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There are surprisingly few blender food processor combo machines available for home kitchens. Which we don’t understand, because they’re amazing. You reduce clutter by having one machine handle the job of two, and you can get this without sacrificing the functionality of either.

We tested and compared basically every model available, and found the Ninja Mega Kitchen System to be the best value for money for most people. It’s the largest (with a 72oz blender jug and 8 cup food processor bowl) and the most powerful, and for what you get, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Food Processor
18,151 Reviews
Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Food Processor
The Ninja excelled in each of our tests, making the largest batches quickest, whether crushing ice, chopping salsa, making smoothies, purees or dough.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has a motor base with 1500 watts, beating out the closest competitor by 300 watts. The extra power sped up our smoothies and gave us extra grunt when our cookie dough started getting thick.

It chopped a salsa in 30 seconds and the carrot lime puree we knocked up had a silky smooth texture, completely lump-free. The fact that you get travel cups with it? That didn’t hurt either.

If you want something lower cost, our pick is…

Oster Pro 1200 Blender Food Processor
1,496 Reviews
Oster Pro 1200 Blender Food Processor
The Oster may be smaller, but it can do more on the food processing side. Unlike the Ninja, its food processor comes with a disc attachment for slicing/shredding, and a feed chute so you can add ingredients while it's running, without making a mess.

The Oster Pro 1200 costs much less, has 2 years more on the warranty, and works a bit more quietly than the Ninja, thanks to a glass blending jar and a slightly sturdier motor base.

Having the extra disc attachment means you can do your grating or fine slicing in the food processor too. And if you want it for anything that you’ll bake, the feed chute for slowly adding ingredients with the motor running is critical.

Want more details? Let’s dive in.

I’ve yet to see someone pour a great margarita out of their food processor, and I’ve never seen a blender delicately grate a carrot. Professional chefs use different machines for these purposes (when they’re using any machine at all, that is) but for a home cook, you don’t have the space to store endless kitchen gadgets, glumly removing each one from its cupboard when it’s needed.

That’s where blender food processor combos come in. These machines are built with both types of functionality, and crucially, multiple blades and blending containers so you can switch between tasks without switching motor bases.

If that’s the kind of convenience you’re after, we’ve compiled this list of the best blender food processor combos available as of right now.

Keep reading to see how we evaluated our picks and a breakdown of what each different combo machine has to offer.

What Should You Look for in a Blender Food Processor Combo?


Is this your first time buying a blender food processor combo machine? That can be overwhelming, and you might not know what to look for. That’s why we’ve broken it all down for you. Here are the criteria we used to evaluate blender food processor combos.

Criteria #1: Strength – A food processor needs to pack much more of a punch than a standard blender does, and this means you’ll need a strong motor. The motor controls how fast the blades spin, which is the main factor involved in giving you the smooth blend you want. Motors are measured in watts or horsepower, and with a blender/food processor, you’ll want at least 1000 watts or 1.3 horsepower in your blender. On the high end, you can expect to see industrial-strength motors with as many as 2000 watts. Keep in mind, other factors will contribute to how good a blend you’re able to get from your blender food processor combo. We’ll cover those other factors more in the next criterion.

Criteria #2: Design – You don’t just need a strong blender food processor combo, you need one that looks good and, much more importantly, has functions you need. A lot of different features can be considered part of a blender’s design. It could be an auto-clean feature, a lot of different speeds, or preset options for a specific food or drink. We’ll also be looking at the physical machine for this criterion – if a food processor can be taken apart, if it’s dishwasher-safe, how many blades it has, etc. These factors will play into how good of a blend your machine gives you just as much as the motor strength does. For example, if the blades are made of poor material, you won’t get an effective blend, whereas, if the blades can move in both directions, a staple trait of Oster blenders, you’ll get a better blend even if you have a little less horsepower. We want to make sure your blender food processor combo has brains as well as brawn.

Criteria #3: Size – Any blender food processor combo is going to need to be bigger than the average blender. Though the food processor bowl will usually be smaller than the blender jar in volume, it should still be big enough to handle a lot of ingredients, and it’ll be bigger than the smaller pure countertop blenders with no food processor attachment. You don’t want to go through the hassle of processing food every time you want some homemade cashew butter. It’s best to prepare in bulk to save yourself some trouble later. It’s mostly “the bigger, the better”, but we understand you might not want something that takes up half your kitchen.

Criteria #4: Price – This one is pretty simple. Nobody likes spending more money. Obviously, some of the best products on the market will be more expensive, but we’ll help you find the best deals so you can get a good machine without breaking the bank. It’s worth noting that dual blender/food processors are going to be more expensive than pure blenders, but you’ll still save money buying a combo device compared to buying one blender and one food processor separately.

How We’ve Determined the Best Blender Food Processor Combo


To put these machines through their paces, we ran a test for all the most common things you’ll do with a blender/food processor.

We crushed ice. We made salsa. We made smoothies, and purees, and doughs.

Oster 1200 crushing ice

Smoothie ingredients loaded into the Ninja

Then we tested for noise levels because we’re sensitive like that. We actually tested the noise level on each different processing task.

Noise of the Oster 1200

Soon enough, the virtues of each machine was clear enough and we were able to create a simple ranking, focusing on which kind of user each machine was best for.

We now present that ranking, in all its detail.

#1: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (Best Overall)


Our Ninja Mega Kitchen System with all it's attachments

On the whole, people love their Ninja products. If you ask a random person on the street to name you a blender brand, there’s a really good chance they’ll say “Ninja.”

The reason is that Ninja makes blenders and food processors with a great design, that’s easy for newcomers to use. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System follows that model, and though it’s more expensive than our #2 model, the Oster 1200, there are a few reasons you might come to the conclusion that the Ninja is worth the extra money and decide to go with Ninja over Oster for your blender-and-food-processor combo.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: The Size

With its 72-ounce blender bottle and 64-ounce processing bowl, the Ninja product is much bigger than the Oster 1200. It also has a stronger motor – 1500 watts – to go with that size, so you don’t need to worry about filling up this blender or food processor only to realize this machine can’t really handle the full load.

The appeal of that extra size will come down to what you’re using your blender or food processor for and how many people are using it. If you have a big family and you’re using going to be food processing to prepare large recipes for everyone, then the extra size will obviously be nice. You also might want the bigger pitcher to show off your smoothies, cocktails, or other frozen drinks to friends. If that’s the case, you won’t want a small pitcher that limits you to only preparing one drink at a time.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: The Nutri Ninja Cups

The Nutri Ninja Cup is a staple of Ninja products, and the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with two of them. These special blender cups can be plugged straight on to the base of the blender, allowing you to blend your frozen drink straight into the cup. This is a great option if you want the stronger motor of the Ninja but don’t really need the bigger jar or food processing bowl. The Nutri Ninja Cups hold 16 ounces each and are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

Another big benefit of the Ninja Cups is that that they will save you time, since you won’t have to pour from the jar into a glass. So if you like to have your smoothies in the morning, you can save those precious seconds on your way to work by just pulling the Ninja Cup off the base and heading on your way. Plus, it’s one less jar to clean.

Reason #3 to Choose This Product: The Labeled Speeds

I mentioned that Ninja has a reputation for making products that are easy to use, and a big part of that is their labeled speeds. While a lot of products – including the Oster 1200 – have speeds with standard names like “slow,” “medium,” and “fast,” Ninja’s blenders have speeds that are named based on the actual function they serve. So, even if you’ve never touched a blender in your life, you’ll know what you’re looking for. In addition to a pulse setting, The Mega Kitchen System has three speeds which are labeled “dough,” “blend,” and “crush.”

The “blend” function was just as effective for smoothies…

Smoothie ingredients loaded into the Ninja

Smoothie made with the Ninja

As it was for Salsa with the food processor container…

Salsa ingredients in the food processor bowl

Salsa complete

It also has a “single serve” button for use with the Nutri Ninja Cups. These all contribute to a great design which makes the Mega Kitchen System fool-proof.

I’ve mentioned that Ninja is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and it shows with all the praise this blender is garnering. More than 7000 users chimed in on Amazon to voice their satisfaction. Customers pointed to the strength of this blender, as well as its versatility and its durability for why they liked the Ninja Mega Kitchen System so much. You’re getting a strong machine that will really last.

This Ninja blender and food processor combo is more expensive than the Oster 1200, and it has fewer speed options, though its speeds are labeled. The Ninja is probably a better product than the Oster, but it comes down to whether you want to pay for it. Do you want the extra speeds and cheaper price of the Oster 1200? Or do you want the stronger motor, labeled speeds, and larger size of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

#2: Oster Pro 1200 (Best Value)


The Oster 1200 blender food processor on a countertop with all it's parts

If you want to bring the price down a little lower but still keep all the important features, you want to go with the Oster 1200.

Oster is always the first brand of blenders you’ll want to look at for a deal. Why? They make the cheapest products out there and manage to do so without sacrificing quality too much. The Oster Pro 1200 is no exception, and this blender/food processor gives you the ultimate blending and food processing experience.

As the name suggests, it comes with a 1200-watt motor, which is a little less than some other food processors, but still plenty. It also makes full use of all 1200 watts with dual-direction blades, which have become a staple of Oster blenders and which let you spin the blades in two directions to give you the smoothest blend possible.

It has 7 different speed settings, so you can go for the most intense blend available or use a more delicate touch. It also comes with 3 different preset options for milkshakes, smoothies, and salsas. Actually, it’s worth noting how quietly the Oster made my salsa. It only hit 70 decibels (compared to 95 when crushing ice) which I was pretty happy with!

Oster 1200 making salsa at just 70 decibels

Salsa made in the food processor attachment of the Oster 1200

The Oster Pro 1200 comes with a 1.5-liter glass blending jar, a 24-ounce smoothie bottle, and a BPA-free, 1-liter food processing bowl, paired with a stainless steel slicing disk.

The Oster 1200 Pro series blender and food processor is one of the cheapest options available, and reviewers rave about it. As we pointed out in our full review, it stands out because of the price and the fact that the glass blender bowl is a little tougher (and better for the environment) than the plastic jar of most blenders. The blade on the food processor is also 50% wider than on previous models, which will help improve the quality of your mixtures.

Customers loved the Oster 1200; this machine has earned positive reviews on Amazon and from critics who pointed out that it’s an amazing deal considering its price and that it’s great for beginners. The only real issue customers had with the Oster 1200 is that it’s noisy, though this is to be expected in machines with stronger motors, so you’ll honestly have this problem with most food processors.

All in all, the Oster Pro 1200 is strong, gives you versatility with its speed settings and presets, and somehow manages to be cheaper, even than most “blender only” models, which is why it earned this high position on our list. There’s just no beating a cheap machine that can still do everything you’d need from a blender and food processor.

#3: Ninja 400 Watt Food Processor and Blender (Best for Saving Space)


If you have a smaller kitchen (been there, seen that), have a lot of appliances already taking up space, or just prefer a minimalist aesthetic, then the Ninja 400 watt is the perfect blender and food processor for you, as it’s perfectly designed to take up as little space as possible. While most food processors use a bowl separate from the blender pitcher, the Ninja Ultra Prep uses the same jar for blending and food processing so you can save some room, and you won’t have to be constantly switching out attachments on this blender-food processor.

The most clever part of the Ninja 400 watt is that it has no motor base, making it perfect for kitchens with low-hanging cabinets. It does this by using a unique design that involves a device called a power pod. The power pod comes with two prongs that go into the 48-ounce jar of the device. One of the prongs comes with blades and acts as a blender, and the other prong simulates a food processor. The end result is a compact device that can make smoothies, protein shakes, and milkshakes, or mix cookie dough, grate cheese and churn butter.

Customers loved the performance of this Ninja product just as much as they loved its creative design. Even though it’s on the weaker side with only 400 watts of power, reviewers praised it, saying it gave them a great blend and that the unique decision to place the power source on the top of the blender really paid off, as it’s easy to keep the power pod out of harm’s way. The Ultra Blend fits easily into any cabinet, freeing up room in your kitchen.

On top of its amazing design, this machine is incredibly cheap, and it’s dishwasher-safe. The only real drawbacks are the 400-watt motor and the fact that there’s only one-speed setting, giving you zero variability. But if that doesn’t bother you, and you’re interested in saving space, there’s no choice other than the Ninja 400 watt.

#4: Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher (Best Low Cost)


The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher falls into the same price range as the Ninja Ultra Prep, but it has a more standard design, making it less of a niche product, which is why we included it is our best option for anyone looking for a blender and food processor on a budget. Its 40-ounce jar is actually smaller than that of the Ninja Prep, and its 24-ounce food processing bowl is also on the small side. But unlike the Ninja Prep, it’s motor base gives it the full diversity we’ve come to expect from most modern blenders and food processors.

This Hamilton Beach blender has four buttons which have three functions each, giving this device a lot of versatility while saving space. The functions are “mix, milkshake, easy-clean,” “puree, smoothie, icy drink,” “dice, chop, salsa,” and “grind, crush ice, grate.” The last two buttons both use the pulse setting, which means as soon as you let go of the button the blender or food processor will stop. The Wave Crusher has the same 700-watt motor as the Ninja Ultra Prep, but it’s different speed options and pulse settings mean it’ll get a little more out of those watts.

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher doesn’t have the sleek design of the Ultra Prep and isn’t as powerful as our top two blenders, but it’s incredibly cheap and has a more standard design. Hamilton Beach is probably the only brand that runs cheaper than Oster, so it’s not surprising that they have the cheapest contemporary food processor and blender combo machine on our list. The Wave Crusher is the best option if you want more of a classical experience from your food processor and blender but still want to save. Plus, it comes with a travel jar.

The 4 Best Blender/Food Processors Side by Side

If you’re one for comparisons, use the table below to see how our top 4 blender/food processor combo machines stack up on the most important features.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher, Food Processor Bowl, Dough Blade, To Go Cups, 1500-Watt Base, Black

Ninja Mega Kitchen System
Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment, Metallic Grey

Oster Pro 1200
Ninja Blender/Food Processor with 450-Watt Base, 48oz Pitcher, 16oz Chopper Bowl, and 40oz Processor Bowl for Shakes, Smoothies, and Meal Prep (QB1004)
Ninja Ultra Prep
Blender and Food Processor Combo FOCHEA Smoothie Shake Blender,700W Powerful Mixer Blender/Chopper/Grinder with Portable 570ml BPA-Free Bottle, Easy to Use and Clean
FOCHEA Blender Food Processor
Blender Jug72oz50oz48oz19oz
Processor Bowl64oz33oz40oz50oz
Travel CupsYNNY
Dishwasher SafeBlender jug and food processor bowl.Blender jug and food processor bowl.Blender jug and food processor bowl.Blender jug and food processor bowl.
Warranty1 year3 year1 yearNot stated
Check on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

#5: Cleanblend Commercial Bleander (Strongest Option)


The Ninja Ultra Prep uses one jar as the blender and the food processor by having you switch in the appropriate set of blades. The Cleanblend Commercial Blender takes a more straightforward approach to the problem of switching out attachments and doubles as a food processor simply by having an insanely strong motor (and 8 stainless-steel blades) that can churn up anything you throw at it. With an 1800-watt motor and pulse settings, this device has no need for a food processor bowl and just mixes your salsa, shreds up your nuts, and kneads your dough as is.

In addition to its industrial-strength motor, this Cleanblend motor has a large 64-ounce jar, that lets you prepare large servings so you can get your meal prep all in one sitting, and a speed knob, that lets you fine-tune the speed of the blender and use the exact amount of those 1800 watts that you want. The BPA-free jar can handle both hot and cold liquids so it really holds up the standard of a blender and a food processor. It’s perfect for your soup as well as your smoothie or milkshake.

Be warned, the Cleanblend Commerical Blend is expensive. It’s the most expensive item on our list so far, but it has the strongest motor, and it’s one of the biggest blenders we looked at. Not a lot of people need all of those watts, but if you won’t settle for anything less than the best, and you like the idea of not having to switch out attachments, you might want to splurge and buy the Cleanblend Commercial Blend. The Commercial Blend really lives up to its name; it sometimes feels like it belongs in a restaurant or a cafe more than in someone’s personal kitchen.

#6: Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot (Most User-Friendly)


Ninja is on our list for the third time, showing how much of a powerhouse they’re becoming on the market. I mentioned how user-friendly Ninja products are, and the Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot is the epitome of everything that makes Ninja so accessible to those who aren’t as experienced in the kitchen. This blender and food processor combo machine has an incredible 11 preset options which are designated for specific purposes. Those 11 presets are divided into 3 categories, making them as easy to understand as possible. It’s completely idiot-proof.

The four sections of presets are “crush,” “cook,” and “infuse”. The presets in the “crush” section (which is the section of presets that fall into the “blender” category) are “smoothie,” “frozen drink,” “ice cream,” and “extract”. The “cook” section (the food processing section) has options for “saute,” “hearty soup,” “sauce/dip,” and “smooth soup.” Finally, the “infuse” section has the three settings “mixer,” “water,” and “cocktail.” These options are all placed neatly on the dashboard of the motor base, and are labeled in French as well as English, which will be useful if you have any French-speakers in the home, and will make you feel fancy even if you don’t.

On top of all of the presets, the Foodi Cold & Hot has three speeds of “low,” “medium,” and “high”, as well as a pulse option, and two features labeled “blend” and “cook.” To cap it all off, this NInja device has the always-popular auto-clean feature, so you won’t have to get your hands dirty with this device. Just add some soap and water and let Ninja do the rest of the work.

This Ninja product is more than just its myriad of options. This machine comes with a strong 1400-watt motor and high-speed blades. On top of that, it has temperature control to make sure that your drinks and mixtures come out perfect and ready to go. It also has a countdown timer, which means you’ll never have to worry about leaving your smoothie in the blender for too long.

From the clearly labeled options to the countdown timer and the auto-clean function, blending and food processing has never been easier. The Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot is perfect for beginners but also capable enough that it will keep the pros happy. It comes in at a medium price range and is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. Ninja delivers once again with the most accessible blender and food processor available on the market.

#7: Vitamix Ascent A2300 (Best Smart Blender)


Vitamix has long been known as one of the best brands in the business. They make strong, versatile blenders that almost all double as food processors just by virtue of how powerful they are. The Vitamix Ascent A2300 is no exception, making this list after it topped our “Best Vitamix” list for it’s value and versatility. In case you’re not aware, I’ll say up front: Vitamix is not known for being a budget brand, and this machine is expensive. It’s honestly expensive enough that you could probably buy a blender and a food processor separately and not have spent as much as you would have on this Vitamix machine.

There’s a reason the A2300 is so expensive. This Vitamix has 10 different speeds and a pulse setting, but none of the speeds are labeled, and even the pulse setting isn’t labeled very clearly. This is pretty par for the course with Vitamix, who is not particularly interested in appealing to beginners. The Ascent A2300 is powered by 2.2 horsepower so it’s ready for any blending or food processing task. Plus it has a programmable timer to make sure all of your recipes come out perfect.

The real selling point of the Ascent blender and food processor is the smart technology. The A2300 comes with a 64-ounce container, but the jar can be swapped out, and as long as a compatible jar is attached to the base, the base has an amazing feature that adjusts the timer based on the size of the container. On top of that, this blender/food processor can connect to the Vitamix smartphone app by pairing with your wifi network. This app lets you read over 500 different recipes and access the Vitamix preset options.

Between the app and the pitcher detection, this blender really is the future. It’s not just flashy though, its 11 speeds and strong motor are right up there with the best. The price may seem a little over-the-top, but Vitamix really does deliver. If you have the money, you might be interested in paying for a blender that is strong, gives you access to an ever-growing database of preset options, and knows exactly how long to blend based on your container size.

How Do I Use a Food Processor Attachment?


So what’s the actual difference between a blender and a food processor? What should I look for in a food processor vs a blender? The short answer is that food processors are much more diverse than blenders. Blenders only do one thing: They blend. Food processors can use a lot of different blades to fulfill a lot of different functions. Most food processors will come with at least a few different sets of blades.

The most common blade is the S-blade, also known as the Sabatier blade. It’s the default blade you’ll find in your food processor, and it’s used for tasks like churning out pesto, nut butter, and hummus. It’s important to know that when the food processor is on pulse, the blades will mix and chop. If your food processor is on continuously, the blades will blend and puree.

The shredding or grating disc is different than most blades in that it sits on top of the food processor bowl rather than in it. You simply feed your food through the lid of the food processor, and it’s shredded by the disc before landing in the bowl. This is of course ideal for foods you would want to shred, like carrots and other vegetables.

The next blade is a more traditional blade that actually goes into the bowl. It’s called the plastic dough blade. Unlike the S-blade, the plastic dough blade is (obviously) plastic. The reason it’s made of plastic and not metal is so that it’s less likely to simply cut into the dough. Instead, it’ll push it and move it around the bowl, kneading it in the process.

There are other blades, but I won’t bore you explaining all of them and their functions. This is just to give you a basic idea of how many different uses there are for a food processor, as opposed to a blender, and how the different blades function. Remember, the more different sets of blades you have and the more you know when to use them, the more likely you are to get the perfect result from your food processing for your recipe. It’ll make all the difference in the end.

Remember that some blender and food processor combo devices, like the Cleanblend Commercial Blender and the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300, don’t actually use a typical food processor bowl to process food. They simply use their strong blending motors to get the job done. As a result, they of course won’t be compatible with the different food processor attachments mentioned above.

Verdict: Your Best Blender Food Processor Combo


If you want the best value for money, pick the Oster Pro 1200.

With 1200 watts and the dual-direction blades, this blender-food-processor can handle any task. That, plus its 7 speeds, make this blender one of the best out there regardless of price. The fact that Oster sells the Pro 1200 for so little is just the cherry on top. This device is amazing for beginners and professional chefs alike.

If you need the strongest option available, pick the Cleanblend Commercial Bleander.

The “commercial” part of this Cleanblend’s name really says it all. With 1800 watts and a massive jar, this blender is big enough to be the main mixer of some restaurants. It has an expensive price tag to go with that, but if you’re a die-hard blending fanatic, it might be worth it for you.

If you want to keep the spending to a minimum, pick the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher.

With 700 watts, a 40-ounce blender jar, and a 24-ounce food processing bowl, the Wave Crusher is a case of “you get what you pay for.” But it really doesn’t get much cheaper than this, and this blender food processor combo has some tricks up its sleeves to make up for the low wattage. This is the best buy for anyone on a budget.

Even if you’ve been blending your own drinks for a while, that jump to food processing can seem daunting. Getting a blender food processor combo could be a little less daunting, as you’re getting both of your devices in one. Remember, when making your purchase, it’s important to keep in mind what you want. If you want the best all-around product at a great price, then you’ll want the Oster Pro 1200.

If you’re willing to splurge for a little extra, you might want to buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System or even the Cleanbend Commercial Blender. You might elect for the sleek design of the Ninja Ultra Prep or the cheap price of the Hamilton Wave Crusher, or you might want to spend top dollar on the incredibly smart technology and load-sensing capabilities of the Vitamix Ascent Series A2300. The choice is yours.

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