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Ok, so it’s Amazon Prime Day again. Well, not today. October 13th and 14th officially.

It’s that beautiful time of the year where, before the insanity of Black Friday and everything that follows, some killer deals come available for the most astute shoppers.

Having done so much writing about air purifiers, we were well-positioned to pluck the best deals from this year’s offerings. The best part? Some companies have already made their Prime Day Deals live now! It means you can get a bargain without the risk of your item going out of stock.

I’ve listed the best prime day air purifier deals below from what I consider the best deal (biggest discount for the best machine) on down. Here goes!

#1 Best Prime Day Air Purifier Deal: Vremi True HEPA 3 Stage Air Purifier

Here you’ve got a high quality air purifier at a big discount. I’m putting it first because

  • It’s particularly compact for the amount of coverage it provides. I don’t know how many air purifiers you’ve looked at, but they get enormous. I carry ours from room to room when I need to, and, while I love the machine, it’s cumbersome. The Vremi covers an area up to 196sq feet (the average room in an American home is 132sq feet)… and it weighs under 7lbs.
  • It has a True HEPA filter (not a “HEPA grade” or “HEPA quality”) for a low price. Only a small few air purifiers offer real HEPA for this price, and none of them are as heavily discounted over Prime day.
  • The reviews are exceptional. You’re not going to be disappointed with this machine. It will do what you expect it to do, and you’ll be able to tell because of the air quality monitor light.

If you want a quick decision you won’t regret, grab this one before it goes out of stock, and be happy.

#2 Best Prime Day Air Purifier Deal: PARTU HEPA Air Purifier

If the Vremi is more than you want to spend, here’s your absolute bargain basement option.

This is a small but well-rated air purifier with a nice discount right now. I’m going to put the negatives first here, just so if you pick this option you really know what you’re getting.

  • The PARTU air purifier is only going to cover 107sq ft. This is for a small room.
  • Being smaller it’s also going to take longer to clear a room of dirty stuff (cooking smoke, a bet hair blast, etc) and return the air quality to neutral. How much longer varies of course, but since the wattage is lower and the filters smaller, it’s guaranteed to take more time. If you suffer from allergies or any respiratory issues at all, you’ll probably want higher efficiency than this machine.

Ok, the positives?

Positive #1: It’s really quiet. Being smaller, it can work at 32 decibels. Human conversation is measured at around 60 decibels. It’s safe to say you won’t notice this thing running.

Positive #2: Deodorizing. If you’re into a subtle pleasant smell with your clean air, you’ll like this machine more than the Vremi for that feature.

That’s all. For this price, you’re getting way more than the spend here.

#3 Best Prime Day Air Purifier Deal: Medify Air Purifier

If you looked at those first two and said “Nope, I need bigger”, I’ve got you covered.

The Medify Air Purifier has your back on rooms up to 1600sq ft, (no, not a typo) which it can clean in under an hour. This is a machine you can use to clean the air in a whole apartment without having to carry it around from room to room.

It has a filter that’s rated HIGHER than true HEPA (in case filtering 99.97% of airborne particles wasn’t enough)

It has a lifetime warranty. Again, not a typo.

It has a durable construction (with glass panels like your iPhone rather than cheap plastic like nearly all other purifiers) so as well as performing wonderfully, it’s aesthetically pleasing too.

As far as high powered air purifiers go, there’s no better deal we can find so far this holiday season.

#4 Best Air Purifier Deal: Smaller Medify Air Purifier

Last but – quite literally – not least, I’ve got this absolute banger (which I believe the kids are saying these days…) of a deal, also from Medify. Look at that discount…

Here you get the same “higher than true HEPA” quality filter that Medify are known for, in a more compact, lighter machine, that’s still suitable for rooms up to 470sqft, which it can clean in an hour (note this is triple the coverage of our top 2 deals on this list).

  • It’s small enough to sit up on a bench or coffee table while it’s running.
  • It’s got a night mode that will reduce the volume if you don’t like that “white noise” while you sleep.
  • And it still has Medify’s lifetime warranty (which makes no sense to me for this low a price).

I think this is an outstanding deal and one you’ll only be happier with the longer you have it.

That’s it as of today! I’ll be keeping this list updated as Prime Day gets closer. If anything new and worthwhile pops up, you’ll be the first to know.

Enjoy that clean air.

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