If you’re confused, interested, or simply just curious about the Nutribullet Lean, you’ve landed at the right spot. This review breaks down the Lean to find the pros, the cons, the features and the uses.

The Nutribullet Lean is more than just a bullet blender. It has been designed and marketed especially for people wanting to make a healthy change to their lifestyle and get their weight to a healthier, “leaner” place. It’s all based around the “weight loss code” as set out by Nutribullet Lean, which includes “Nutriblasts” which are smoothies designed to encourage fat burning, metabolism-boosting results.

What do you get with the Nutribullet Lean? What is the “code”? What is the actual blender like? How does it differ to other Nutribullet blender models? Is the Lean worth your cash?

Let’s see…

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What Interesting About The Nutribullet Lean?

The basics first – the Nutribullet Lean is a 1200-watt blender with vessels, lids and a powerful blade. Doesn’t sound too different to other Nutribullet models, right? Well, what makes it interesting is the whole variety of weight-loss features it comes with. It is basically marketed as a weight-loss plan…with a blender thrown into the mix. You get measuring spoons, a portion-control plate and a 7-day plan claiming to contribute to impressive and long-lasting weight loss.

NutriBullet Lean 1200W Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer, 13-Piece Set

Also note: you can buy the Nutribullet Lean “Just the Plan” kit which gets you all of the cups, spoons, plate, 7-day plan and Lean Boost powder, but NOT the blender base and blade themselves. This is for people who already have a Nutribullet Pro or Max.

What do other customers and reviews say?

The overall rating for the Nutribullet Lean on Amazon sits at around 3.8 out of 5 as of now. The 5-star section has an average weight of 55%, and the 1-star section is sitting at around 15%. Not the greatest…it does tell us that yes, there are some great features, but there are still some issues and annoyances to consider. Let’s see what they are.


Powerful: the 1200 watt motor has impressed many happy customers, some stating how much more powerful it is than their old Pro 900. They find that it crushes ice easily, and makes a great smoothie as long as the cup isn’t overfilled (otherwise it leaks, according to quite a few commenters).

Does help with weight loss: a few positive comments mentioned that the Lean plan actually has helped them to achieve weight-loss goals, which is great to hear. (However, I will mention that there are a couple of comments here and there saying that while the blender itself is great, the extras are a little gimmicky. I guess it all depends on your needs).

Easy to use and clean: this is a common positive comment for most Nutribullet models and the Lean is no exception. Happy customers are thrilled with how easy the Lean is to use and clean (pack it with ingredients, blend, rinse or pop in dishwasher).


Cuts out and dies: this is a familiar 1-star complaint for bullet blenders. Customers report that after a while (sometimes only a few weeks or months) the blender simply cuts out and stops working. This isn’t too common with the Lean, so I wouldn’t let it deter you from choosing a Nutribullet.

Leaks: disgruntled customers have reported that their Nutribullet Lean leaks and sprays liquids all over the place. A couple of others have noted that the blades leak black fluid into their smoothie/drink (this is also a complaint which appears across other Nutribullet models). It does seem that it can be avoided if you screw the blade onto the cup as tightly as possible, and you do not fill past the max line (this has been reiterated by quite a few positive commenters adamant that leakages can be avoided with proper usage).

Burning smell from motor: ah, the old burning motor complaint. A few customers have noted that they sense a burning smell from the motor during/after a blending session. I do know what they are referring to as I have smelt the same smell with my bullet blender, but to me it smells more like heat from friction as opposed to actual burning.

Can A Nutribullet Lean Crush Frozen Fruit?

Yes, it can. Some users have advised that you need a wee bit more liquid to get the blending process going with frozen fruits. But overall, yup the verdict for frozen fruits is good.

What do you get with the Nutribullet Lean?

1200-watt motor base, extractor blade, two measuring spoons, 2 resealable lids, flip-top lid, lip ring, Portion Perfect Plate Divider, 1 short cup, 2 32-oz Macroblast cups. You also get access to NutriLiving.com which has lots of recipes, tips, tools for storing recipes and creating shopping lists.

Note: The short cup and the 32-oz cups both have measurements on the outside to ensure proper portioning of ingredients. There are 5 measurements on the 32-oz Macroblast cups: 1. leafy greens, 2. fruit + starchy veg, 3. protein + fats, 4. freebies + boosts, 5. max (liquid).

What are the technical specifications?


Power (watts) 1200 Watts
Capacity 32 oz 
Special features (i.e. variable speeds etc.)
  • measuring spoons
  • portion control plate
  • 1200-watt motor
  • 2 different-sized vessels (2 large 32-oz cup, 1 small cup), the large cups have measured guidelines for proper balance of ingredients to maximise weight loss
  • 7-day transformation plan for weight loss
  • Button on the base switches from regular blending (green), to a stop-start setting (blue) which allows food to settle for a moment before restarting, which ensures a smoother, more thorough blend
Color Silver power base, clear vessels, black lids and rings

Dimensions & Weight

Size 15.6 x 7.7 x 14.4 inches 
Weight 11 pounds 

How do you use it?

The idea is to use the measured guidelines on the outside of the 32-oz Macroblast cups to make sure you’re getting the right amounts of each macro.

  • First, you fill the cup with leafy greens until it reaches this marking:1. leafy greens
  • Then you add fruits and starchy veg until it reaches this marking: 2. fruit + starchy veg
  • Then add your protein and fat to reach this marking: 3. protein + fats
  • Then this one: 4. freebies + boosts (i.e. powders, oils, nutrient supplements etc.)
  • And finally, pour your liquid into the cup until it reaches this marking: 5. max (liquid)
  • Screw the blade onto the cup and click it into the motor base
  • Press the button on the base (it will glow green)
  • Wait for the blending to finish
  • Done

Note: you can also press the button on the base which will turn from green to blue. This sets it to a start/stop mode which ensures a smoother blend as it allows the ingredients to settle closer to the blade.

How do you clean it? Is it easy to clean?

The cups can be put on the top rack of the dishwasher, but the blade should be hand washed, as the dishwasher might damage the gaskets. But honestly, Nutribullet blades and cups are super easy to clean with hot, soapy water and a dish brush.

What are the major Competitors Of the Nutribullet Lean?

It depends on if you’re referring to the blender itself, or the weight-loss features as well. If you’re referring only to the blender, then the Nutrininja auto-iQ range is in a similar ballpark to the Lean, as they have similar wattages (1000 or 1200 depending on the model). Then of course there are the other Nutribullets which have a very similar design but don’t have the weight loss features.

For example the Prime, which has a similar wattage (1000) and a few extra accessories such as a stainless steel vessel. You could use any of these blenders to create healthy smoothies to support weight loss, it just takes a bit of careful measuring and some macro/calorie counting.

In terms of weight loss features, the closest competitor is another blender in the Nutribullet family, the Balance. It’s not as specific to weight loss, but it is geared toward overall health and nutrition. It has built-in bluetooth so you can connect with the Balance app to control macronutrients, nutrition goals, etc.

How Does It Compare to other models?

Nutribullet Lean vs Magic Bullet

  • Magic Bullet has 250 watts, the Lean has 1200 watts
  • Magic Bullet does not come with weight-loss accessories or apps, the Lean does
  • Magic Bullet is far cheaper than the Lean
  • Magic Bullet has a max. capacity of 18-oz, the Lean has a max. capacity of 32-oz

Bottom Line

If you want extra power and some weight-loss accessories, the Lean is best. If you just need a cheap bullet blender for personal shakes and smoothies, with some coffee grinding thrown in, then the Magic Bullet would suit you better.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ

  • The Auto-iQ has 1000 watts, the Lean has 1200
  • The Auto-iQ has auto-cycle buttons “Blend” and “Ultra Blend”, as well as a pulse button for manual blending. The Lean has one button which sets it to a stop/start mode similar to the auto-iQ blend settings
  • They both have a max. capacity of 32 oz, but the auto-iQ also has a medium-sized cup of 18-oz. The lean only has the 32-oz cups, and a short cup
  • They both come with flip-top lids
  • The Lean is more expensive than the auto-iQ

Bottom Line

I have the auto-iQ and it is fantastic. I think the pulse button on the auto-iQ is a real game changer as it means you can have total control over your blending if you like. Plus, it is cheaper.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutribullet Balance

  • They both have 1200-watt motors
  • The Balance is bluetooth-enabled, which hooks up to the Balance app and calculates the nutritional value of each ingredient
  • They both come with 2 32-oz cups, but the Lean comes with a small cup too, which the Balance does not
  • The Balance comes with 2 flip-top lids and 2 lip rings, the Lean comes with only 1 of each
  • The Balance doesn’t come with weight-loss accessories, but you can buy the Lean accessories to use with the Balance blender if you want to
  • The Balance is more expensive than the Lean due to the more sophisticated tech

Bottom Line

They’re both very similar in accessories, wattage, and overall design. But the Balance does have the extra tech features with bluetooth and the Balance app. Take a look at both and decide which appeals to your lifestyle and user preference.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutribullet Max

  • The Max comes with an insulated 28-oz stainless-steel vessel, the Lean does not
  • The Max comes with a 1 litre (33-oz), 3-piece pitcher with a handle, the Lean does not
  • They both have 1200-watt motors
  • The Max doesn’t come with weight-loss accessories

Bottom Line

They’re both very similar, so it all comes down to whether or not you want the weight loss accessories. If not, then go for the Max and get the insulated stainless-steel vessel and the pitcher.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutribullet Prime

  • The Prime has a 1000-watt motor, the Lean has 1200 watts
  • The Prime doesn’t have the power button on the base, the Lean does
  • The Prime comes with a 28-oz stainless-steel vessel and a pitcher, the Lean does not
  • The Prime doesn’t come with weight-loss accessories, the Lean does
  • The Prime comes with 2 vessel grips, the Lean does not
  • The Prime has been discontinued but you can still buy it online

Bottom Line

I like the Prime because of the accessories it comes with (especially the stainless steel cup), but it depends on if you want the weight-loss features or not. If you do, go for the Lean.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutribullet Pro 900

  • The Pro 900 has a 900-watt motor, the Lean has 1200 watts
  • The Pro 900 has the emulsifying blade, the Lean has the precision extractor blade which is more angular
  • The Pro 900 doesn’t come with weight-loss accessories, the Lean does
  • Both models come with 2 32-oz colossal cups, but the Lean comes with a short cup too
  • The Pro 900 is cheaper than the Lean

Bottom Line

The Pro 900 is a solid blender, with a pretty good price. If you want the weight-loss accessories, go for the Lean, but if your budget is tight and you don’t mind a more basic blender, then the Pro 900 could be the one.

Nutribullet Lean vs Nutribullet RX

  • The RX has a 1700-watt motor, the Lean has a 1200-watt motor
  • The RX has a heating cycle which runs for 7 minutes, heating soup and sauce with the blade friction
  • The RX has a 30-oz and a 45-oz vessel, the Lean has two 32-oz cups and a short cup
  • The RX is more expensive than the Lean
  • The RX doesn’t have weight-loss accessories

Bottom Line

If you want lots of power and the ability to heat soups as they blend, the RX is yours. If you’re after the weight-loss accessories, go for the Lean. Or, you could get the RX and the weight-loss accessory pack separately, if your budget allows.

Nutribullet Lean vs Vitamix 5200

  • The Vitamix 5200 is a pitcher blender with a 64-oz capacity, the Lean is a bullet blender with a 32-oz capacity
  • The Vitamix can heat soups as it blends, due to the friction (like the RX above), the Lean does not heat foods
  • The Vitamix can mix dough, the Lean cannot
  • The Vitamix has a wattage of 1380, the Lean has a wattage of 1200
  • The Vitamix has a 10-speed dial and a pulse switch, the Lean does not have manual speeds, just a power button which also sets the blender to a stop/start feature
  • The Vitamix is far more expensive

Bottom Line

If you need a large countertop blender for lots of kitchen jobs (smoothies, dough, ice drinks, grinding coffee etc.), and you’d like to spend the cash on a high-quality machine built to last, then a Vitamix blender is the best choice. If you need a bullet blender for personal smoothies, and a weight-loss plan, then the Lean would suit you better.

Are there other replacement parts or accessories?

The Lean range includes the Nutribullet Lean Boost which is a powder combining protein, fiber, prebiotics and metabolism boosting ingredients. You can buy it separately from the Nutribullet Lean website.

Can the 32oz Nutribullet Cup Fit the Lean?

The 32-oz replacement cups which are stated as suitable for the PRO 900 and the 600 models are not compatible with the Lean.

What Are The Measurements Of The Nutribullet Lean Measuring Spoons?

It’s proving extremely hard to find the exact measurements of these elusive little spoons. However, by the looks of them, I would say the smaller one is around 10mls, and the larger is around 20mls.

Does the Nutribullet Lean Work With The Nutribullet Rx Base?

Nutribullet states that the blades, vessels and lids are perfect for owners of the Pro and Max models. However, it doesn’t specify that the Lean is compatible with the RX.

Can I find it at other retailers such as costco, kohls, Macy’s, Target, Walmart or Walgreens? 

  • Costco: not as of now
  • Kohl’s: nope, they’ve only got the Nutribullet Pro, Balance and 600 as of now
  • Macy’s: no sign of the Lean as of now, but they do have the RX, Pro, 600, Balance and Veggie Bullet
  • Target: no, they only have the Pro, Balance, 900 and the Veggie Bullet, but no Lean
  • Walmart: No Nutribullet Lean at Walmart as of now, but they do have a good range of models including the RX and the Pro
  • Walgreens: not as of now

What’s the warranty?

1-year warranty.

Nutribullet used to offer a 4-year warranty for a small extra cost, but they no longer offer this.

What’s The Best Price For The Nutribullet Lean and where can I buy it?

Check with Amazon regularly to catch any sales or offers for the best price options.

Verdict: Is This Blender For You?

If you think that the nutritional information and accessories provided with the Nutribullet Lean will be of use to you, then the Lean could be the best Nutribullet for you. But if you just need a good, solid blender without any other bits and pieces to take up kitchen real estate, then I’d just go for something like the Nutribullet Pro 900. You can make the same smoothies and shakes with a simpler model that you can make with the Lean.

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