Is Dynamic Stretching Better Than Static Stretching? The Research Reviewed

Introduction You have probably heard many opinions on stretching. The type, timing, and goals of stretching are debated by healthcare professionals, often leaving the average person in the dark. What kind of stretching should you do? When are you supposed to do it? Do you actually even need to stretch at all? People stretch to… Continue reading

Does Whole-Body Cryotherapy Have Health Benefits? The Research Reviewed

What Is Cryotherapy? The term “cryotherapy” comes from the Greek terms “cryo,” meaning cold, and “therapy,” meaning cure. Cryotherapy is defined as cooling the body for therapeutic purposes, primarily to reduce pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy can be applied using various methods, including the use of ice packs, ice towels, ice massages, frozen peas, gel packs,… Continue reading

Should You Eat Your Placenta (Pills) After Childbirth? A Scientist Explains

Introduction There is a growing interest in human placentophagy (also spelled placentophagia), which is the scientific term for either eating your own placenta or eating placenta pills after childbirth (1). Placentophagy is a common practice among non-mammals and has been described as being “conspicuously” among humans worldwide. Absent until now, that is. It was first… Continue reading

Does Baby Powder Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk By 33%?

Claim Baby Powder Increases Ovarian Cancer Risk By 33% Lawsuit Claims. Verdict Data on the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer is inconclusive. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified talcum powder as a possible carcinogen. Origin Doctor Mercola published an extensive piece on ‘The Talc Cover-Up’ which discussed studies linking the… Continue reading