Is the Kitchenaid 5 speed blender the Best Blender for You?

If you are looking for a good quality blender that makes soothing soups, lump free smoothies and fantastic crushed ice cocktails the Kitchenaid 5-speed could be exactly what you are looking for. In this comprehensive review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know to decide whether this blender has the right features for you and your family.

We have scoured the web and found out as much as we can about this blender then crunched everything down into this short review. Most of the information comes from actual users, so you can be confident that is accurate rather than just hype designed to make you buy. If you read this review and feel that this blender is not right for you simply click through and read some of our other in-depth blender reviews.

Over the years, we have reviewed dozens of blenders. As a result, we know which ones leave green leaves on your teeth or produce smoothies that would be more aptly described as lumpies. Our aim is to do all of the research, so you do not have to, so without further delay here is our Kitchenaid five-speed blender review.

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What type of blender is the 5 speed Kitchenaid?

First, I need to clear up some confusion. Kitchenaid makes two five-speed blenders – a handheld version and a standalone jug version.
They are both excellent blenders with good reviews, but this blender review is about the countertop blender rather than the handheld version.

What can the Kitchenaid 5-speed handheld blender do?

This countertop blender is both powerful and versatile. It can be used to do the following:

  • Blend soups
  • Make smoothies
  • Crush ice
  • Whip
  • Mix up batter and other liquids
  • Make sauces
  • Blend nut butters

Included are the following features and accessories:

  • Shatter resistant 56oz pitcher with soft handle grip for blending and serving
  • A 0.9 HP motor that incorporates Intelli-Speed technology
  • Five different speeds at the touch of a button
  • Steel-reinforced coupler incorporated into the die cast base
  • Stainless steel blade made in one piece
  • Includes a crush ice button
  • Cord storage incorporated
  • 1-year replacement warranty
  • Dimensions: 7-1/4 x9 x15-1/5 inches
  • All parts are dishwasher safe

What do reviewers say about this 5-speed blender?

Below is a summary of what actual users have to say about this Kitchenaid blender:

The pros

Easy to clean – the single piece blade makes it easy to keep this blender hygienically clean. There is good clearance between the blade and the base of the pitcher, which helps with effective cleaning and makes it easier to get thick foodstuffs like nut butters out of the pitcher.

Intelli-speed motor – the motor detects when food is not moving freely and produces more power in an instant. This means that there is less need to open the blender and free up food that has built up around the blades.

Hassle free warranty – if this blender breaks down within a year of purchase just send it back and get a replacement. There are no arguments, no waiting for parts or an engineer. You just have to send it back and get a new one.

Great price – this blender appears to work well and make most things yet, from most retailers, it costs less than $150. Naturally, in terms of performance, it is not the same as a professional blender, but it comes close. For another great option at a similar price check out our Kitchenaid Diamond blender review.

Can make thick smoothies – the 12 teeth coupling system transfers plenty of power to the blades, which means that this blender can make thick smoothies. One user makes smoothies that contain peanut butter as a base something that many other blenders cannot cope with.

The cons

Not great with nuts – the product this blender struggles with is whole nuts and seeds. It tends not to grind them fine enough, which is no good if you want to make smooth nut butter or are trying to make a pesto sauce. If you want crunchy nut butter it is fine, but apart from that is not a great nut blender.

Struggles with green smoothies – Like most blenders, this model struggles to turn tough green leaves into a smooth paste for smoothies. It tends to chop the leaves into fine slithers, which many users do not like.

Can spring a leak – despite the use of metal in the connection mechanism between the pitcher and the base this blender can leak from the bottom. Not everyone had this issue, but some did.
The coupling is good, but the modern pitchers seem to crack or start to come apart. You can buy a new pitcher for about $45 or get a free new one if it is still under warranty.

Who is this blender suitable for?

This blender is a good option for home users especially for someone who has never owned a blender. It is the perfect way for you to work out whether you really need and will use, a blender.
If you do enjoy eating blended products and want to blend several times a day you may want to invest a bit more money and buy a more powerful blender later.

What are you waiting for? – Buy this blender

This is a great blender with good reviews, it looks good, works well and, best of all, is affordable. Whether you are after a first blender or are a power user and want a spare blender this is a no brainer, our recommendation is that you buy the Kitchenaid 5 speed blender.

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