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Cyber Monday usually provides outstanding deals on blenders, and this year is no exception.

Below are some standout deals on a variety of blenders from high end to low end. The best part? The deals below are already discounted in advance of Cyber Monday. As in… today.

Best Deal on a Personal Blender: Nutri Ninja 24oz

You’ve seen the commercials for these. This is one of the top-rated “bullet” style blenders and it’s got a massive discount right now.

This model is handy because it comes with both an 18oz “to go” cup and a 24oz cup that you could use you make two-morning smoothies at the same time (that you’d pour out into a glass for you and that special someone). A lot of other bullet blenders don’t have a motor base that can accommodate multiple cup sizes so this is a huge plus.

It’s got 1000 watts of power, which is near to the most you can get on any bullet blender. And the price? Pretty hard to beat.

Best Deal on a High End Blender: Blendtec Classic 575

At HBS, we usually lean towards Vitamix in the “Vitamix vs Blendtec” debate. But at sale season, everything changes. This Blendtec model and it’s epic feature set for the price, leaves Vitamix in the dust.

I’ll give you two specific reasons why.

The first is that the Blendtec 575 comes with 4 presets. That’s where you load ingredients and hit the button and the machine just “does” the right speed and time for the thing you’re trying to make. There’s not a Vitamix model that comes with presets for this price, period.

Second reason: Container size. Vitamix’s biggest container is 64oz. This Blendtec comes with a 90oz container.

Bottom line: If you want a high end blender that you’ll own for years (guaranteed by a warranty), at this time of year, Blendtec’s your best choice.

2nd Best Deal on a High End Blender: Vitamix Explorian Renewed

Really, this is only for you if you know you want a Vitamix, and you want the lowest possible price for one. If we’re comparing high-end blenders, the Blendtec 575 above is hands-down better value for the features you get.

But if you do want a Vitamix and nothing else, you won’t be disappointed with this machine. Yes, it’s certified reconditioned (that means you won’t notice a difference between it and a new model when you take it out of the box) but it’s so much cheaper than any other available Vitamix blender… and it’s an exceptional blender.

You get the 10 variable speed dial that Vitamix is famous for (not actually 10 speeds, but a motor that slowly increases in speed as you turn it upward, for precision blending every time). It has the 64oz container (that you don’t get with all Vitamix models) and still comes with a 3 year warranty.

Best Deal on a Blender Food Processor Combo Model: Ninja Professional Kitchen System

A lot of people think that if you want to do food processing and blending in the same machine, you need a Vitamix or Blendtec. Those people are wrong.

The popular Ninja Professional Kitchen System is a machine that can do both blending and food processor tasks, but for a fraction of the cost of a high-end blender.

No, the power’s not the same. No, you don’t have that “blend anything” power, or the versatility of the variable speed control. But the Ninja Kitchen System is still badass.

First, it has two separate containers: A food processor bowl and a blender jug. A lot of people prefer this to the Vitamix. If your partner’s just finished making their morning smoothie, you can leave their dirty blender jug in the sink (until they clean it themselves!) while you pop on the food processor bowl to mix some dough for pizza dinner that night.

Further, you get travel cups that you don’t get with a Vitamix: One less dish to wash every day if you make smoothies to head out the door with.

There’s more to the Ninja Kitchen System but we have other blenders to talk about. If you want lots of options without breaking the bank, this is one to carefully consider.

Best Left Field (High Tech) Option: Ninja Foodi Blender

Why am I putting the Ninja Foodi on this list? Because you’ve probably never seen a blender quite like this.

It has a heating element. Not in the way that Vitamix or Blendtec can heat foods, just by spinning their blades really fast. I mean it can boil liquid, even if you don’t turn the blades on!

As well as all the regular blending and food processing tasks, this thing can heat chocolate or cheese for a fondue! It can cook meat and vegetables. As the promo for it says, this can make warm cheese queso and your frozen margarita one after another (just give your jug a good rinse in between!)

If your goal with this purchase is to have an appliance take over multiple cooking tasks… this is your bet. Oh and the price? Insane.

Best Tiny Personal blender: Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

If everything on this list so far was way overkill for what you need, try this.

For the spare change lying around your house, you can get a personal smoothie maker that will blend most common smoothie ingredients to a delicious consistency, and be small enough that you can take with you whenever the global pandemic ends and you can actually go somewhere again.

Simple Full Sized Blender That is Insanely Cheap: Black and Decker 10 Speed

I honestly didn’t know what I was looking at when I found this deal.

A 48oz blending jar (the same as smaller Vitamix models) and 10-speed options, and from a reputable brand like Black+Decker?

It’s not my job to ask why, it’s my job to share with you the deal.

Best Deal on a Quiet Blender: Hamilton Beach SoundShield

For some people, the biggest barrier to buying a blender… is the noise. If you’re one of those people, get a Hamilton Beach SoundShield.

Understand, this blender is not quiet because it’s low powered. At 1500 watts, it’s only beaten on this list by the Vitamix and Blendtec models. It’s quiet because the SoundShield casing reduces the blending noise to around 60 decibels… about the level of human conversation.

You can put this thing on while a baby’s sleeping. You can put it on while your spouse is watching Netflix. And with 10 speeds plus modes for various ingredients, you’ll still going to get a well combined mixture on the other side.

How to Choose the Right Blender from the List

If the sea of options has you overwhelmed, here’s how to make the decision easier. You can basically distill it down to one question… and a sub-question:

Q: Is it just for smoothies? Or for everything?

If it’s just for smoothies, the only other important question is: How many smoothies? Just for you? Or you and the family?

If it’s just for you, I’d bet on the Ninja Bullet Blender I mentioned at number 1. If it’s for the family, I’d go Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

If you want the blender for “everything”, that is food processing, soups, dips, nuts, etc…it's hard to go past the Blendtec for that price.

But if you want newer technology, and the ability to cook meat and vegetables too, the Ninja Foodi blender is worth the investment.

A Note on These Deals

Because there are so many blenders in so many categories, it means so many deals each holiday season. That said, I’ve kept the list to only the blenders that you’d want to buy even if they weren’t on sale.

If you do grab a blender from this list I’d love to know which one. Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

If you didn’t find what you were after on the list, let me know what was missing so I can look further.

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