The LAST Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Review

Virtually everyone has heard of the Hamilton Beach single serve blender. If there is such a thing as a must have single serve blender the Hamilton Beach is definitely it. I have one and dozens of my friends do too. When I was looking for reviews to get a bit more information for this page I realised tens of thousands of other people do too.

Over 5,000 people had taken the time to write and share a Hamilton Beach single serve blender review online. That is the most reviews I have found for any other blender. Frome the reviews it seems that most people who own one think that this is the best single serve blender out there. I am a big fan too, but know that you need to know more before you can be confident enough to go out and buy one yourself.

You want to know what this single serving blender does well and what, if any, issues it has, and that is exactly you will find on this page. Using my own experience and that of several hundred other users you will be sure whether this is the right single serving blender for you.

What is included with the Hamilton Beach single serving blender?

Here is what is in the box, what is included:

  • Hamilton Beach single serve blender with travel lid which means you can blend you drink of smoothie, pop the lid on and take it with you.
  • Compact 175-watt motor unit

What can you make with the Hamilton Beach 51101b?

  • Baby foods
  • Any smoothie you like (not uber thick)
  • Cocktails
  • Soups
  • Purees
  • Marinades
  • Salad dressings

Is there anything that you cannot make with the Hamilton single serve blender?

This is a versatile piece of kit, but you have to be realistic and realise that it is not the most powerful blender on earth. Its compact size means that it cannot hope to compete with blenders that have much bigger motors. Here are the few things that this compact single serve blender struggles with:

  • Very thick smoothies
  • Won’t make banana ice cream from frozen bananas alone
  • Cannot grind nuts, coffee beans or spices

What do the Hamilton Beach Blender Reviews Say?

OK, so now you have an idea of what you get when you buy the blender and what you can and cannot make with it. Now find out what users liked and disliked about the blender.

First the good points:

Nice touches

Can make single serving smoothies – being able to prepare a single serving smoothie works well for most people. No more having to drink that disgusting spinach smoothie because your husband loves it and your big blender has to be half-full to make it, which means that you have to drink what is left. You can prepare the smoothie you love, rinse the cup and let your other half or kids prepare the shakes or smoothies that they really like.

Cup fits in most cup holders – the cup is designed to fit snugly into any gym machine or car cup holder, a nice touch that many users really appreciated.

To go cup – being able to take your fitness drink with you is a big plus which hundreds of people said they loved.

Low cost – numerous users commented on the fact that the Hamilton Beach is so inexpensive.

Ability to actually drink from the to go cup – some to go cups are difficult to drink from. The Hamilton Beach to go cup is easy to drink from so there is no need to take an extra cup with you.

Compact design – this is one of the smallest blenders on the market, yet it is still powerful enough to produce good results.

Available in several colours – having a choice of colours makes it easy to match any kitchen decor.

Cord storage – cord storage that works is nice to see, also great if you want to put the blender in your luggage or sports bag for use on the go.

Powerful enough for frozen fruit and ice – but you do need to pulse a few times to break everything up a bit before blending completely.

Parts and spare cups are easy to buy – there is no problem finding and buying spare parts for the Hamilton Beach blenders.

Irritating issues

Here is a summary of the issues:

Takes a while – sadly, this blender is not as quick as its bigger counterparts, but that is to be expected. After all, it has half the power of most blenders and a quarter of the power of the semi-pro versions. That said you could still make a frozen smoothie in under a minute.

Smelly motor – quite a few people said it smelt a little oily especially during the first few uses. I noticed this too, but it got better. As an aside, if it smells a little burnt turn the blender off immediately and let it cool down before finishing your smoothie, if you do not the motor will break.

Not dishwasher proof – the blending cup cannot be washed in a dishwasher. Some people put it in the dishwasher anyway, but personally, I would not do it. If you put it in the dishwasher, the measuring markings come off leaving you to guess about quantities, which, in my experience, means inconsistent results.

Spillage from the To Go Cup – there is one big issue with these cups they have to be stored upright. There is a slide that seals the drinking hole, but it does not always stay in place, which can mean sports kit covered in berry smoothie.

Sensitive – if you are that sort of person that does not read and follow instructions, this blender is not for you. You need to introduce the ingredients in the right order and pulse as instructed to get good results.

And… Serious issues

Burn out – most of the one star reviews I read were from people who had bought one and found that the motor burned out after a few weeks of use. In the big scheme of things, there were relatively few motor burnouts mentioned in the reviews, but clearly, it can happen.

Should I buy the Hamilton Beach Single Serve?

Overall, this is a good blender that serves most people well especially for such a small and inexpensive machine. It is well worth considering.

The average review ratings were high across virtually every website. It scored between 3.9 and 4.5 out of 5. In addition, the editors of Consumer Search voted the Hamilton Beach 5110B as the best budget single serve blender out there, and from my own research, I tend to agree with them and think it is a good addition to any home.

Where can I buy the Hamilton Beach 5110B?

You can buy this blender in numerous places both on and offline. However, Amazon seems to be the best place. Since they change prices on their listings very often you should check on for the price available TODAY.

Simply click this link to see the best price available TODAY on Amazon

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