If you are just coming to our site, you may not have noticed that we are currently investigating the various health advantages of the air fryer phenomenon. The benefits of oil-less frying are considerable and these devices are quickly becoming popular in the appliance world.

In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of another entrant into the air fryer market – the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer 220 SS, the latest model from Avalon Bay.

Right now, we’re going to tell you what we’ve learned about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer and help you understand if this air fryer is the right choice for you and your family.

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What’s Interesting About the Avalon Bay Air Fryer?

The Avalon Bay 220 SS model of air fryer is the newest in Avalon Bay’s line of air fryers. It does all the things its predecessors can do with some added features, which we’ll discuss here. As with most of the competitors and cousins, this air fryer is able to fry, bake, grill, and roast with similar ease.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer, For Healthy Fried Food, 3.7 Quart Capacity, Includes Airfryer Baking Set and Recipe Book, AB-Airfryer100B

It uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology, much like a miniature convection oven, but with significant advantages. The power heating element that sits over the cooking pan heats the unit, while a fan over the heating element distributes the hot air all around the food, heating the food completely. The high-speed circulation heats evenly from all sides, allowing the food to be cooked uniformly for the best “fried” result. The air-heating technology allows you to cook your foods using little or no added oil, with less overall waste. Consequently, you will consume fewer calories and have less guilt while still being able to enjoy your favorite fried foods.

Some of the new features of the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer 220 SS include the modern LED display with digital touch screen controls. The control panel features a 30-minute timer that is adjustable to the minute and a digital temperature control that is fully adjustable between 170°F and 400ºF.

This model comes with eight preprogrammed cooking cycle modes, including “French Fries,” “Pizza,” “Chicken,” “Steak,” “Shrimp,” “Meat,” “Fish,” and “Cake” for your convenience; however, the unit is fully adjustable for customized cooking cycle settings.

The unit features an end-of-cycle alarm which alerts you to the end of cooking with a pleasant “ding.” There is no need to worry about forgetting to turn it off, however. The Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer 220 SS features a safety automatic off feature. The unit will blink when the heating element and fan are operating so you know the unit is cooking. The base features non-slip feet to keep it from sliding around your countertop or being pushed off.

The appliance features a removable cooking pan with non-stick wire mesh basket that are both fully removable and dishwasher-safe. Some other features of this model are that it comes with a non-stick baking dish and a multi-use layering rack. It also comes with a 52-page recipe book that has recipes for snacks, appetizers, main dishes, and even desserts, with step-by-step instructions.

The appliance is sold in black to complement your modern kitchen style. The baking pan has a 3.2-quart capacity and draws 1,500 watts of power. It has dimensions of 15.5” x 15” x 14.7”.

What Do Reviews Say? 

By and large, users of the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer 220 SS are very happy with their purchase. Many people are very excited about their ability to cook fried foods with considerably less oil than traditional air fryers. They are also thrilled with the speed at which the machine completes their cooking tasks. Here’s what people love (and don’t love) about the Avalon Bay Air Fryer:

One user indicates that she is pleased that her 10- and 8-year-old granddaughters are able to operate the appliance by themselves for after-school snacks.


  • Cooks foods in a fraction of the time of a traditional oil fryer or oven.
  • Actually removes fat from the food as the oil drips down through the drip basket into the bottom of the fryer, where it can be removed and disposed of.
  • Clean-up is very easy. Pan, basket, and accessories are completely removable. They are hand-washable and dishwasher-safe.
  • It is a sturdy unit, more attractive than most air fryers.
  • Works especially well on packaged frozen foods like French fries, chicken fingers, and even small pizzas.


Some users indicated that it is better as an appliance for finishing the cooking on food rather than a complete cooker. Some suggest that raw meat doesn’t come out too well, because the appliance can’t sear the meat. They suggest presearing the meat before cooking it in the appliance.

There is a bit of a learning curve to using an air fryer. You have to learn what works and what doesn’t in the air fryer. Aside from the preprogrammed settings, you have to learn what times and temperatures work for some of your favorite dishes.

How Do You Use the Avalon Bay Air Fryer?

The Avalon Bay Air Fryer is very simple to operate. Most of the operation is pretty intuitive, but here are the basics:

Pull the cooking pan out of the fryer by the handle. Place your food into the non-stick cooking basket inside the pan and push the pan into the unit, making sure you hold the pan by the handle only.

You can then select the preprogrammed cooking mode that suits you, by pressing M on the touch screen and toggling through until you reach your selection. The default cooking cycle is 15 minutes at 370ºF. If you want to program your own custom cooking temperature and time, you can use the plus or minus buttons above the timer icon and the temperature icon to choose your desired time and temp. If you want to change the cooking mode at this point, you can always press M again and select a different preset cooking mode.

When you are ready, you can push Start to begin the cooking cycle and turn on the countdown timer. The heating element and fan lights will blink during cooking. Sometimes the heating element light will go off, telling you that the element has cycled off to control the heat and maintain a constant temperature within the unit.

During cooking, you may need to shake smaller food items (like French fries) at the halfway point of cooking, to insure they are evenly cooked on all sides. You can easily monitor this by setting the timer back to half the cooking time. When the timer alerts you, you can shake the food and return it to the appliance and reset the appliance to half the time again. Make sure you remove the pan completely from the unit to do the shaking. If you don’t want to shake the whole pan, you can pull out the wire basket and just shake it.

At the end of the cooking cycle, the timer bell will chime five times to alert you that it is finished. At this point, you can pull the whole cooking pan out of the unit and place it on a heat-resistant surface. The fan will automatically shut off after 20 seconds, so don’t worry about that.

If you notice the food is not cooked to your satisfaction, simply return it to the unit and set the timer for a few more minutes at the desired temperature and check again.

During cooking, excess oil from your food will collect in the bottom of the pan. Please be careful when removing foods from the basket. Use non-metal tongs to pick up larger items. For smaller items, remove the wire mesh basket and turn the food into a bowl or onto a plate. Do not pour the food from the cooking pan or turn it upside down, because that way you will drip oils onto your food.

You can easily reheat foods in the Avalon Digital Air Fryer by setting the temperature to 302ºF and the timer for 10 minutes.

To preheat your air fryer, you can set the timer for 3 minutes and press start. Then place food into the cooking pan after the timer alarm sounds.

You can even use your own oven-safe baking items in the air fryer, including baking tins and small oven dishes that fit into the fryer. You can bake directly in the provided baking pan or use your own cake pan that fits into the fryer.

It is advised by the manufacturer not to cook excessively greasy foods like sausage or bacon in the air fryer, though some users report success with doing so.

How easy is it to clean?

The Avalon Digital Air Fryer 220 SS is very easy to clean.

It is best to clean the air fryer as soon as possible after cooking. To clean the entire unit, you should unplug the air fryer and wait at least 30 minutes for it to cool completely. Removing the pan should speed up this process.

The outside of the appliance can be cleaned with a soft cloth, but do not use abrasive cleaners which may scratch or etch your air fryer.

To clean the inside of the fryer, tip it back and use hot water and a soft sponge to remove any grease or debris. You can clean the heating element with a moderately stiff cleaning brush to get off any crusted on food.

The cooking pan, non-stick metal mesh basket, and other removable accessories can be placed in hot, soapy water and washed by hand. They may also be placed in the dishwasher as they are completely dishwasher-safe. You may need to presoak the cooking pan in hot, soapy water if there is built-up dirt stuck on the bottom of the pan.

You should not use metal kitchen utensils or abrasives when using or cleaning your air fryer. Do not ever immerse the unit (other than the pan, basket, and removeable accessories) into water or let liquid get inside the air fryer. These can cause a short in the electrical components that operate your air fryer.

Where Can I Get Replacement Parts?

Your Avalon Bay Air Fryer 220 SS model will come with the low baking pan accessory and the multi-use layering rack. However, if you should wish to purchase additional accessories, there is an accessory set available on Amazon here.

It includes a high-walled baking pan, a baking tray, and the multi-use layer rack.

How Does It Compare to Other Models?

If you want to see our previous articles on air fryers, you can check out the Go-Wise, the Philips XL, and the T Fal Actifry.

What’s the Best Price for the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer and Where Can I Buy It?

You can expect to pay around $100 for the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer. Prices vary from day to day and place to place.

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Verdict: Is This Air Fryer for You?

The Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer 220 SS model has a lot of comparable features of functionality with its competitors. It appears to be slightly smaller than most of the models we’ve previously researched. This model seems ideal for individuals, couples, or small families.

Its smaller size compared to its counterparts would make it great for those living in apartments or traveling in RVs. It would probably not be the best choice for meals for a larger family, but may be suitable if your family is interested in making quick after-school snacks.

That said, the Avalon Bay Digital Air Fryer is certainly versatile and can do all the typical fried foods, but it can also bake, grill, cook casseroles, fajitas, or multiple small pizzas with the stacking tray. Its uses are wide and varied, and it stands up to the competition in power and ease of use.

So if you are looking for a budget-priced air fryer that is on the smaller side but has the functionality of the more expensive air fryers, the Avalon Bay 220 SS will likely serve your purposes.

If you like the features and look of the Avalon Bay 220 SS but want a larger model, you might be interested in the Avalon Bay 500 SS, at 5.8 quart capacity.

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