The Della XL Electric Air Fryer is the largest air fryer by Della. Since the release of this model there have been updated versions released by Della but they’re not “XL”. The large capacity is what draws many people to this particular model as it can fit a lot of food for hungry families.

In terms of design and appearance, the Della XL is a simple creature…no fancy bells and whistles or shiny lights. It’s a humble air fryer with manual dials and impressively large capacity at 5.8 quarts.

Before you jump in and buy this affordable appliance, keep reading as there are a few little hiccups you’ll want to be aware of first.

Is this a reliable machine? Does it cook well? Does it last? What’s the warranty like?  Answers await.

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What Interesting About The Della XL Electric Air Fryer?

The manual design:

Della XL Electric Air Fryer Button Guard & Detachable Basket Large Portable No-Oil Low Fat- Black 5.8 QT, 1800W

For some people, digital controls and fancy buttons are a must-have. Whereas others are perfectly happy with good old manual dials. For the latter, the style of this air fryer will suit as it has manual controls and only two of them at that. A temperature control dial with a maximum of 390 degrees Fahrenheit and a timer control dial with a maximum of 30 minutes is all you have to contend with when operating this machine.

The comparison with other Della models:

This brand also makes the Della electric air fryer with touch screen technology, a more “modern” version of the XL. It has a digital screen and preset buttons for various dishes. However, the digital air fryers from Della are smaller at 3.2 quarts. 

The fry basket capacity:

The Della XL does fit a lot of food in its 5.8-quart basket compared to other popular air fryers. You can fit a whole chicken or a family-sized portion of fries in the basket, which makes it great for families or very hungry couples.

What do other customers and reviews say?

The reviews are very revealing as they give us an insight into a pattern of a few unfortunate patterns plaguing this model. That’s not to say that plenty of people haven’t really enjoyed it. In fact, 58% of reviewers rewarded the machine a 5-star rating and 18% gave 1 star only. Here’s why…


Large capacity: the large capacity gets many thumbs up from delighted customers in the 4 and 5-star sections. It’s always nice to be able to cook many portions without having to do multiple, time-consuming batches

Makes tasty, crispy food: the overall food quality produced by the Della appears to be of a high standard according to many happy customers. They’ve found their fries and chicken (always mentioned the most in air fryer reviews) to be juicy, crispy and well cooked.   

Very versatile and easy: reviewers who awarded 4 or 5 stars were super pleased with the number of dishes they have created with their Della. They praise the versatility of the air fryer and love that it is easy to use and clean.


Burns out and quits after a while: a complaint in the 1-star review section is that the heating coil burns out after a few months or even a few weeks. Reviewers have described the coil as corroding, boiling and bubbling…not pleasant at all.

Coating peels off the basket: this is such a common issue with air fryers; the coating inside the fry basket peels and chips away, leaving little flecks of black “stuff” in the food. The Della doesn’t escape this complaint, as customers have found that the basket doesn’t last very long before it begins to peel.

Bad instructions and no recipes: the manual has come under fire by reviewers. It’s criticised as being unclear, not thorough enough and lacking in necessary information. The absence of recipes has also irked reviewers. 

What are the technical specifications?


Power 1800 Watts
Cooking capacity 5.8 quarts
Timer up to 30 minutes. Can be set down to the minute
Temperature control from 180 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
Special features Timer dial: a manual dial to set your desired time from 0 to 30 minutes

Temperature dial:  a manual dial to set your desired temperature from 180 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit

Ready light: an orangey-yellow light which illuminates while the fryer is heating up and turns off once the unit has reached the set temperature

Release button: press this button (some say it’s really hard to find as it’s nestled away at the top of the handle) to release the basket from the basket holder

Colour black (also comes in red and white and they’re cheaper in some places)

Dimensions and weight

Size 12.2 x 14.6 x 15 inches
Weight 12 pounds

How do you use it?

There’s not much to confuse the user with this simple model. To set up the unit you just need to follow the usual protocols of giving it a nice clean, finding a flat space and ensuring there’s a power outlet handy.

Here’s a quick how-to for when it’s time to cook food so you know the general process to expect:

  • Set the timer to 3 minutes to get the unit nice and hot
  • When the orange heating light turns off, remove the baskets from the unit (keep the fry basket inside the basket holder)
  • Add the food to the baskets and slot them back into the unit 
  • Set the time and temperature
  • Shake the food halfway through cooking time if you wish
  • The unit will beep when the cooking time has elapsed
  • The unit will go into standby mode when the cooking time has finished

That’s about it. Then you have to clean the baskets, of course.

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

It’s pretty easy to clean considering there aren’t many parts or accessories to keep track of. It’s just a matter of keeping the fry basket and fry basket holder clean after each cooking session.

However, the basket and basket holder are not dishwasher safe. This is good or bad depending on what you’re cleaning preferences are so I won’t call it a negative. The basket and basket holder just need a gentle wash with dishwashing detergent and a wipe with a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles. 

The unit itself just needs a wipe down if any dust or grease is present.

How Does It  Compare to other models?

Della vs. Gowise 5.8-qt Air Fryer

While the Gowise 5.8-qt does have a flashier design and digital controls, it also has some pretty concerning issues just like the Della. Here are the key similarities and differences:


  • Both have a 5.8-qt capacity fry basket
  • Similar price, the Gowise is a little cheaper by about $10
  • Both have a maximum time of 30 minutes
  • Similar overall design with a black (both have other color options too), rounded body and drawer-style basket with handle
  • They both have had reviews describing a peeling basket and construction issues. The Gowise has been slammed by reviewers because the outer basket detaches from the inner basket, spilling hot grease (ouch)


  • The Gowise has a full digital display panel with lots of illuminated symbols and touch buttons
  • The Gowise comes with a book of 50 recipes
  • The Gowise has 8 preset functions (including cake, fish and pork)
  • The Gowise has an alarm function to remind you when to shake the food
  • The Gowise has a slightly higher maximum temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Where can I find a replacement basket?

A replacement basket is proving hard to find. A few customers have had some issues with getting their faulty baskets replaced by the manufacturer too. 

Are there other replacement parts or accessories? Where do I buy them?

It seems tough to find any replacement parts or accessories.  

What’s the warranty?

I think it depends on the seller. Customers have had some pretty big issues with the warranty being honored. Some have said they were given a 30-day, some a 90-day and some a one-year warranty which turned out not to be honored. The manual doesn’t appear to supply any Warranty information. Check with the seller first, if you choose to buy this air fryer. 

Does it come with a recipe book or cookbook?

No, much to the annoyance of many customers.

What’s The Best Price For The Della Air Fryer and where can I buy it?

Amazon and Walmart both stock it at similar prices but they do change. The black models are generally between $85 and $90 with Amazon offering the cheapest price. However, do note that the white and red models are selling for about $15 cheaper on Amazon.

Verdict: Is This Air Fryer For You?

Honestly? No, I don’t think this is the air fryer for you. On paper it is great; a large basket to fit lots of food, simple controls, a neat construction, pretty easy to clean…

But the unfortunate faults are numerous and seem to happen on a reasonably regular basis. The risk of dealing with a peeling basket or a blown heating coil is too high not to move on and find a model with a better track record.

Something like the Power Air Fryer XL is a good alternative, or if you’re okay with spending a bit more money, something from Philips is a reliable choice too.

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