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It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for. A small personal blender? A kitchen workhorse? Travel cups? Combo food processor models? Quiet model? Something for protein shakes?

I’ve reviewed so many blenders for HBS that I knew exactly where to look as Prime Day rolled around this year.

What I’ve listed below are blenders that I already reviewed and know are awesome… and they’re heavily discounted now, leading into Prime Day. Scroll the list to find the best deal on the kind of blender you’re looking for. It’s that simple.

#1 Best Personal Blender Deal: Ninja Personal with Auto IQ

You want a high powered blender that’s small, but has travel cups, and a big discount right now? This is it.

The Ninja 1000W personal is so highly rated because:

  • At 1000W, it’s about as powerful as personal blending gets. It’s a small machine but doesn’t sacrifice on blending capability or speed. Frozen fruits and ice are no trouble for this machine, as thousands of reviewers like me will attest.
  • It has two sizes of travel cups. Smaller cheaper models can usually only fit one cup, and of a smaller size. With an 18oz and a 24oz cup, you’re getting more than a standard 16oz travel cup with other models.
  • It has the countdown timer and “auto IQ” programs. Timers and pre-set programs are normally features of much more expensive blenders. This is how Ninja chose to make this model stand out, and from the consumer point of view, it’s all smiles.

Those are the things that make it a good buy at its regular price. At the discount price, it’s a no-brainer.

#2 Even Cheaper Personal Blender Deal: Ninja Personal 700W

Let’s stick with personal blenders, but assume you want something even cheaper. A real bargain’s bargain. Try this:

Here you’ve got another quality, durable personal blender that will still do all your important blending tasks, including ice, frozen fruits, and leafy greens.

What do you give up for the further price reduction?

  • You go to 700W from 1000. What does that mean? An extra 10-30 seconds of blend time to achieve the same consistency each blend.
  • Your travel cups go from 18oz and 24oz to 16oz. Whether that matters is up to you.
  • You lose the timer function, and the single button presets. This is one of the models you have to stand there and press down to make it blend.

My view? It’s cheaper, and if you want to save more than anything else, do it. But in time, I think you might wish you’d made the small upgrade for all the extra features of the #1 on our list.

#3 Best Blender/Food Processor, Do Everything Deal: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

In our analysis, this is one of the top-rated combo models currently available AND it’s on sale right now.

This is for you if you:

  • a) Want a food processor as well as a blender. That is, you’ll be doing food prep with this thing, chopping, grating, and slicing as well as making your morning smoothie.
  • b) You want to make big quantities, for a family of 4 or more. With a large 72oz container (bigger than you get with Vitamix blenders) you can prepare big portions made for sharing.
  • c) You still want travel cups to take your beverages on the go. Because this comes with them.

It’s got 1500 watts of power so whole vegetables, large chunks or ice, or stalky greens like celery won’t be a problem. It also has blending programs for dough, ice and smoothies, to help you get the right consistency… more consistently 🙂

Most importantly, there’s not a better value combo model available right now. If you want the works, this is your best bet.

#4 Best Immersion Blender Deal: KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

The KitchenAid cordless hand blender is one of our favorites. Most people don’t realize how great it is to be able to move an immersion blender around in a bowl without getting tangled up in a power cord. When it’s on sale, you jump.

  • This thing has a rechargeable battery. One charge lasts 25 bowls of soup. If this is for home use, you’re not making 25 bowls of soup. One charge lasts a long time.
  • It’s made so you can fit other attachments to the end. You can use it as a whisk (if you want to buy the attachment) as well as a blender.
  • The blending arm detaches and can be put in the dishwasher.

And the big feature that so few hand blenders have is the variable speed trigger. It’s not a 1-speed device. You can pull the trigger gently for a lower speed and fully for a higher one. You can match the blending speed to the ingredients, giving greater control of texture, and better results.

Yes, there are cheaper immersion blenders, but this page is about deals. If you want the best deal on an immersion blender this Prime Day, that’s it.

#5 Best High-End Blender Deal: Vitamix E320 Refurbished

Most people don’t realize you can get a Vitamix for this cheap. Right now, you can.

This is a refurbished machine. Some people think that means second hand. Actually, it means returned to the factory, restored to “as new” condition, repackaged, and resent. If someone didn’t tell you first, you would have no idea when you received it that this was anything different from a “new” Vitamix.

Why would you spend this much on a blender? Because it does everything. And fast.

  • You throw in whole fruits and vegetables with seeds, cores, and all: It pulverizes them.
  • You make mayonnaise. You make hummus. You can make flours, and butter, and doughs, all with equal ease.
  • It’s the blender/food processor tool you’re looking for, but versatile thanks to the variable speed dial that you can control with precision.

Oh, and I forgot to mention: Hot foods. It can heat food up because of how quickly the blades spin. Gazpacho, chicken/sweet corn, pumpkin, you name it, you can make it with your Vitamix.

People happily pay more than double this price for Vitamix blenders every day of the week. Because it’s Prime Day, you can get all the benefits and pay so much less.

Ok, that’s it for this update. I’ll pop back in to add new deals as I find them through Prime Day on to the big holiday sales in November.

Until then, happy shopping!

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