Thinking about grabbing a Ninja blender in the holiday sales? You’re in luck.

Below I’ve listed the best deals we could find after hours of research, along with a description of who each one is really for, so you can make the best choice.

Here goes…

Deal #1: Best Personal: Ninja 1000 Watt with Auto IQ

Look at this massive discount on a personal bullet style blender:

This is a slightly older model, but still fully powered at 1000 watts and with the “Auto IQ” preset functions that Ninja kept in these blenders for their later models. It means, rather than having to hold these blender jars down as you do with most bullet-style blenders, you can lock this thing in place and walk away while it does it’s thing.

Lastly, it gives you the bigger 24oz cup size as a bonus, so you can make multiple smoothies in the same blend: A big time saver.

For this price, the Ninja Auto IQ 1000 Watt is the best value for money I could find.

Unless you want more than a personal blender that is…

Deal #2: Best Do it All: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

This machine is so well-reviewed, both by us and others that I was shocked to see it discounted this far.

This is our top blender/food processor combo. It also appears on our list of best Ninja Blenders overall. This is just a great kitchen investment, even at its full price.

With the Mega Kitchen System, you can remove from your counter and cupboards a food processor, kitchen blender and personal blender, with one machine.

And it’s not one of those “combo” machines that does a sub-par job of 3 separate functions. With a 1500 watt motor base, it’s actually up to the task of heavy-duty food processing (say for dough, or ice cream), hard ingredient blending (smoothies, frozen desserts, cocktails), and whatever you can want to put in a personal smoothie each morning.

The reviews are stellar and it’s been around for a while, selling consistently, so you know it won’t be superseded next month, or even next year. This is an excellent choice for your Ninja blender this holiday season.

Deal #3: Best Blender: Ninja Professional Blender

Don’t need all the bells and whistles? Want to spend even less but still get a high powered machine? This is your bet.

This is basically the Mega Kitchen System, without the addons. No food processor or personal smoothie cups, but all the blending/processing power for a fraction of the cost.

What it lacks in addons it makes up for in technology. This model gives you pre-set programs you don’t get with the Mega Kitchen System. You can hit a button to automatically blend your smoothies, ice, or ice cream, so you can get a consistent result every time.

It’s a newer model, which looks more sleek, and it’s ratings are near perfect from customers. If you want a high quality, long-lasting countertop blender for a low price, you’ll find this one hard to beat.

Deal #4: Best Blender:

I’m putting this here, not because of a discount per-se, but because for the price and the features I still think it’s worth considering if you want a new Ninja blender in 2020.

Let me tell you about Ninja’s latest blender, the Foodi.

First, it’s not really a blender. As well as being able to blend anything, it has a heating element in it, that can boil water.

This means on top of the usual smoothies, shakes, and purees, you can cook soup in this thing. You can simmer things. You can infuse drinks. You can make syrups, and stocks, and many other novel things that your old blender simply wasn’t capable of.

As far as blender technology goes, it stands alone. There’s not a competitor for this right now, although there surely will be soon.

For a machine that can make cocktails, and baby food, and sauces and dips, Ninja could have priced it higher ala Vitamix, but they chose to keep it in the affordable range to appeal to more people.

I have absolutely no complaints about this fact or this machine. If you pick this one off the list, I don’t think you’ll find a complaint either.

Deal #5: Cheapest: 400 Watt Ninja Blender Combo

You probably didn’t imagine that under “cheapest” would be a combo model allowing you to blend and food process with the same machine. Neither did I, but that’s what Ninja offers with the insanely priced 400-watt combo model.

A couple of things about this:

First, this is not a “do everything” blender. You’re not going to destroy heavy frozen greens or mix thick dough with this small device. But there’s a whole lot you can do.

All of your salsas, and soft ingredient purees will be a breeze. Crushing ice is no problem for this machine. Smoothies, shakes, and juices will be simple. It may not have all the power but it is a true combination blender food processor.

Second, is the convenience: This machine is extremely compact. With no motor base, this thing can fit into any small space, whether that means storing it in a cupboard or leaving it out permanently in a kitchen corner.

It’s light, simple to use, and ultimately minimalist. For that price and what this thing can do, I’m happy to recommend it on this list of best Ninja choices over the holiday season.

Summing Up

You really can’t go wrong with any of these Ninja models. They’re all well-reviewed and available at great prices.

We’ll be refreshing this article every few days over the holiday season so if you didn’t find the model you were looking for on sale today, pop back later to see if anything’s changed.

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