Latest Evidence in Foods

Does Turmeric help improve eyesight? Is Quinoa good for you? Should you be eating more Cacao powder? The internet is full of claims that eating this food or that one will incur special health benefits.

In the Foods section our academics and medical professionals investigate claims like these & provide answers according to the research. Armed with this information you can avoid hype, save money, and help friends and family make wiser decisions when it comes to their health.

Do Papaya Seeds Really Detoxify The liver And Kidneys?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Papaya seeds detoxify the liver and kidneys. Verdict There is no scientific or medical literature to support the claim that papaya seeds detoxify the liver and/or kidneys. Origin A post on recommends eating crushed papaya seeds to help...

Can Broccoli Sprouts Actually Help Fight Cancer?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Broccoli Sprouts Help Fight Cancer Verdict There are no conclusive clinical trials evaluating the effects of broccoli sprouts on cancer. Origin Reports on The and advocate growing broccoli sprouts in order to prevent or treat...

Can Castor Oil Really Help Regrowing Hair?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Castor oil can help regrowing hair. Verdict There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the claim that castor oil can help regrowing hair. Origin There are over 17 million results online for the search term ‘castor oil and hair’. These claims date back...

Does Rosemary Really Increase Memory If You Sniff It?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim It has been said that sniffing rosemary increases memory. Verdict Sniffing rosemary actually slowed speed of memory in a randomised controlled trial in Britain. Origin The British Daily Mail featured a post on the ‘memory enhancing effects of rosemary’. This was...

Does D Aspartic Acid Do Anything? The Research Reviewed
Melissa Waine B.Sc.

Aspartic acid, also known as aspartate, is an endogenous, or non-essential amino acid. Non-essential amino acids are amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins) that can be made by the body, so they don’t have to be provided by food. Us humans can (and do)...

Kombucha’s Health Benefits? Science Says There Are None
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

I don’t understand how anyone can call kombucha tea a ‘health beverage’. In a nutshell, here is the problem: The so-called ‘health drink’ weighs in with less than one hundred research studies behind it. When you eliminate the studies that associate kombucha tea with...

10 Benefits of Coconut Oil That Someone Just Made Up
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

‘Have you heard that coconut oil is tipped for the Nobel Prize this year?’ announced a speaker at a recent medical conference that I attended. ‘I have seen so many Facebook posts and  Pinterest infographics listing all the benefits of coconut that I am sure that it...