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I love the fact that air fryers like the Farberware Air Fryer exist in the world and we can have our cake (or fries) and eat it too. The Farberware Air Fryer is a highly-rated counter-top appliance known for whipping food into crispy shape without oil. It’s not limited to “fried food”, it’s actually really versatile, but more on that to come.

How does the Farberware Air Fryer perform? What kind of features does it offer? What do customers really think of this model? Is it the right one for you or should you move right along?

Let’s figure it out.

What Interesting About The Farberware Air Fryer?

This is a versatile air fryer in the sense that you can cook many different things in it. Meats like roast chicken or pork are easy. Baked goods are possible. Veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are slow balls for this machine.

Farberware Multi-functional Powerful and Versatile No Oil Smell, No Splatter, No Mess Fast Cooking Air Fryer

This is great considering how simple the design is. It doesn’t have preset functions or anything too flashy. It simply has a timer and a temperature-control dial, that’s it. The cooking cavity comes in the style of a pull-out, drawer-style basket set inside a neat unit.

What do other customers and reviews say?


Versatile/cooks many different foods: the customers on the happy end of things have been chuffed at the number of dishes they can cook with this model. Fries, chicken, pizza and cookies are all mentioned as regular dishes cooked with the Farberware. For a great many customers, it has become a daily, or multi-daily appliance.

Eliminates oil and grease-related mess: Judging by the positive reviews, the Farberware Air Fryer does its main job very well: it eliminates oil, grease and fat when cooking hot foods. Customers are loving the healthy, clean taste of their food and the fact that there are no splatters of oil all over the kitchen to contend with.

Fast and easy to use: the positive reviews confirm that for many people, the Farberware Air Fryer is really easy to use, and doesn’t take long to whip up a tasty dish. It’s as simple as popping the food into the basket, twiddling the time and temperature controls and leaving the machine to do its job.

Easy to clean: happy customers have specifically mentioned how easy their Farberware Air Fryer is to clean. You can either put the baskets in the dishwasher or give them a quick swish around in soapy water. This is a huge plus for people who don’t have time to mess about with fiddly parts and tricky-to-clean accessories.


A few people have said that the capacity isn’t large enough for a family meal, and is better for snacks. A couple of reviews mention that the numbers on the controls have rubbed off, and some have said the dials break. But these comments make up a very small percentage of reviews, so I wouldn’t see them as a red flag. Here are the more common complaints:

The coating on the basket chips away: a very common complaint in the world of air fryers. A few people in the negative review sections have reported that the coating on the bottom of the fry basket has started to peel and chip.

More like a convection oven: some people have been disappointed in the Farberware Air Fryer because they feel it’s more like a convection oven in an air fryer’s clothing. They feel this way because the food they’ve cooked doesn’t resemble the fried foods they’re used to.

They were looking for an exact replica of traditional, deep-fried foods but didn’t quite get it. I think that you can never get the exact same flavour and texture from an air fryer that you would from lashings of oil and grease. Yes, you can get the crunchiness…but if what you love about fried foods is all that lovely grease then an air fryer won’t cut it for you.

What are the technical specifications?


Power (Watts) 1400 Watts
Cooking capacity up to 2 pounds (900 grams)
Timer (yes/no) yes, up to 30 minutes
Temperature control (yes/no) yes
Special features The Farberware Air Fryer is a humble machine with a simplistic approach to features and controls. It has two dials (time and temperature), two LED’s (pretty sure they indicate power and preheat status), and a pull-out fry basket.

There are no jazzy features and screens to bother with, so it’s easy to get used to. Here’s a quick rundown of the features so you can see whether or not they suit you:

Temperature dial: yup, this controls the temperature from a minimum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Timer dial: turn this dial to select a cook-time between 0 and 30 minutes.

BPA-free fry basket and basket holder: the fry basket sits neatly inside the basket holder which has a large handle for easy insertion and removal.

They are both dishwasher-safe. The unit and baskets have been made with “cool-touch” materials to protect you from burning your hands.

Colour Mainly black, with a silver control panel

Dimensions and weight

Size 14.2 x 14.2 x 16 inches
Weight 13.5 pounds

How do you use it?

It’s simple, as so many reviewers have told us. It’s just a matter of setting the unit up on a flat, heatproof surface with decent clear space around it on all sides (for safety and proper airflow), plugging it in and having a play.

To cook:

  • Take the fry basket and basket holder out of the unit and place your ingredients inside
  • Slot the baskets back into the unit
  • Turn the temperature dial to your desired temperature
  • Turn the timer dial to choose a cook-time
  • Leave the machine to cook your food
  • Carefully take the basket out of the unit once the time is up
  • Either place the basket back into the unit and add a few more minutes if it needs a bit longer…
  • Or go ahead and enjoy the dish
  • Leave the machine to cool down completely before wiping the outer unit
  • Chuck the baskets into the dishwasher or give them a quick wash in the sink with your other dishes
  • Reassemble the machine and leave unplugged until next time

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

It’s very easy to clean, which is a delight for busy people with no time for slaving over a dirty appliance, especially if they’re using it daily.

The basket and basket holder are dishwasher safe so you can pop them into the dishwasher and forget about them until they come out fresh and clean. If you don’t have a dishwasher, they can be rinsed and gently wiped with a cloth or soft brush.

The outer unit just needs a quick wipe with a damp cloth and some kitchen spray to remove any dust or food residue.

How Does It Compare to other models?

Farberware Air Fryer vs. Power AirFryer Oven

The Power Airfryer is very different from the Farberware Air Fryer indeed. It has a digital control display, 8 preset function buttons, an oven-door style cooking capacity with racks for multi-layer cooking, and it has 1700 watts of power. It’s also a lot larger and comes in 6-Quart and 8-Quart sizes.

The Farberware Air Fryer has a 3.2-Quart capacity, manual dials, no preset features, a draw-style basket and 1400 watts of power. They do differ in price, with the Power AirFryer Oven with a much higher tag.

Which one’s for you?

It depends on your budget and your preferences. If you want an air fryer with a large capacity, digital controls, preset functions and a transparent oven door, then check out the Power Airfryer Oven. But if your budget is small and you’re happy with a simple air fryer to cook small-to-medium amounts of food, the Farberware is just fine.

Farberware Air Fryer vs. Nuwave Brio 6-Quart Air Fryer

The Nuwave Brio is more expensive and has more features than the Farberware. It is also bigger than the Farberware, at 6-Quarts (almost double the capacity). The Nuwave has a digital display screen and buttons as opposed to dials.

It also has 6 preset functions and a reheat function, while the Farberware only has 2 simple dials for time and temperature. The Nuwave has wattage control so you can adjust the wattage from a choice of 900, 1500 and 1800 watts. Both of these models have a drawer-style basket.

Which one’s for you?

If you want to spend a little more to get a digital display, preset functions and a larger capacity, the Nuwave Brio 6-Quart would be a good choice. But if you’re content with a simple design and can give up all the fancy features for the sake of a smaller price tag, the Farberware comes out the winner.

Farberware Air Fryer vs. Philips XL

These two models have a similar capacity: the Philips XL has a 3.5-Quart capacity, so slightly more than the Farberware. The Philips XL has a digital screen with time and temperature controls, and a “smart preset button” which remembers and keeps your most-cooked dishes. Both have a drawer-style basket which can be put in the dishwasher. The Philips XL is much more expensive.

Which one’s for you?

Overall, the Philips XL is more sophisticated in terms of features and cooking functions, but it’s also much more expensive. They both offer you a drawer-style basket and great results, so it’s really down to your budget and what kind of display/controls you’d prefer to use.

Where can I find a replacement basket?

A replacement basket seems to be a hard thing to find. Contact Farberware directly and ask them what the deal is with replacement baskets in or out of the warranty period.

Are there other replacement parts or accessories? Where do I buy them?

If you need to replace any parts, you should contact Farberware directly. Heritage Parts is a website that stocks a wide range of replacement parts for appliances. They do have lots of Farberware-related parts but are low on baskets. They’re worth a look if you need a new part or accessory and haven’t had any luck with Farberware directly.

What’s the warranty?

This seems to be a trickier question than it should be. Some sellers offer a 2-year warranty, while others do not. Some people were under the impression that they had a 2-year warranty, only to find that it was not valid when they needed to use it. Some retailers such as Walmart do offer a protection plan. Make sure you’re totally clear on your warranty before you hand over your money.

Does it come with a recipe book or cookbook?

Some people have said that they did not receive a manual or a recipe book with their air fryer. This is odd and hopefully not the norm, as there is meant to be a simple cookbook as well as a manual in the box.

Verdict: Is This Air Fryer For You?

This is the air fryer for you if:

  • You have a small budget
  • You really like drawer-style air fryers with baskets as opposed to oven-style doors
  • You’d prefer simple, manual dials without all the extra buttons and digital features
  • You’d like dishwasher-safe accessories
  • You’d like something that is easy to use and easy to clean
  • You’d like something which is versatile and can cook different dishes
  • You’d don’t mind risking a peeling/chipped fry basket
  • You want clean food without excess oil and fat
  • You need to feed approximately 2-3 people

However, if you’re allured by digital screens, buttons, preset functions and other fancy features, I’d look toward something more like the Nuwave Brio or the Gowise 5.8qt. These are only slightly more expensive but offer many more features.

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