Latest Evidence in Treatments

If your friends are telling you to stand in one of those cold Cryotherapy chambers, or shine a Red Light emitting wand on your nether regions… this is the section to visit before making a decision.

We define treatments as those interventions someone else (a medical professional or otherwise) has to do to you, as opposed to Practises, that you can do yourself.

As always, our skilful academics assess the results of the best available research on these treatments, to tell us whether their claims should be taken seriously.

Does Raw Shea Butter Do Anything? The Evidence Reviewed
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

The use of shea butter as a beauty aid may date back as far as Cleopatra’s reign in ancient Egypt. Shea butter is also used for cooking, lighting, soap and craft making. It is sometimes used as a cocoa butter substitute in the chocolate industry (1). Prior to the...

Do CT Scans Really Increase Your Risk Of Cancer By 35%?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim CT scans increase your risk of cancer by 35%. Verdict There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that CT scans increase the risk of cancer. Origin CT or computerized tomography helps visualize internal body organs such as the brain, kidney, spleen,...

Does Ginko Really Help Reduce Brain Damage From Stroke?
Dr Merry FRCPI PhD

Claim Ginko Reduces Brain Damage From Stroke Verdict A Comprehensive Cochrane meta-analysis failed to show any quality evidence to support a role for Ginkgo bilboa in the management of acute ischemic stroke. Origin Ginkgo bilboa is believed to have a neuroprotective...

Does Dry Needling Work? The Current Research Reviewed
Sonja Ristevski B.Sc.

An increasing number of physical therapists (PTs), in the United States and throughout the world, are incorporating the dry needling (DN) technique to treat mainly musculoskeletal pain (MSP). So much so, the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), in...

Did The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment Cure 45000 Patients?

Claim Breuss Total Cancer Treatment cured 45000 cancer patients. Verdict There is no independent scientific evidence to back up this claim and there are concerns about the safety of the diet. Origin Interest in the Breuss diet began with the publication of The Breuss...

Red Light Therapy: Does Research Show Any Benefits?

Many of the big commercial fads today are related to the beauty industry. The beauty industry goes beyond cosmetics. It brings together all economic niches that offer consumers goods and services to look better. That goes from fashion to fitness, from food to cosmetic...