using the power button
  • Set the fan speed manually or press the auto button
  • If not using the auto button, keep an eye on the air quality indicator and change the fan speed accordingly
  • Check and replace the filters when the “check filter” light comes on, or when you suspect they’re in need of a switch

That’s about it, it’s really not a cumbersome machine to own and use.

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

Well since you can’t manually wash or clean the filters the cleaning required is very minimal. The filters must be changed and cannot be cleaned (or they’ll be ruined and useless).

The only cleaning involved regards the dust sensor and the exterior of the unit. To clean the dust sensor you need a Q-tip soaked in water to give it a quick clean to remove any dust. The unit just needs a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it nice and shiny.

How Does It  Compare to other models?

Levoit lv-pur131 vs Coway ap-1512hh

The Coway ap-1512hh differs drastically to the Levoit in terms of looks. The Coway is black, square and looks a little like a stereo speaker. However, they’re quite similar in function, features and filtration. Here are the similarities and differences between the models so you can assess which is best for you.


  • Coway and Levoit both have an air quality indicator
  • Coway and Levoit both have an auto mode
  • Coway and Levoit both have different fan speeds
  • Coway and Levoit both have an HEPA and carbon filter which both need to be replaced
  • Similar recommended room area but Coway is a little more at 361 as opposed to Levoit at 322


  • Coway has a washable pre-filter, Levoit does not
  • The Coway is black, shiny and smaller than the Levoit
  • Coway has an ionizer, the Levoit does not
  • The Coway has a higher price at around $230 give or take (approximately $50 more expensive than the Levoit depending on where and when you buy it)

What is the cost of replacement filters and where to get them?

You can buy replacement filters on Amazon for around $30.00 give or take, depending on sales and price changes. They come in a set which includes a true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

How often do filters need to be changed and can’t they just be cleaned?

The filters should be changed every six months or more often depending on how dirty they get. The change filter light is based on time elapsed as opposed to how dirty the filters actually are, so it’s best to check them regularly.

If you start noticing funny noises, odors and less air flow, check the filters. If they’re grubby or clogged it’s time to change the filters despite whether the air filter change light has come on or not.

It’s really dependent on the level of pollutants in your home. If you’ve got lots of pets, regular cooking and smokers inside then you’ll be looking at a more regular filter change routine.

Are there other replacement parts, where do I buy them?

Not as of now. It’s best to contact the manufacturer if you need a new part or something to be fixed.

How loud is it?

The general consensus among customers is that the lowest fan speed is very, very quiet but the higher speeds are more audible. Most people find that even though the higher fan speeds are audible, the sound is not disruptive or annoying. It’s safe to say that this machine is quiet enough for most people’s preferences.

What’s the warranty?

2 years

What’s The Best Price For The LEVOIT LV-PUR131 and where can I buy it?

Amazon is the place to find this model. The price fluctuates but it’s generally under the $170 mark.

Verdict: Is This air purifier For You?

If you need an air purifier below $200.00 with true HEPA filtration, an odor-reducing carbon filter and the choice of auto or manual modes then this is for you. I don’t think you can really go wrong with this model unless you’re unfortunate enough to encounter some of the issues described in the negative reviews. I think it’s worth taking the small risk as chances are you’ll have a great experience and won’t regret the purchase.

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