HBS Review Team

HBS Review Team

The HBS review team is a passionate group of cooks, DIYers, and generally curious humans who field test the home and kitchen products you’re thinking of buying.

HBS guide to the best Vitamix blenders

More than just the technical specs of a product, their goal is to share with you the experience of actually using it. By doing so, they want to show you whether it’s the right product for you, or whether there’s a better, cheaper choice.

Shower Heads tested for HBS

Most of all, they’re trying to show you those aspects of a product that aren’t always clear from the surface.

For example, how noisy is a food processor while making salsa?

Oster 1200 making salsa at just 70 decibels

An air fryer oven claims you can cook muffins. But will your muffin tray really fit inside?

Muffin Trays not fitting in an air fryer oven

Or how smooth can you really get a hummus if you make it in a blender? (Answer: Pretty smooth)

Hummus from the E310

The review team has spent 5 years and countless hours obsessing over the dials on air fryers, the attachments of food processors, the nozzles on showerheads, and the noise levels of blenders.

Their hope is that this time will not have been wasted (as their parents may or may not believe) if it helps you to make a simpler and more confident buying decision.

If you have a question, comment or compliment for the HBS review team, don’t hesitate to send it via our contact page.