A kitchen is not a kitchen without a powerful blender so if you’re looking to buy one, then perhaps the Ninja BL610 has crossed your mind.

But this blender is only one of the many choices available from this brand and in this review, you’ll learn about its features, pros, cons, and any possible issues it may have so you can decide whether it’s the right model for you.

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Why is this Ninja BL610 worth considering?

So what sets Nutri Ninja 1000 Watt Pro Blender apart from other Ninja blender models? Take a look at its most important features:

The BL610 has professional-grade power and crushing technology.

Just as its name suggests, the Ninja 1000 Watt Blender has 1000 watts of professional performance power, and this means that in a matter of seconds, you can use it to crush even the toughest of ingredients: from vegetables and fruits when you’re making those healthy smoothies, and even ice if you’re suddenly in the mood for some frozen margarita.

It has a large capacity

This blender comes with a 72 oz. pitcher and a corresponding blade and lid. This means that whatever it is you’re using the blender for, you have room to make enough for the entire family. If you’re making a drink, this capacity means you can make enough for 6-9 people in one go, depending on your serving size.

It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe

Safety is one of the most critical characteristics that people look for when it comes to kitchen appliances and this is quite understandable because if you’re using the Nutri Ninja 1000 Watts blender to prepare food for your family, you better be sure it’s safe. Ninja made sure that all the parts of its blenders are BPA free and dishwasher safe, which means you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals seeping into your food and/or drink.

This blender has a very sleek design

More than being efficient to use, this blender also comes with a sleek and professional design, so it will look great on any kitchen countertop. You can use the blender at 3 different speeds, and it also comes with an instruction book and recipe guide to make sure that you use it properly and that you make the most out of it.

What do other reviews of the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 say?

Customers who have actually tried the product are generally satisfied with its quality and performance. It’s clear that the Ninja Blender 1000 has a long list of satisfied customers who love the blender for a variety of reasons.

Most of them agree that buying the BL610 gives you more bang for your buck. Sure this blender is not the cheapest out there yet a lot of the customers said it still costs less compared to other ‘professional’ blenders of the same caliber.

Customers have also remarked that they actually got more than just a blender. That’s because the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 is also a food processor and blender in one. Reliable ice crushing capability is already a given in a good quality blender, but many of those who own this blender also use it to do other things like chopping onions and vegetables.

Its food processing ability comes hand in hand with another thing that a lot of customers have emphasized: the efficiency of the multiple-blade design. Many customers have remarked that the design is very well-thought-of because the multiple blades not only make cutting so much easier (and faster), but the fact that you can remove it from the pitcher makes cleaning a breeze. Since all parts are dishwasher safe, all customers need to do is put it in the dishwasher. Moreover, as with other Ninja blender models, those who bought this one never had to deal with food getting stuck inside.

Nearly all the customer reviews for the BL610 also agree that the blades are super sharp, which is one of the reasons this blender works great. However, while many are happy about this feature, some have also cautioned that when cleaning the blender they need to be extra careful or they might get hurt.

On a similar note, one customer also mentioned that you have to use the correct settings when using the blender because the sharp blades can quickly turn vegetables into liquid. You don’t want to have a watery salsa, right?

How does it compare to other models like the NJ600 and the BL660?

When comparing the Ninja Professional 1000 to other blenders, it’s not so much as trying to determine which blender is the best but more of which one suits your needs the most.

Similarities of the 3 blenders include the BPA-Free and dishwasher-safe features, which are present in all Ninja blenders. All 3 blenders also come with 72-oz pitchers, so capacity is basically the same.

The BL660 is slightly more powerful than the BL610 and NJ600 because it comes with an 1100 watt motor.

In terms of price, the BL610 gives you the most value for money, but if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can get the NJ600 or the BL660 which also comes with a single-serve attachment, allowing you to make personalized blended treats for yourself on the go.

Lastly, while we’re on comparisons, and depending on which Ninja you’re considering, it’s worth looking at other mid-range blenders like the Calphalon and Breville too.

Where can you find replacement parts and accessories?

Another good thing about the Ninja brand is that if you need to buy replacement parts and accessories, you can just go to www.ninjakitchen.com/store and you’ll find what you need there. Whether it’s a blade, a lid, or a pitcher, you will find any part that needs to be replaced on its official website. There are also a number of accessories you can get that can complement your blender and make your life in the kitchen a lot easier.

Other websites like eBay also sell accessories for Ninja blenders including the BL610 but for a wider range of options, it’s always better to check out the official website.

Can you buy a Ninja BL610 at Macy’s?

You can buy the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 BL610 in many stores online and offline. The first option is of course to buy directly from the Ninja website and they will have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Or you can go to Amazon, which has wonderful deals especially if you’re a regular online shopper and you already have an account with them. Macy’s carry Ninja blenders along with other brands so you might want to try checking their stores.  We checked the Macy’s website just recently and only saw the BL660 and the NJ600 but not the BL610.

What are the return policies from the different stores?

Aside from the 1-year warranty that Ninja offers, they also have a return policy for their products. If you’re not satisfied with your blender, Ninja offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you purchased the product directly from SharkNinja Operating LLC, online, or through any of Ninja’s contact centers, all you have to do is mail the purchased product directly to SharkNinja together with the original receipt as well as a signed letter that states your name, address, number, and reason for the return.

Stores like Macy’s also have their own return policies, and Macy’s returns can only be made within 180 days of purchase.

Verdict: Is this Nutri Ninja 1000 Watt Pro Blender for you?

The answer really depends on how much time you usually spend in the kitchen, on whether your lifestyle requires you to use blenders a lot, how many people are going to use it, and your budget. If you’re the type who loves making your own juices, purees, shakes, smoothies, and frozen treats from all kinds of ingredients, then you will most certainly need a heavy-duty blender like the BL610.

However, we can’t fully recommend it if you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting blender. For the price, you shouldn’t expect it to last a few years. If you’re looking for a blender that will still work 5 years from now, get one of those Vitamix professional series blenders which will set you back a bigger buck, but gives you the peace of mind of knowing it’ll last forever.

But if you think that the Nutri Ninja BL610 matches your needs and you don’t want to spend much on a blender, then this is most likely the right one for you.

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