Latest Evidence in Foods

Does Turmeric help improve eyesight? Is Quinoa good for you? Should you be eating more Cacao powder? The internet is full of claims that eating this food or that one will incur special health benefits.

In the Foods section our academics and medical professionals investigate claims like these & provide answers according to the research. Armed with this information you can avoid hype, save money, and help friends and family make wiser decisions when it comes to their health.

Can Avocados Really Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Avocados can reduce the risk of heart disease study finds. Verdict There are no clinical studies showing that avocados reduce the risk of heart disease. Available information is limited to the effects of avocado on risk factors for heart disease and not the risk...

Does Chocolate Really Reduce the Risk of Stroke in Women?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Chocolate Reduces Stroke Risk In Women. Verdict There are no clinical trial data in women showing that chocolate affects stroke risk. Origin Dark chocolate is of great interest as a potentially healthy food choice that also tastes great. Dark chocolate contains...

Black Cumin Seed Oil: The Truth According To Research
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

What is Black Cumin Seed Oil? Nigella sativa  (Family Ranunculacae), more commonly known as back cumin seed or kalonji, is a medicinal plant that has been used around the world since antiquity. It is used in traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, Unanai...