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If you’d been waiting for the holiday sales to pick up a food processor… well played. As long as you’re not absolutely committed to a particular brand or model, there are some exceptional deals available.

This article takes all the knowledge we’ve acquired having reviewed countless food processors at HBS over the last 4 years and combines it with the best discounts we could find after hours poring through online retailers.

#1 Best Deal This Cyber Monday: Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor

I just found that our top-rated food processor of the year – The Cuisinart 8 Cup – has a massive discount right now. Check it out:

Most people have heard of Cuisinart food processors. They’re known for quality, and while they have more popular models that are larger than this (11 cup, 14 cup) we think this is the option where price meets functionality to really maximize your value.

How big is 8 cups? 64 fluid ounces. If you have a blender, your blender jug probably has less capacity than this.

You can make pie crusts. It has no trouble with fruit or vegetables. (the wide feed chute helps so you don’t have to cut too much before loading ingredients) You can shred meat, and grate cheese, and chop carrots and the list goes on.

The 350 watts of power will be more than sufficient for the majority of food processing tasks. And maybe you’ll have to pulse an extra couple of times for heavy ingredients (compared to one of Cuisinarts bigger models) but having saved this much money on it, you’ll never care.

#2 Best Deal This Cyber Monday: Aicok 5 Cup Food Processor

Want to go even cheaper? Have a look at this food processor from the relatively new brand Aicok.

Here you’ve got just 5 cups capacity, but you have a larger motor at 500 watts compared to 350. If you’re making meals for 3 people or less, I think you could totally get away with this compact model and be very happy.

The Aicok has two speeds (rather than just one) which can be handy to switch between for a more/less delicate touch when needed. It has all the blades for shred, puree, chop, and slice that you’d expect.

What else can I tell you? It’s got a 2-year warranty and strong customer reviews. You’ll find it pretty hard to get a better processor of this capacity for this price. In fact, I’ve never seen one.

#3 Best Deal This Cyber Monday: Kitchenaid 11 Cup Food Processor

5 and 8 cup capacity just not going to cut it (pun intended :))? Here’s a great holiday deal from another well-known brand with a much bigger model: The Kitchenaid 11 cup:

Here, you’re not just upgrading on internal capacity.

You get a bigger feed chute. Kitchenaid promises that whole tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes can be dropped in.

You get far greater precision: The Kitchenaid Exactslice mechanism means you can pull a lever from the outside to slowly adjust the size of the cuts the blades are making. It’s an idea that’s unique to KA.

It also comes with bonuses like a 3 cup work bowl for smaller quantities (basically giving you a mini food processor as well), a dough blade, a storage case for all the extra parts (you won’t realize how valuable this is until you have one).

If you’re feeding more than 3 people and you want a machine that will still be running years later, this is my bet for best deal this holidays.

#4 Best Deal This Cyber Monday: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This one’s a little out of the box, but I’ve got good reasons for including the Ninja Mega Kitchen System on this list, not least of which is the incredible discount:

Here you’re getting an 8 cup food processor AND a 72oz blender in one machine. Forget the travel smoothie blending cups for a second. This would be a great deal even if it didn’t include those.

You’ve got a 1500 watt motor base which is the largest on our list. The fact that it’s a combo machine doesn’t cost you any power at all… it gives you extra power.

You’ve even got little preset programs for mixing dough, crushing ice or blending smoothies. That means you can hit these buttons and leave the machine to run while you do something else. You don’t get that with any of the other models on this list.

It might not be strictly a “food processor” but I think at this price, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a hard one to go past.

#5 Best Deal This Cyber Monday: Russel Hobbes 8 Cup Food Processor

If you were sold on the 8 cup capacity but wanted to spend even less, I found another massive discount for you in this Russel Hobbes model:

At a big drop down in price from our #1 pick, you get the same capacity, a slightly more compact machine and 550 watts instead of 350.

Why would you NOT buy this instead of the Cuisinart? Well, not everyone likes red.

Seriously though, all other features of these two models match up. Both have dishwasher safe containers and reversible slicing/shredding discs. Both have a pulse feature.

If you’re into the aesthetics of the machine I’d even prefer this one to the Cuisinart. It’s got a vintage design and a quality finish. One reviewer – I’m not kidding – described this Russel Hobbes model as “almost a piece of art”!

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How to Choose the Right Food Processor from the List

If the decision is killing you, I’ve found you can distill it down to 2 fundamental questions, and as long as you get those right, everything else takes care of itself.

They are:

#1 How often are you going to use it?

Unless the answer is “every day” you probably don’t need any model that says “Pro” on it… with the exception of the Kitchenaid 11 cup  at #3 on this list, because it’s so heavily discounted right now!

If you are going to use it every day, don’t mess around trying to save a few bucks right now.

You’ll save more money the longer it lasts, and the smaller machines with less durable parts (plastic instead of stainless steel for example) won’t stand the consistent use like the better models will (Namely the Kitchenaid 11 cup and the the Cuisinart 8 cup).

#3 How much food are you going to make?

Is it for you and a partner? Or a family of 4+?

If it’s you and a partner, you’ll be fine with an 8 cup model like the Cuisinart above. Even if you have to use it for different parts of the same meal, it’s only a matter of rinsing it out between takes.

If it’s a family of 4+, I personally wouldn’t go with any lower capacity than a 9-cup. You don’t want to be frustrated when you “can’t quite make enough”. And you don’t want to get used to all the great stuff you’re making with it but have to upgrade to something bigger in a year or two.

What About the Accessory Options?

You can really fuss over getting the right accessories for your food processor… but honestly, today’s not a day to worry about accessories. Today’s the day to get a great deal!

If in the worst-case scenario, you use your new food processor for 6 months and feel like you really need that extra attachment… well you can buy it separately, using a tiny bit of the money you saved from your discount on the machine!

That’s It

I’ll leave the decision with you. Best of luck picking up a great deal and I hope you’ve found this article valuable.

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