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Good food processors aren’t cheap, so waiting until sale season to buy one makes sense. Only problem is the other people who do the same.

Good deals often disappear quickly at this time of year and on our comprehensive search, we only came upon a handful of worthwhile discounts that would justify you waking up early to nab them.

These are those food processors, in order of best value for money for Prime Day 2020. Enjoy!

#1 Best Food Processor Combo Deal: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

It might look like a blender in the photo, but this is a combo model. It has an 8-cup food processor bowl as well as a 72oz blender container that you can switch back and forth, powered by the same motor base.

And the discount available right now is pretty sweet.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a really versatile appliance.

As far as food processing goes, it comes with two blades, an S blade for chopping, and a separate dough blade for a softer touch.

I like it because where most food processors have a single speed, this machine has the variable speed of a high-end blender, so as you turn the goal, you can food process as carefully as you need to (including pulse) to get just the right consistency for a range of ingredients.

At 8 cup capacity, the container holds 64oz. That’s enough for 2lbs of dough, or a party-sized batch of guacamole.

When your food processing is done, you can swap the blender container back on for the morning smoothies, which you can both blend and transport in travel cups if you want to. This makes it a personal blender/food processor combo as well. Very rare.

Look if you want to: You can’t find another combo machine with this many functions for this price. I think it’s the best food processor deal this Prime Day and I think you will too.

#2 Best Dedicated Food Processor Deal: KitchenAid 11 Cup

I don’t need to tell you that KitchenAid is good at food processors. It’s been their core business for decades.

But they’re usually in a price range that puts them at length. For that reason, this deal is noteworthy:

Why get this instead of the Ninja?

Reason #1 to Get This Instead: You don’t need a blender.

Reason #2 to Get This Instead: You want more precise processing. The KitchenAid 11 Cup comes with 5 blade options rather than the Ninja’s 2. It’s got a shredding blade, a slicing blade, two multipurpose blades, and a dough blade. It also comes with two work bowls (an 11 cup and a 3 cup) that you can match to your batch size (no small batches getting caught underneath the blades of your big bowl!).

Reason #3: Bigger Quantities: 11 cup capacity instead of 8 cup might not seem like a lot but it’s a 37.5% increase. That’s 37.5% more salsa, marinade, pizza dough or cookies for the same effort.

For this price, you’ll never regret picking up a KitchenAid processor.

#3 Best Mini Food Processor Deal: Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus

If you just want a mini food processor, perhaps for baby food or single meal marinades, or salads, this one will suit you just fine. The great thing is, it’s so cheap at the best of times, it doesn’t even need to be discounted for Prime Day.

Why get the Cuisinart Mini-Prep

Reason #1: It’s not THAT Mini. The bowl is 24oz. You can make a lot of things below 24oz. If you’re doing baby food, this is a big batch. If you’re doing salsa, this is enough for 3-4 people (depending on how much you like Salsa).

It’s small and light and convenient but it’s not annoyingly limited in what you can create.

Reason #2: You want to save money for other Prime Day purchases. This thing is so cheap you’ll have cash left over.

Reason #3: It’s quiet. You’re not waking anyone up. You’re not interrupting any conversation to use this thing.

I think the mini prep is great for an individual or a small family and if that’s you, the price is hard to argue with.

#4 Best Bigger Food Processor Deal: Braun 12 Cup Food Processor

If size is everything to you, and none of the processors on this list so far have been enough, you might be in luck here. The Braun 12 cup – while not on a tremendous “sale” right now – is incredible value for the size.

This is actually one of our best food processors of the year period. People love it. And at this price, it’s almost cheaper than the smaller KitchenAid 11 cup above, and the Ninja Combo model that has an 8 cup processor. Not bad huh?

More than the size, this food processor is about versatility. It has 11 speeds. It has 7 blade options. (It even has a citrus press for juicing!) You can do anything on this machine.

What people find about the Braun 12 cup most though, is just the quality of output. Some combination of the engineering quality and the design mean you get a consistent result with this thing, whether you’re slicing, grating or chopping. Many people have swapped to this Braun from a Cuisinart or KitchenAid and said it processes more evenly, and cleans up more quickly.

#5 Best Deal on an Unknown Brand: Nutrichef 12 Cup Food Processor

Call this the “left field” option, I’m putting this 12 cup food processor here because I’ve never seen a model this big, with this many features, for this low price.

If you’re comparing to the Braun 12 cup, this Nutrichef model only has:

  • 6 blades instead of 7
  • 600 watts of power on both models
  • 1 speed instead of 11. Note that 1 speed is common even for more expensive food processors.

I’d say for the drop in price, that comparison still looks pretty darn good! I’d say if you don’t think you’ll be using the food processor more than say twice a week, the savings will be worth the loss of features.

For the most part, this machine will have you doing all the things you’re probably imagining doing: Grating carrots, juicing fruits, pureeing baby food, and making mince from meat… only at a fraction of the cost.

Unless you have your head buried in food processors for hours at a time, you’d probably never come across this little gem. I am therefore proud I could dig it up and present it for your consideration.

This concludes my Prime Day food processor deal list. Like I said, there weren’t an unlimited number of deals, but I think these 5 represent the best you can do in terms of savings on a quality machine this year.

Good luck on getting a bargain, and happy processing!

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