If you are like most people, you probably imagine spending less time slaving away in the kitchen and spending more time enjoying homemade meals with friends and family. Not only can a food processor help you save time in the preparation and clean up of meals, it can also help you incorporate a healthier diet into your life.

With the addition of a food processor to your kitchen, you can save both money and time. Food processors allow you to control the ingredients going into your food and the result is often cheaper than the more unhealthy store bought option anyway.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a food processor. First of all, you will have to ask yourself what you mainly intend to use the machine for. Kitchenaid specializes in kitchen appliances and has made many food processors to suit many different household needs.

The Kitchenaid KFP 16 cup food processor is typically for the cook or entertainer of the family as it provides the capacity and functions to accommodate many needs.

In this article, we have reviewed the Kitchenaid Pro Line KFP1642 and all of its features to help you decide if this is the right food processor for you.

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What is interesting about the Kitchenaid KFP1642 food processor?

First off, the size of this food processor is perfect for any kitchen whether it is just you or your entire family. Its dimensions are 18 inches high by 12 inches wide by 9.8 inches long, and it weighs in at 32 pounds. So while it will take a little effort to make room for it in your kitchen, the size and weight add to the sturdiness and durability of the Kitchenaid Pro Line KFP1642.

In black, silver, red, and white, it will not be difficult to incorporate the sleekly designed food processor into your kitchen.

It comes with three different sizes of work bowls, meaning you can choose which size bowl best fits the current job and minimize the clean up needed. All the bowls are BPA-free, so you do not have to worry about preparing food in them that you will serve to friends and family.

All bowls come with easy to read markings on the side indicating how much liquid or dry food the work bowl can handle. This makes knowing when to stop filling the work bowl very simple. It also means less of a chance you will overfill the bowl or end up with a mess on your hands.

The three different sized work bowls include a 16 cup, 10 cup, and 4 cup capacity.

The 16 cup work bowl is ideal for your larger recipes that you were previously splitting up ingredients for, because they would not all fit in your last food processor. It accommodates recipes for your entire family or friend group with ease. It is also great for kneading dough! The liquid capacity of this bowl is 10 cups, unless the liquid is thicker, then it is 15 cups. This is amazing considering most food processors usually cannot handle much liquid.

When in use, the 10 cup work bowl rests inside the 16 cup work bowl. This bowl can only be used with the slicing and shredding disc, as well as the dicing kit. Because of its size, it cannot be used with the dough blade or chopping blade.

The 4 cup mini bowl also has to rest inside the larger bowl to be used. This size is perfect for making sauces, batters, to chop nuts, herbs, and fruits, or mince and puree.

The Kitchenaid KFP1642 has a 3-in-1 feed tube pusher, which allows you to continuously process food. It has an ultra wide mouth, meaning less preparation for you to do beforehand. You can feed food into the tube either horizontally or vertically.

The 3-in-1 feed tube makes it so you can choose which size of chute you need to fit your current food preparation. The three parts consist of one large pusher and two smaller pushers that fit inside the large one. For processing larger foods, like potatoes, you can use the large pusher. When processing smaller foods, like individual carrots, you can utilize the small pusher. This gives you extreme preciseness.

The small food pusher has a drizzle hole for you to be able to add ingredients, such as oil or other liquids, while processing. This is a great innovation if you plan on using your food processor for pestos or mayonnaises.

The motor is 650 watt and the base is a die-cast metal. The weight and power of this machine are strong enough for shredding cheese and kneading dough.

Rather than buttons, this model uses a dial and lever. This makes it easier to operate when your hands become covered in food. The dial controls are pulse, on, and off. The pulse and on settings can then be fine tuned by the lever which controls if the speed is high or low. First, set the lever to your desired intensity and then choose on or pulse. On will let the machine run continuously, while pulse will help you achieve a certain texture.

The Kitchenaid Pro Line KFP1642 comes with shredder and slicer blades, a multipurpose blade, and a dicing kit. The shredding disc is a reversible disc, one side for more fine shredding and the other for more coarse. The slicing discs can be set according to your job. You can shred from a thin 2mm to a thicker 4mm slice.

The slicing discs are externally adjustable and are extremely easy to move to the desired setting. The multipurpose blade features a leak resistant seal at the bottom. This seal stops any leakage from happening during mixing and pouring. You no longer have to remove the blade before pouring liquid ingredients, making your life easier.

All blades are stainless steel, meaning they last longer and are easier to clean.

A dough blade is also included. It is plastic and works with the 16 cup work bowl. With this blade, you can efficiently knead your own dough. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread?

One of the best features of this food processor is its dicing kit. It’s the industry’s first hands-free commercial-style dicing kit. It both slices and dices without a hassle. The thickness and size of the dice are not adjustable. Some users mention wishing for varying sizes with the dicing kit, but for an additional feature, it is great. It can dice veggies in seconds. They even included an extra cleanout tool to help remove any stuck food. Also, all parts of the dicing kit are top rack dishwasher safe.

There is an included storage case with the Kitchenaid 16 cup food processor which safely stores all discs, blades, and the shaft. And the power cord neatly stores away in the base of the machine, keeping your counters tidy.

Cleanup of the machine is quick and easy as all parts excluding the base are top rack dishwasher safe. The base can be wiped with a warm sudsy cloth.

Check out the food processor in action in the video below:

What do reviews of the Kitchenaid KFP1642 say?

The Kitchenaid KFP1642 has received an average of 4 stars review on Amazon alone. Many consumers confess they purchased this food processor for its dicing kit alone. While some users report loving using the dicing kit but disliking the clean up process, others report as long as you rinse the parts with warm water immediately after use it is a breeze to clean.

Some consumers report this machine as being difficult to operate. However, if you are willing to consult the manual, you will have no issue working with this food processor. Especially after a few uses, you will find this food processor to be intuitive and user-friendly.

If you use the smaller work bowls, it is possible you will have to clean the larger ones they nest in as some juices can leak between bowls. Other consumers are unimpressed with the dough blade as it is not as always strong enough to handle really thick doughs.

Many consumers comment on the appearance of this food processor. It is not a machine you will have to hide when the guests are coming over. It is sleek and has a high-end design. The adjustable slicing discs, grating discs, and chopping blades get positive comment after positive comment.

Overall, this machine receives mainly positive feedback from those who are willing to take the time to learn how to best operate their food processor. Users note how much they get out of having a food processor in their house.

Where can I get Kitchenaid KFP1642 replacement parts and accessories?

After years of use, it is inevitable that replacement parts will be needed. Whether you want a new work bowl or just want to purchase more blades to increase the amount of tasks your food processor can handle, Kitchenaid has made it easy to buy replacements and accessories.

New parts can be purchased on many online sites. Most kitchen appliance stores will carry some of the accessories, even Amazon carries a variety of options.

The Kitchenaid KFP1642 accessories included are many. There are three different sized work bowls, 16 cup, 10 cup, and 4 cup. There are the different blades and discs, as well as the feed tube and food pusher. There is even an added spatula and accessory storage kit. As if this were not enough, Kitchenaid has made it possible to purchase additional accessories.

Additional accessories include a second dicing kit, which produces larger cubes, a grating disc, egg whisk, juicer, julienne disc, and french fry disc. All accessories can be purchased from various online sites. Kitchenaid themselves sell the accessories, they are just more expensive directly from them. The included storage box even includes space for the purchase of additional accessories so you will not have to try and find more room.

What’s the best price for the Kitchenaid KFP1642 and where can I buy it?

Kitchenaid sells their products in a variety of big box retailers as well as online. The nice thing about purchasing online is that the product will be shipped directly to your door and you do not have the hassle of going to the store.

The retail price for the Kitchenaid 16 cup food processor is $699.99 from Kitchenaid directly. However, various retailers such as Amazon sell this food processor at a much cheaper price. Additionally, Amazon often runs different specials and sales so it is smart to check in there before purchasing.

Kitchenaid provides a limited warranty. This warranty covers the machines total replacement. Keep in mind that any work done on the appliance by anyone other than a certified Kitchenaid service center will void the contract. The machine also must be used for normal single family home use.

To add to the peace of mind a 5 year warranty provides, many vendors provide additional warranties. Amazon alone provides a 4 year warranty for a small fee.

While this is on the more expensive end for food processors, it is worth the investment for the number of features it provides and simplicity it will bring into your life.

Verdict: is this food processor for you?

If you are looking to cut down on time and effort spent in the kitchen, it is time to invest in a more serious food processor. Food processors come with an array of features and it is smart to ask yourself what you will most be using your food processor for before purchasing.

A high end food processor will help you get through all your food preparation with ease, and the Kitchenaid KFP 1642 has more than enough features to keep you satisfied. It gets good reviews on almost all of its functions. It is quiet, efficient, durable, and strong. With a 5 year warranty provided by the manufacturer, you can purchase this product with confidence.

The function that really sets this food processor apart and makes it worth the money spent is the dicing kit. The dicing kit does take some figuring out, and it is worth reading the manual to make sure you are using it properly, but after a few uses, you will see that this machine is very simple and user friendly.

If you choose to purchase the Kitchenaid Pro Line food processor, it will give you control over the ingredients in your food, get you out of the kitchen more quickly, and have you enjoying freshly cooked meals more often.

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