Does Turmeric help improve eyesight? Does Cacao improve mood? The internet is full of claims that eating this food or that one will incur special health benefits… but what does the evidence say?

Some supplements have health benefits. Others claim benefits that haven’t been proven. Others still claim benefits that haven’t even been studied. Which are which? Find out here.

If your friends are telling you to stand in one of those cold Cryotherapy chambers, or shine a Red Light emitting wand on your nether regions… this is the section to visit before making a decision.

Is meditation helpful? Does showing gratitude have health benefits? What about stretching after a workout? See the conclusions from the most current research.

The rise of technology has brought an increasing number of devices that are said to confer health benefits. Think of posture correctors, foam rollers, or blue blocking glasses. Do any of them actually do anything?

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