Does Eating Fermented Foods Have Health Benefits? 21 Research Papers Examined

Introduction Fermentation has been described as ‘a better invention than fire’. Hmmm, I wonder if this just relates to fermented drinks (wines and beers)? Would the same accolade be awarded to fermented foods without the drinks? Fermented foods are beloved of preppers who store away non-perishable nutrient dense foods, just in case. Fermented foods are… Continue reading

Do Black Cohosh Supplements Do Anything? We Review The Research

Introduction Black cohosh is probably best known as the herbal remedy for all things to do with women’s health. It has been used throughout the various stages of womanhood from painful periods to childbirth to the menopause. Native to the Appalachian mountain region of North America, there are significant concerns about conservation of this plant… Continue reading

Does Wave Vibration Therapy Do Anything? Here’s What The Science Says

Introduction Wave vibration therapy (also known as whole body vibration) refers to a type of physical therapy which is believed to exercise muscles via stimulating neuromuscular reflexes. Confusing? Put another way, a machine or platform shakes the body which in turn activates a cascade of events – muscles contract and nerves fire. This in turn… Continue reading

Does Colloidal Silver Have Health Benefits? Complete Review Of Research

Introduction Everyday at work, I don and doff personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, visors, long sleeved gowns, plastic aprons) to prevent the transmission of resistant bacteria from patient to patient. Such is the life of a hospital based infectious diseases physician. The story does not end there Another great reason for dressing up in that awful,… Continue reading

Do Iron Supplements Work? Conclusions From 24 Research Papers

Introduction The question of iron supplementation is so important that I am going to answer the question here in the introduction and then justify/elaborate on the answer in the rest of the article. Iron supplementation is not an amateur sport. Unlike other supplements or vitamins, the body does not regulate iron homeostasis well. This means that the… Continue reading

Do Chromium Supplements Do Anything? We Review The Research

Introduction Many of my patients are interested in the health benefits of chromium. Chromium is promoted for use in common lifestyle related health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and cognitive impairment, in addition to the related polycystic ovarian disease. It would be way too easy (and unfair) to write these people off as wannabe… Continue reading

Does Eating Avocado Have Health Benefits? 20 Research Papers Examined

Introduction Smooth creamy guacamole, crescent shaped segments of avocado in a delicious green salad, St Patrick’s day coloured smoothies – what’s not to love about avocado? Some foodies claim that avocados are loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, fibre and protein which help with diabetes, the metabolic syndrome, dyslipidemia and arthritis (and lots more). Does avocado actually… Continue reading

Does Garlic (Or It’s Supplements) Have Health Benefits? We Review The Research

Introduction An FDA household survey in 2002 showed that garlic was the second most commonly used dietary supplement (after echinacaea) . Considering the fact the same survey showed  that 73% of English speaking non-institutionalized adults in the USA used dietary supplements, we can safely conclude that that’s a whole lot of garlic. I am all in favour… Continue reading

Do DHEA Supplements Do Anything? We Review The Research

Introduction DHEA is touted as a ‘wellness hormone’ and the ‘fountain of youth hormone’ owing to its alleged benefits related to ageing. It is used to try to reverse the effects of ageing including the metabolic syndrome, impaired memory, vaginal dryness, osteoporosis, loss of libido and skin ageing. Sounds great but is DHEA really the… Continue reading

Does Eating Cacao Have Health Benefits? 21 Research Papers Examined

Introduction Chocolate is the most famous derivative product of cacao. What’s your personal take on chocolate? A boatload of calories? A comfort food for those Bridget Jones days? A decadent sensual indulgence? Or just maybe it is ‘natures medicine’ and a justifiable superfood? There is growing interest in the therapeutic benefits of chocolate. Listed among the… Continue reading

Does Green Tea (Or It’s Extract) Have Health Benefits? The Research Reviewed

Introduction Three billion kilograms of tea are produced each year worldwide making tea the second most commonly consumed beverage (after water). Tea consumption is currently growing at a rate of 2.1% per year. The high and growing rates of tea consumption globally makes tea hugely important from a public health perspective as even small health… Continue reading

Do Vitamin B12 Supplements Do Anything? Current Research Examined

Introduction Vitamin B12 is pretty much a standard ingredient in multi-vitamins and many fortified foods. According to health food bloggers, vitamin B12 offers a wide range of health benefits including brain functioning, cancer, digestion, cardiac health, diabetes and mood. Are these claims evidence based and if so, do we need to increase our vitamin B12… Continue reading

Does Alpha Lipoic Acid Have Benefits? 257 Human Clinical Studies Reviewed

Introduction Alpha lipoic acid has been described as the ‘universal anti-oxidant’ because it not only has anti-oxidant powers itself but also has the unique ability to regenerate other anti-oxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E. As worldwide sales in alpha lipoic acid rise, the term ‘universal’ is also beginning to take on a… Continue reading

Does Milk Thistle Have Benefits? Top 14 Studies Reviewed

Introduction The herbal industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Milk thistle extract consistently ranks as one of the most widely used herbal remedies. Milk thistle is probably best known for its alleged role in liver health, but is also promoted for diabetes, hyperlipidemia and even cancer. Fact or fiction? What Is Milk Thistle? Milk thistle is… Continue reading