Below is a list of the best blender deals we could find this holiday season.

Because blenders vary so widely, we’ve broken them down into the best deals by categories, to help you find the best of whichever type you’re looking for.

Today’s Best Deals on High-End Blenders

If you already know you want a machine that will do blending, food processing and juicing, and you’re willing to pay for it, this section is for you.

Here are a few of the great deals I found on high-end blenders this year…

First up, this Blendtec model is a total steal.

People debate about whether Blendtec of Vitamix blenders are better, but the truth is, most people with most blending tasks won’t notice the difference. They’re both extremely powerful, can blend anything. and will last years in your kitchen.

Only thing is right now, this Blendtec model is the cheapest I’ve ever seen any Blendtec or Vitamix model…

If you know you want Vitamix, you also have a couple of great options from the sale rack at the moment.

First, the Vitamix Ascent range (their second most recent) of blenders are on sale this month. This is the entry level Ascent model, the A2300. It was also our best overall Vitamix blender of the year, even before it went on sale!

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The Best Deals on Personal Blenders

Next up are the small personal blenders that can do simple blending tasks, and don’t cost a fortune. The better of these machines are pretty versatile and even in the worst case they need replacing after a year or two, you’ll have more than gotten your money’s worth.

First, it’s a happy day when the best-rated blender is also among the best discounts. That’s the situation with the Ninja Personal Blender right now..

This blender will make your morning smoothie quickly and in a cup that you can just walk out of the house with.

Cheaper still, you can get the totally portable Hamilton Beach blender for a couple bucks off the already low regular price at the moment.

Don’t expect perfect blending for that price, but if you only want to blend fruit and light veggies, and you don’t mind a bit of texture, this will totally do the trick.

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Best Deals on Mid-Range Blenders

This category has some really strong deals at the moment.

The Ninja Professional 72oz blender is a bargain. It’s got enough power for frozen fruits and ice, and a big container to make batch smoothies easily.

Another more advanced Ninja model is also on sale, the Mega Kitchen System.

Here you’re getting a blender/food processor combo that some people argue rivals a Vitamix or Blendtec, but for a much lower price. It also comes with 3 different jug sizes so you can maximize convenience and minimize cleanup by picking the jug that’s appropriate for what you’re making (No fussing with cleaning a massive jug if all you made is a personal smoothie!)

Last, but definitely not least, I stumbled on this incredible deal from a relatively unknown blender brand. This Calphalon blender has 10 speeds and presets (which you never normally get for this price) with plenty of blending power.

Despite being new, it’s also really well-reviewed.

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How to Choose the Right Blender from the List

If the sea of options has you overwhelmed, here’s how to make the decision easier. You can basically distill it down to one question… and a sub-question:

Q: Is it just for smoothies? Or for everything?

If it’s just for smoothies, the only other important question is: How many smoothies? Just for you? Or you and the family?

If it’s just for you, I’d bet on the Ninja Personal Blender. If it’s for the family, I’d go Ninja 72oz.

If you want the blender for “everything”, that is food processing, soups, dips, nuts, etc…it's hard to go past the Blendtec for that price.

But if you want newer technology, better pre-sets and a little added convenience, the Vitamix Ascent is worth the investment.

A Note on These Deals

Because there are so many blenders in so many categories, it means so many deals each holiday season. That said, I’ve kept the list to only the blenders that you’d want to buy even if they weren’t on sale.

If you do grab a blender from this list I’d love to know which one. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

If you didn’t find what you were after on the list, let me know what was missing so I can look further.

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