For weeks now I’ve been scanning the big online retailers to see which air purifiers are coming on sale this season.

Fortunately, it’s all good news. Take a look at some of the discounts you can get on highly rated air purifiers right now…

Today’s Best Air Purifier Deals

I’m starting the list with what I think is the best deal overall.

The GermGuardian AC4825 is already a remarkable air purifier (and has been in our overall top 5 list the whole year) that currently has an enormous discount.

The reduction brings it down to being one of the cheapest air purifiers available period. Cheapest and best? It’s pretty hard to go wrong. Read our review here.

If you want something cheaper still, this compact Levoit model is also on sale.

It’s not going to cover as big a room – and for the extra cash, most people will tell you it’s worth bumping up to the bigger GermGuardian above – but if space is tight, or you want something to sit up on a shelf or counter, or set of drawers, this might be the perfect machine for you.

If you have bigger rooms (up to 360sq feet) or you want something that you can move around to cover any part of the house, there’s also a sale on the outstanding Winix 5500-2 air purifier.

This is another model from our top 5, and one of the best-reviewed air purifiers on the market. It has a remote control, and a smart gauge that adjusts functionality as the air changes. This means it can slow down as the air improves, reducing electricity costs.

Also for bigger rooms, the Coway AP1512-HH is on sale. (See our review here)

As well as covering up to 360sq ft, you get bonus features like real-time air quality reporting, and a deodorization filter to help remove smells. The deodorization filter helped this model appear in our list of best air purifiers for smoke, weed, and wildfires too.

Discount: 22%
Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air Purifier, 16.8 x 18.3 x 9.6
2,552 Reviews

For even larger rooms up to 465sq ft, the Honeywell HPA-300 has a small discount.

And for truly enormous rooms (up to 1265sq ft)this Coway model has a jaw-dropping discount on:

Or if you want to get a great deal at the top end of the price spectrum, there’s even a sale on this incredible Dyson air purifier that doubles as a fan. This one, in particular, is great for a kids room, since they can’t put their fingers into any blades, and if they knock it over, it shuts off automatically.

That, of course, is beside the outstanding filtering capability.

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How to Choose the Right Purifier from the List

Because there are so many technical specs to consider, people tend to overcomplicate their decision to get an air purifier. Sticking to the options on this list, most people end up loving their machines. Besides the random product faults you read about in isolated reviews, (Almost always rectified by the manufacturers under the warranty) you’ll only end up unhappy if you get it wrong on one of these two fronts.

#1 Room Size

The stated maximum room sizes on these machines is reasonably accurate, according to the balance of opinion from reviewers. I’ve stated the intended room sizes on each of the models listed above.

If your room is somewhere on the border size-wise (say 380 sq ft when the model says it covers 360sq ft) you won’t notice the difference in purification. Don’t worry about it.

#2 What You Most Want to Filter

The main categories are Pet Dander, Allergens, Mold, and Smells. Frustratingly, all the air purifiers claim they’re great at filtering all of those things.

While there are minor differences between models for certain things (for example, the deodorization capability of the Coway AP1512-HH above), for the most part, they’re all doing the same job: That is, using activated carbon filters to help with odors and HEPA filters to remove dust, bacteria, and allergens.

A Note on Filters

Understand going in that all of these purifiers will require replacement filters in the future. That’s just how they work. Companies like Levoit try to stand out by saying their replacement filters are cheaper than others, but in general, most brands replacement filters cost from $30 to $50, and only vary depending on the size of your machine.

A Note on These Deals

As the holiday season continues I’ll try to keep this post up to date with the latest deals. I’ll also adjust the list, bumping better deals to the top when I find them.

Want to do me a favor? Comment below about which model you bought so I can feel like this was worth the ridiculous amount of time I spent 🙂

All the best!

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