If you already knew you wanted an under sink water filter and you were only waiting for a great deal to pop up? This article is for you.

We’ve written a whole lot about quality water filters here at HBS, and this is our up to the minute research on the biggest discounts and lowest prices available during the holiday sales. Scroll the list and get yourself a bargain.

This was already an exceptional under sink water filter system and the discount on it over the holidays is insane.

The best features of this affordable filter are:

a) It’s extremely cheap to run. You end up paying 10 cents per gallon of water filtered, in filter replacements costs. One filter should last 6 months so you’re not getting out your credit card again every other month just to keep it running.

b) Filter quality for this price: While it won’t reduce Total Dissolved Solids like some higher end options, it will still clear 99% of 77 contaminants, including the worst offenders like lead, chlorine and PFOA.

c) It’s cheap. There really isn’t a better product for this price at the moment.

If you want a quick decision, grab this Aquasana and be done with it.

This filter was actually rated our number #1 best value under sink filter of 2020, and now it’s even cheaper than usual.

Yes, being a step down in price, you’re going to lose some features here. It’s a 2 stage system instead of a 3. You don’t get the remineralization of water with the Frizzlife but that has an upside as well as a downside.

Without that last step, the flow rate is faster, and the filter lasts just as long.

The company claims you should get 6-8 months and/or 1600 gallons out of this before a replacement is needed.

The warranty is longer (at 2 years) than on the Aquasana, and the removal of the worst contaminants is equally as strong. If you want the most features for the lowest price, a Frizzlife filter is what you’re looking for.

If the first two options weren’t heavy duty enough for you, this powerful Culligan model should do the trick and it still has a huge discount at the moment.

What do you get here for the extra spend?

Most importantly, you get exceptional water filtration without reverse osmosis. That means more filtered water more quickly. It also means none of the valuable minerals in the water are stripped out.

You get high end features like a leak sensor with alarm and a nice chrome faucet included. You also get a filter life indicator so you don’t need to guess when the filter needs changing.

You’ll also notice the difference in the flow rate at 0.75 gallons per minute instead of 0.5 for our top two options. That might not sound like a lot but it’s a high percentage increase that you’ll really feel when you turn on the tap.

If even the lowest priced option above wasn’t cheap enough, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at the Waterdrop 10UA filter here.

Of course being this cheap, the performance won’t compare directly with the Frizzlife or Aquasana, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get cleaner, better tasting water out of it.

In fact, the reviews are outstanding.

The capacity for a single filter is 8000 gallons: The longest of any on this list.

It’s really easy to install, with a one push connection to the cold water supply, and only takes 3 minutes to be ready.

It’s also weirdly powerful for the price, producing a max flow rate of 2 gallons per minute (which you might not get if the pressure in your water supply isn’t that high, but even still, your flow rate will likely end up higher than the other options on this list).

And because it’s so cheap, you can easily justify buying a few of these for use in the kitchen, laundry, even bathrooms if you like.

If nothing seemed to suit you so far I’ll make a hail mary with this last one: The Waterdrop Smart Water Filter.

What if on top of exceptional filtration and long filter life, you want features like a digital, real time water quality monitor so you can see exactly how well the filter’s doing at any moment.

Let’s say you want to filter absolutely everything in the water down to 0.01 microns.

If you want the longest warranty of any filter on this list. If you want a 2 year filter life, also the longest on this list.

If you want an advanced system with a simple installation – also the only option on this list.

Oh and if you want something you can quickly take out of the house and with you on an RV trip or holiday…

Yeah, this is the option for you.

That’s All For Now

These are the best under sink filters I could find as of today, but the holiday sales are constantly changing. If nothing on this list suited your needs, let me know in the comments below and I can go digging for you. Sure, it’s boring, but somebody’s gotta do it 🙂

All the best in grabbing a great filter deal!

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