If you are looking for a high-end, multipurpose blender the Ninja pro system 1100 is certainly well worth considering. Here I tell you a bit more about it with the aim of helping you to decide if the Ninja 1100 is the best option for you and your family.

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What components are included in the Ninja kitchen system 1100 Kit?

These components are included in the Ninja 1000 kit:

  • Two pitchers – one 72oz and one 40oz square pitcher with two lids made from
  • BPA- Free SAN plastic, which is dishwasher proof

Five different processing attachments:

  1. Two different high-quality steel blades for blending and chopping
  2. A kneading hook for dough
  3. Dough paddle for cookies and pretzels
  4. Whisk attachment for whipping cream
  5. A powerful 1100-watt motor housed in a high-quality casing with a 2ft cable that can be stored in the base
  • A comprehensive cookbook

What can you make with the Ninja 1100 blender?


The Ninja blender 1100 is very versatile. It is designed to be a complete kitchen aid. Ninja and users say that you can use it to do the following kitchen tasks and make the following dishes:

  • Dough for pretzels, bread, pizza, and cookies
  • Nut and seed butter
  • Margaritas and other ice drinks
  • Chopping vegetables for use in salads and salsas
  • Making batters
  • Making mousses
  • Turn fruit and vegetables into purees
  • Make hot or cold soups (does not cook, but can blend hot ingredients)
  • Turning most fruits and vegetables into thick but drinkable juices
  • Turn frozen fruit into an ice cream-like consistency
  • Blend whole fruits and vegetables including skin
  • Guacamole
  • Homemade butter

Is the Ninja kitchen system 1100 blender & food processor a Good Buy?

Screen-Shot-2015-06-20-at-15.29.34-copy-compressorBy reading through many of the hundreds of reviews that I found online, I was able to work out what the pros and cons of this blender were. Below is a summary of what I found out:

Powerful yet quiet – The Ninja professional blender 1100 watts motor is powerful, and up to most blending and processing jobs. Despite being so powerful, it is still relatively quiet.

Versatile – this is one of the most versatile blenders on the market. It makes everything.

Easy to use – this is extremely easy to use. It is sturdy and well designed.

Makes extremely smooth smoothies – the powerful motor, well-shaped jug, and sharp blades combine to make exceptionally smooth soups and smoothies.

Sturdy and well built – this blender is exceptionally well built. It sits firmly on the counter, no counter dance, and is strong enough to blend even tough ingredients like nuts.

The ability to blend anything – this blender can turn whole fruits into purees and if you blend them for long enough and add some liquid makes lovely whole fruit drinks.

The Cons of the Ninja blender 1100 watts

Not everyone liked the Ninja 1100. Here are some of the issues raised:

Sharp blades – this is not a con when the blender is in use. However, you do have to be careful when you take the blender apart to clean it. The blades are extremely sharp, so it is easy to cut your fingers on them.

Expensive – this is not a cheap blender, however, it is actually good value for money because it does so much. The price has come down since most people wrote their reviews. It was definitely not raised as an issue in the most recent reviews on the site.

Does not always blend everything – some people said that it did not blend all of the ingredients enough. Yet many of the positive reviews said the opposite, which makes it hard to know for sure which is right. In my experience both, if you put ingredients into a blender in the wrong order or do not add enough liquid you will get the odd lump.

Not able to add ingredients with the blender still running – this can be a genuine issue. Having to stop the blender to add in ingredients is annoying to say the least and if you are making something that requires an ingredient to be added gradually it is a big issue.

Where can I find the best Ninja professional 1100 watts deals?

The Ninja 1100-watt blender is still widely available, but it is best to buy from a reputable retailer that offers good service and support. There are plenty of deals available, but the best deals are usually to be found online on the Amazon site.

Post and packaging are free, which represents a big saving, and Amazon provides good customer care and support.

The Ninja pro-1100 is a very powerful blender and a great kitchen aid. It is ideal for a family that cooks a lot and consumes a lot of smoothies, homemade ice drinks, and juices. Click the link below to check the best current deal on Amazon.com

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