Latest Evidence in Foods

Does Turmeric help improve eyesight? Is Quinoa good for you? Should you be eating more Cacao powder? The internet is full of claims that eating this food or that one will incur special health benefits.

In the Foods section our academics and medical professionals investigate claims like these & provide answers according to the research. Armed with this information you can avoid hype, save money, and help friends and family make wiser decisions when it comes to their health.

10 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil That Someone Just Made Up
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

‘Have you heard that coconut oil is tipped for the Nobel Prize this year?’ announced a speaker at a recent medical conference that I attended. ‘I have seen so many Facebook posts and  Pinterest infographics listing all the benefits of coconut that I am sure that it...

10 Benefits of Lemon Water That Someone Just Made Up

Now what could possibly be better than starting the day with a tall glass of cool refreshing lemon water or cradling a cup of lemon infused warm water? According to a number of bloggers this morning ritual brings a myriad of health benefits including immune...

Frozen vs Fresh: You Might Be Surprised By The Results
Elizabeth Martin

  Frozen food often conjures up an image of questionable burger patties, peas and tubs of ice cream but is frozen produce the way of the future for healthy eating? Many people have negative associations with frozen cuisine but some recent studies suggest that we...