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People with air fryers rave about them for a reason. Multiple reasons actually. More of the foods you love, cooked more easily, with less mess. The fact that it’s better for your health is almost a side bonus πŸ™‚

I started this list in 2019, and – thanks to the ample time afforded by lockdowns where I live – I’ve just finished updating it with the best deals on air fryers for Cyber Monday 2020!

I’ve only included air fryers that I’d be happy to recommend even if they weren’t on sale (meaning, the quality, durability, and performance is high relative to others on the market.)

Without further ado, here are your best bets for an air fryer this November…

#1 Best Air Fryer Deal: Gowise 8 in 1 Air Fryer

You won’t believe your luck, but our #1 ranked best air fryer of 2020, the Gowise 5.8qt is also one of the most heavily discounted in this year’s holiday sales.

(They did this last year and they’ve done it again. I am not complaining!)

It has a huge capacity and pre-programmed settings to make cooking simpler (which you normally only get in more expensive machines). It was already among the most affordable fryers before (along with other models like the Cosori), but at this price, it’s nearly impossible to beat.

Oh, and the number of reviews for this machine are exceptionally high. The wisdom of crowds is worth betting on in this case.

#2 Best Air Fryer Deal: Gowise 7qt Air Fryer

If you need a bigger machine than 5.8qt (which is to say, you want to cook for a family of 4 or more regularly) Gowise also put their enormous 7qt model on sale, at an even bigger discount.

The real advantage this air fryer gives you is the ability to fit racks inside, so you can layer your foods, maximize air exposure, and cook a wider range of foods more quickly. Normally, it’s very hard to find an air fryer big enough to fit racks for this price.

Other than the racks, the feature set on the Gowise 7qt matches up pretty closely to the 5.8qt model. You still have the 8 functions with preset programs. They even throw in a recipe book with this one to sweeten the deal.

#3 Best Air Fryer Deal: Ninja Air Fryer

Ok, so we’ve still got a big discount here, but we’re jumping up in price a little. Why am I putting the Ninja Air Fryer here? Let me explain.

The main reason is build quality. Lower-priced air fryers have baskets that are coated with a vaguely described “non stick” coating, that when you feel it, seems plasticky. The number one complaint with low-priced air fryers is that their baskets started to peel or crack after a couple months usage. It doesn’t happen all the time, but particularly if instructions aren’t followed carefully, it does happen.

The Ninja has a ceramic coating. Which is… ceramic. Made from mineral materials. Very much non-plastic. For this reason, you can expect – and many people report – their ceramic baskets to last longer.

In other words, you’re talking better value for money here; A better investment over the long term.

The size of the Ninja is reported as 4qt, which might seem smaller than the Gowise 5.8qt in our number 1 spot. But in fact, this is a bit of a marketing trick. It turns out there’s a difference between 5.8qt “capacity” and 5.8qt “cooking capacity”. The Gowise has the former but not the latter. Both the Gowise and the Ninja give you the ability to cook 2lb of french fries. Mystery solved.

It can fit a rack inside, which is a plus. It has more precise temperature controls which will suit more experienced cooks.

I think the Ninja Air Fryer is a steal for this price if long term value and plenty of control are what you’re after.

#4 Best Air Fryer Deal: Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven

Want the biggest discount possible? Here you go.

Here you’re getting a fully functional toaster oven, that also does air frying. A couple of points about that:

You can do bread in this: Small pizzas, flatbreads, hotdogs etc. None of that is possible in the other air fryers on this list.

You’re also getting a machine here that’s designed to stay on the countertop – more like a microwave – so you don’t need to be taking it in and out of a cupboard.

The capacity is great: You can cook 2.5lb of food at a time – more than the Gowise 5.8qt and Ninja models above – and the mesh basket still allows quick cook times by maximizing airflow.

The big standout feature of this product is the glass window on the door. All other air fryers conceal the food being cooked, and if you’re trying to achieve a perfect level of brownness or crisp, it’s a matter of guess and check. With the Cuisinart however, you can look and see as the food’s cooking. If you like precision, you’ll love the Cuisinart Air Fryer.

#5 Best Air Fryer Deal: Cosmo Air Fryer

And if absolutely everything on this list is out of your budget, I found one more option.

It’s not a great “deal” as such, but it’s a sturdy air fryer that’s well-reviewed, and it’s as affordable as air frying gets. The brand is Cosmo and you can see it at the links below.

Click here to see more deals on air fryers at Amazon

How to Choose the Right Air Fryer from the List

Air Fryers might seem more complicated than other pieces of cookware, but when it comes to choosing one, there are only really 2 “do or die” criteria.

They are:

#1 How much food are you cooking?

Given the low prices at the moment, most people won’t need to consider the air fryers smaller than 5qt. The decision here is really just “Is 5qt big enough, or do I need bigger?”

If you’re regular feeding more than 4 hungry people, and you’re wanting to cook multiple foods at the same time (say chicken and fries), it’s probably worth looking at the bigger models like the Gowise 7qt

If not, you’ll be fine with any of the 5 qt models on the list.

#2 How much do you value convenience?

With the slightly more expensive models, you get faster cook times and less fussing (say with flipping/rotating contents). If you’re preparing dinner while chasing toddlers and trying to have a conversation with your spouse, the extra convenience could be a good investment.

But even if that’s the case and you can’t stretch the budget, options like the Gowise 5qt will still do the job. You’re already saving kitchen time with this machine anyway.

What not to Worry About

Don’t fry your brain (I had to say it. I’m sorry!) trying to understand the differences between the technology of different models. Mostly it’s marketing-speak the brands use to try and make their products stand out.

What matters are the results. How well does the food cook and what does it taste like? Any variations of this kind I’ve noted in my descriptions above.

A Note on these Deals

I hope this article helps you choose the right air fryer for your household. Just note that through the holiday season, prices change regularly. I’ll try to keep updating this article through December and notify you if anything new and worthwhile pops up.

Good luck!

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