Of all the deals I’ve been curating this month, these are some of the most exciting. If you’re looking to pick up almost any kind of Ninja Blender (personal, professional, food processor, etc) this holidays, get ready to save.

Below I’ve listed the best deals we could find after hours of research, along with a description of who each one is really for, to help you make the best choice.

Here goes…

Deal #1: Best Personal: Ninja BL455 Countertop

If you’re making smoothies just for you, and maybe a partner? This is the best Ninja blender deal right now. Look at that reduction!

The BL455 has 900 watts (only 100 less than the Professional model), and comes with 3 sealable cups in different sizes, for travel or storage.

This blender has proven itself for years now since our first review. Consensus on this hasn’t changed. Even though there are “discount” blenders of this kind now, at the current price this, there’s no reason to pick second best.

Deal #2: Best Professional: Ninja Professional 72oz Blender

Why would you pick this over the personal model? Lots of reasons:

Make smoothies for you, your partner, and another couple family members all at the same time.

Quickly destroy ice, and frozen fruits in your smoothie (which are possible in the personal blender, but take a bit more time).

Get pre-sets for Ice Creams and Purees as well as frozen stuff and smoothies so you just turn the button on and wait til it’s done (no checking and fiddling).

Newer technology with touchscreen.

This blender came up as one of the best deals on any blender I could find this Cyber Monday, so you can be sure you’re getting a steal here.

Deal #3: Best PREMIUM Personal Blender: Nutri Ninja with Fresh-Vac

Let’s say you only need a personal blender, but you want premium features. This Nutri Ninja might be what you need.

It has Ninja’s latest “Fresh Vac” technology which removes oxygen from the container before blending. Why does that matter? It improves the texture of your smoothies (less airy and fluffy, which can be hard to drink), as well as the color.

This model also comes with the Auto IQ presets that you don’t usually get with a personal blender.

For all that tech, this represents a pretty darn good price.

Deal #4: Cheapest: Ninja Personal (Renewed)

The price says it all on this one. This is a personal blender of Ninja Quality, for the lowest entry point you can get. The fact that it’s “renewed” shouldn’t bother you.

No, you don’t get pre-sets. But you still get 700 watts of power, travel cups, and all the bits dishwasher safe. (Except the motor. Don’t wash that. Please.)

Thousands of reviews are glowing. Even if you want to upgrade this one down the track, you got it so cheap to begin with that the step up is easy to justify.

Deal #5: Best All-in-One: Ninja Mega Kitchen System

I apologize if you arrived on this page looking for a big blender/food processor combo and I left this one til last.

The Mega Kitchen System is Ninja’s combo model, with all 3 blending container types included. In other words, you can drop a personal smoothie cup on top. You could take it off to make a batch puree for the kids. Then later at dinner, you can use the bigger, flatter food processor container and blade to mix up a sauce or a dip.

There aren’t many other machines on the market that give this much flexibility for this price. The Cyber Monday discount is just a cherry on top for this one.

Keep in mind too, that if you start out with the Ninja personal blender, you love it, and at some point you want to upgrade to do food processing as well, there’s no cheap “upgrade” to that capability. This is their low-end combo model, and especially while there’s a sale, it might be worth spending a little more here to cover more bases into the future.

Summing Up

You really can’t go wrong with any of these Ninja models. They’re all well-reviewed and available at great prices.

We’ll be refreshing this article every few days over the holiday season so if you didn’t find the model you were looking for on sale today, pop back later to see if anything’s changed.

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