At HealthyButSmart we’ve reviewed countless juicers over the years. In this article, we wanted to use that knowledge to highlight exceptional deals on juicers this holiday season.

I’ve tried to include deals at a variety of price points so there’s something for everyone.

UPDATE: I’ve just posted new juicer deals for Prime Day 2020 at this link.

Here’s the list…

Today’s Best Juicer Deals Are

A touch controversially, I’m going to place first on the list a juicer from a brand very few people have heard of called Aobosi. Why? Because look at that discount!

Not only is it wildly discounted, this is a “do everything” masticating cold press juicer, with high build quality and glowing reviews. I almost thought the number was a mistake when I saw this pop up.

If you want an even more affordable masticating juicer, you could try this option from another new brand called brand called Homever that’s offering a limited time deal this week.

This model still moves at a lovely slow speed, extracting juice carefully and completely. It even comes with 2 year after-sale service through Amazon.

There’s also a discount right now on this outstanding slow juicer from Kuvings.

Here you’re paying more than above, but the technology is better, allowing you to extract more juice from the ingredients you put in, and reducing oxidation of juice so you can store it for longer.

That means you buy less fruit and vegetables to get the same amount of juice. Over the years you’ll have this juicer, those savings will really add up.

Talking about “top of the line” next, our number 2 best masticating juicer of 2019, the truly remarkable Tribest Greenstar Elite is also heavily discounted right now.

Why’s this worth the jump up in price?

a) Even greater extraction from ingredients. More juice for your dollar.
b) Easier clean up with the automatic pulp ejection
c) Juice absolute every ingredient. Leafy greens, nuts (for milk), you name it, nothing out of bounds for this juicer.

Climbing down the price (and quality) ladder again, I found two great deals on well-reviewed centrifugal juicers that are worth a look.

The first is a 600W model from a brand called HERRCHEF. For most simple, personal juicing tasks this machine will more than do the trick. Reviewers also love the removable container for pulp. It just pops out, you throw the contents in the bin, and slot it back in.

And the price!

The other is from Hamilton Beach and has 850 watts (meaning you’ll get your juice slightly faster), it has more positive reviews, and a stronger brand reputation to bet on.

Last, and also least, if you want to start juicing at home with the minimum possible financial commitment, I found this small portable Hamilton Beach juicer for the price of a few months’ Netflix.

Of course, this isn’t going to juice any old thing, and you can’t expect it to last, but for that price, it’s a steal.

How to Choose the Right Juicer from the List

Picking the perfect juicer isn’t as difficult as it might seem.

If you start out with a budget in mind, that will naturally filter your options down. And from there, you really only need to worry about:

#1 What will you put in it?

Is it just for fruit? Or do you want to do complex concoctions with everything from celery juice to nut milk?

If it’s just juice, you might as well start out with one of the bargain juicers like the Hamilton Beach Pro. If you get so into juicing that you want to do more, you can upgrade down the track, which won’t be such a big deal if you only invested a little to start with.

#2 What quantities will you make?

Is it for a batch of juice that will stay in the fridge for the week? An all-day sipper that you can take to the office? Juices for the whole family?

Or just for a personal juice before you rush out the door in the morning?

If it’s any of the former, you don’t want to be loading ingredients and emptying the container multiple times per juicing session. With all that effort, you won’t be bothered to use the juicer every day.

If it’s for a quick personal juicer to go, one of the compact models might suit perfectly.

A Note on These Deals

Holiday sales are inevitably crazy with new deals coming and going almost daily as November draws to a close. If you didn’t see a good option for yourself on this list, keep checking back regularly as I update the post with more of what I find.

Also, let me know in the comments below if you’re looking for a specific kind of juicer that’s not on the list. I’ll try to find deals on those to add for you!

Good luck.

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