Latest Evidence in Practices

There are a range of physical and mental practises, from meditation to oil pulling, that in today’s internet, are claimed to confer health benefits.

If you’re trying to decide whether one of these practises is worth making a part of your life, our evidence reviews can help.

Does Cabbage Soup Diet Work? A Review of The Research
Michele Berman M.D.

What Is the Cabbage Soup Diet? The cabbage soup diet has been around in various forms since the 1980’s. Although it has been called other names, such as the Mayo Clinic Cabbage Soup Diet and the Sacred Heart Hospital diet, it is not associated in any way with these...

Does Baby Powder Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk By 33%?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Baby Powder Increases Ovarian Cancer Risk By 33% Lawsuit Claims. Verdict Data on the link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer is inconclusive. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified talcum powder as a possible carcinogen. Origin...