People with air fryers rave about them for a reason. Multiple reasons actually. More of the foods you love, cooked more easily, with less mess. The fact that it’s better for your health is almost a side bonus πŸ™‚

I’ve spent the last month curating the following list of air fryer deals from the holiday sales in 2019. I’ve only included air fryers that I’d be happy to recommend even if they weren’t on sale (meaning, the quality, durability, and performance is high relative to others on the market.)

Without further ado, here are your best bets for an Air Fryer this November…

Today’s Best Air Fryer Deals Are

You won’t believe your luck, but our #1 ranked best air fryer of 2019, the Gowise 8 in 1 is also one of the most heavily discounted in this year’s holiday sales.

It has a huge capacity and pre-programmed settings to make cooking simpler (which you normally only get in more expensive machines). It was already among the most affordable fryers before, but at this price, it’s nearly impossible to beat.

Another astonishing deal is on this higher-end Philips XXL air fryer (the XL model also made our top 5 of the year list). This is an overall higher quality machine, that gets hot instantly, and produces the crispiest of foods with maximum convenience.

Many outlets consider this the best overall air fryer on the market at the moment. The only reason it wasn’t first on our list was because of the higher price… which today is much less of a factor!

If you’re out for an even bigger discount, or you want a machine with a few extra bells and whistles, this model from a new air fryer company called Bagotte might do the trick.

Paying only slightly more, you get a machine that will also bake, roast and grill. This is the kind of appliance you’ll use multiple nights a week, and with one-touch functionality, you’ll find it pretty easy going as you do.

If you cook for bigger groups (or just big appetites), you’ll need a fryer with a larger capacity.

Gowise 11qt (double the size of that one above!) gives you the same quality we’ve praised the company for, but with extra features like a dehydrator, a rotisserie, and detachable parts to make for easier cleaning. If you cook larger quantities, this one is well worth the investment.

Another great deal this holiday season is this Power Air Fryer model. The price after discount is really low, and it comes with some neat features like a divider basket, so you can cook two different foods at the same time.

How about a deal on more of a “rolls royce” kind of air fryer? This Ninja Programmable model is what you’re after.

It’s a small jump up in price, but that gets you privileges like faster cooking times, more even cooking (most lower-priced fryers require turning food during the cook to get maximum evenness), and parts that are easier to wash (even dishwasher safe.

And if absolutely everything on this list is out of your budget, I found one more option.

It’s not a great “deal” as such, but it’s a sturdy air fryer that’s well-reviewed, and it’s as affordable as air frying gets. The brand is Nutrichef and you can see it at the links below.

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How to Choose the Right Air Fryer from the List

Air Fryers might seem more complicated than other pieces of cookware, but when it comes to choosing one, there are only really 2 “do or die” criteria.

They are:

#1 How much food are you cooking?

Given the low prices at the moment, most people won’t need to consider the air fryers smaller than 5qt. The decision here is really just “Is 5qt big enough, or do I need bigger?”

If you’re regular feeding more than 4 hungry people, and you’re wanting to cook multiple foods at the same time (say chicken and fries), it’s probably worth looking at the bigger models like the Gowise 11qt

If not, you’ll be fine with any of the 5 qt models on the list.

#2 How much do you value convenience?

With the slightly more expensive models, you get faster cook times and less fussing (say with flipping/rotating contents). If you’re preparing dinner while chasing toddlers and trying to have a conversation with your spouse, the extra convenience could be a good investment.

But even if that’s the case and you can’t stretch the budget, options like the Gowise 8 in 1 will still do the job. You’re already saving kitchen time with this machine anyway.

What not to Worry About

Don’t fry your brain (I had to say it. I’m sorry!) trying to understand the differences between the technology of different models. Mostly it’s marketing-speak the brands use to try and make their products stand out.

What matters are the results. How well does the food cook and what does it taste like? Any variations of this kind I’ve noted in my descriptions above.

A Note on these Deals

I hope this article helps you choose the right air fryer for your household. Just note that through the holiday season, prices change regularly. I’ll try to keep updating this article through December and notify you if anything new and worthwhile pops up.

Good luck!

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