Just because immersion blenders are more affordable than countertop models, it doesn’t mean there aren’t discounts to be found.

I was surprised to find how big some of the discounts are this year on really high quality, long-lasting hand (immersion) blenders. I’ve compiled my best finds in the list below.

If you had been planning this purchase for a while, get ready for a deal!

Deal #1: Best Deal: KOIOS 12 Speed Hand Blender

This isn’t a “big name” brand like some of the options below… But look at the specs…

For a very low price, compared to the comparable KitchenAid below, you get:

800 watts instead of 85: That means faster blending of more ingredients.
12 speeds instead of 3: More versatility and better results.

It even comes with more accessories. Kind of insane really. Why’s it so cheap?

I suspect because it’s a new brand trying to make a name for itself.

It has more reviews than most of its competitors on Amazon, and the rating is as high as any immersion blender you’ll find. This is a cracking good deal at the moment, and I was happy I found it for this post.

Deal #2: Best Deal + Reputation: KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender

If you prefer to go with the reputation, this KitchenAid 3 Speed is a highly functional immersion blender at a big discount.

Normally brands as big as KitchenAid don’t need to do deals this good because their prominence is enough to keep them selling through the holiday season anyway. For whatever reason, that’s not the case this year.

This is a precision hand blender that offers versatility and convenience, for the price of a few months Netflix. It comes with a whisk attachment, a “slap-chop” style container, and a blending jar so you can prepare anything from baby food, to smoothies, nuts, onions, and cheeses.

Deal #3: Cheapest: Kitchenaid 2 Speed

As above, just 2 speeds rather than one, and no additional attachments, jars or containers.

For a no-fluff option that’s as cheap as it gets, this is as good as it gets.

I should say too, while there are “even cheaper” options for these blenders, I don’t necessarily think it’s worth taking the risk for a tiny saving.

Deal #4: Best Overall: Braun 5 Speed Multiquick

Here’s what I think is, for features relative to current price, the best hand blender you can buy this holiday season.

It’s got 5 speeds and 300 watts, so it’s going to process whatever you stick it in. But it’s the extra touches that make this so good.

It’s got that umbrella kind of stainless steel housing around the blades, to prevent splashes (Which I think the cheaper model KOIOS above probably copied). It’s got higher quality, more durable parts, so I would be expecting it to last longer.

And it’s got a turbo button feature for if your blending’s getting “bogged down” and you need to power through a thicker mix.

For only a few bucks more than the other options, I think this hand blender is well worth a look.

Deal #5: Best Premium Hand Blender: Braun Multiquick 9 with ActiveBlade

Last but not least, the immersion blender for those who want “the lot”. The Braun Multiquick 9 is a beast.

The reason to stretch the budget for this is convenience. The extra tech here is going to have your ingredients blended quicker than any other model on the list.

It’s not just the 700-watt motor, it’s the got a flexible blade shaft that moves up and down to process ingredients vertically as well as with the spinning motion. Instead of having to “pump” lik you do with other hand blenders, you can just move this thing gradually around the bowl or container and watch it pulverize your food as it goes.

It’s got the most containers and attachments of all the options on the list too, so the value’s definitely there.

Summing Up

Because the differences between models appear subtle, it can actually be pretty hard to choose the right hand blender for you.

If you’re having trouble with the decision, I recommend sticking to the middle of the price range with the KOIOS 800 watt.

Unless you have a specific blending task in mind that you doubt it will be able to handle, I can’t see you being disappointed with that choice.

If you didn’t find the model you were looking for on sale this year, keep checking back on this article, as I’ll be updating it over the weeks to come with any new deals I come across.

Good luck with your decision!

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