When choosing which Nutribullet blender to buy, it can be a bit confusing considering how similar they all appear at first glance. That’s where an in-depth review comes in handy, and here we have honed in on the Nutribullet Max.  The Max is a simple bullet-style model with some very appealing accessories and an impressive wattage.

What’s the deal with the max fill line? What does this model come with? How does it compare to other bullet and pitcher blenders? Is it for you? Let’s figure this out.

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What Interesting About The Nutribullet Max?

One of the cool things about the Nutribullet Max is that it comes with versatile accessories, especially for a personal blender. The most unique accessory is the stainless steel vessel designed to keep drinks icy cold. You also get a large pitcher with a handle, so you can make lots of servings at once. However, there are no smaller cups or vessels.

Nutri Bullet N12-1201 Max, Silver

The wattage is worth mentioning here too, as it’s pretty powerful at 1200 watts. It’s not as powerful as the RX, but more powerful than the Prime, the Pro and the Select.

The Max operates with a pre-programmed auto cycle as opposed to having manual buttons and controls. This means that when you screw the filled vessel and blade into the base, the blending process begins. After a series of pauses and blends, the Max completes the cycle. This is great for people who love a simple, hands-off blender, but perhaps not so great for people who like more options.

What do Other Customers and Reviews Say?

Honestly? People don’t seem to love this model as much as other models.  There are definitely great pros, and some cons to watch out for too. The overall rating on Amazon is 4.2 out of 5, from a small number of 32 reviews (as of now). Here are the main reasons behind the high and low scores.


Blends tough ingredients well: beets, ice, blackberry seeds, and kale stalks are mentioned in positive reviews. Customers are thrilled at how well the Max blends tough ingredients such as these, without leaving chunks or gristles.

Great stainless steel vessel: the stainless steel vessel has charmed many pleased customers so much that they mentioned it in their glowing reviews. It’s proving to be a great accessory to keep smoothies and drinks cold when commuting, working, or going to the gym.

Great value: a few thrilled customers have revealed that they chose the Max over other Nutribullet models because of the value for money the Max bundle offers. They liked that they were getting 1200 watts of power, a stainless steel vessel, and two other large vessels as well as lids.

Easy to use and store: The Max has been praised in positive reviews for being really easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store away on the countertop or in the cupboard.


Burns out and breaks: in the 1-star review sections you’ll see a common comment referring to the Max “burning out” or breaking after a few uses.

No small cups: for some people, the lack of smaller cups was a negative. They found that the vessels provided were too large and didn’t cater to their needs.

What You Get with the Nutribullet Max?

With the Nutribullet Max, you will receive a 12-piece set including:

Blender base, blade, large 32oz cup, stainless steel travel mug, 1 liter pitcher, 7 different lids including a closable sip lid.

What are the Technical Specifications?


Power (watts) 1200 watts 
Cooking capacity comes with a 1 litre pitcher and a 32 oz cup 
Special features (i.e. variable speeds etc.) Stainless steel vessel: keeps drinks colder for longer. Comes with a flip-top sip lid for taking on the go.

Large pitcher with handle: 1 litre capacity (33.8 fluid ounces) for making multiple servings of smoothies and drinks

Auto blending: no buttons or controls to set, just screw the vessel into the base and let it blend according to the pre-programmed blending cycle

Color:  silver and black 

Dimensions & Weight

Size  6.92 width, 11.81 length, 13.98 height (all in inches)
Weight  8.33 pounds 

How do You Use it?

It’s super simple to use. Just select the vessel you want, and load it with ingredients. It’s best to add the solid ingredients first (i.e. fruits and greens), then add the liquid ingredients. Don’t let the liquid go over the max fill line, then screw the blades onto the vessel. Screw the filled vessel into the base and let it blend on its own, according to the pre-programmed auto blending cycle.

Once you’ve finished with the blender, immediately rinse out the blades so they don’t become caked with dried-on “stuff”. Pop the vessel and lids into the top rack of the dishwasher and away you go.

How do You Clean it?

The blades can’t go in the dishwasher, they have to be hand washed. However, as long as you throw them under the faucet as soon as they’re removed from the cup then all they’ll need is a rinse (when the residue is still wet it will wash away easily). If you let the residue dry onto the blades then you’ll need to give them a scrub.

All of the cups and accessories can go in the dishwasher. However, it’s recommended that they only go in the top rack (I’ve been known to break this rule, whoops).

How Does It  Compare to other Models?

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet Select

The Nutribullet Select has a lower wattage than the Max. The Select has 950 watts, while the Max has 1200 watts. The Select isn’t simply a “screw in and leave” model like the Max, instead it has manual controls with “crush”, “blend” and “pulse” as well as 5 different speeds. The Select comes in a 10-piece set, while the Max comes in a 12-piece set.

The Select has a short cup, which the Max doesn’t have. However, the Select doesn’t have the Stainless steel cup which the Max has.

Bottom Line

I’d go for the Max because of the higher wattage and the cool stainless steel cup. However, the Select is cheaper. If you prefer having the control of manual dials and speeds then the Select would suit you better than the Max.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet Pro 900

The Max has 1200 watts as opposed to the Pro which has 900. The Max has updated extractor blades, while the Pro has the older type. You can tell by looking, as the Max blades are sharper and have more curves and angles than the Pro blades. They both have auto function, without any manual buttons or controls. The Pro comes with two colossal cups and various rings and lids, but it doesn’t have the stainless steel cup the Max has.

Bottom Line

The Pro 900 is a popular model with thousands of reviews. But I would go for the Max because of the extra power, the stainless steel cup and the large pitcher.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet Balance

The Nutribullet Balance is more about the health and weight loss technology that comes with it. It has bluetooth technology built into the blender, which connects to the Balance app. This means you can find out the nutritional value of your smoothies and drinks. The blender itself is really similar to the Max in the sense that it has 1200 watts, auto blending and no manual controls, and the same blades.

With the Balance, you don’t get the large pitcher or the stainless steel vessel, but you do get two colossal cups.

Bottom Line

Unless you want the Balance app for tracking nutrients, I’d just go for the plain old Max.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet Prime

These two are very similar in the sense that they are both automatic without manual buttons or controls. However, the Prime has 1000 watts as opposed to the Max’s 1200 watts. The Prime does come with the stainless steel vessel. The biggest thing to consider with the Prime is the fact that it has been discontinued.

Bottom Line

Considering that the Prime has been discontinued, I would go for the Max because it will be easier to find replacement parts and accessories. Also, the Max has a higher wattage.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet Lean 

The Nutribullet Lean blender comes with a whole package designed for weight loss. The blender itself is very similar to the Max, with 1200 watts and an auto blending cycle. However, the auto cycle is slightly different to the Max, as it uses two speeds, starting off slower before speeding up.

With the Lean you get a 7-day weight loss recipe plan, measuring spoons, a divided plate for portion control and a small cup which the Max doesn’t include. The larger vessel has markings on the side which tells you how much of certain ingredients to add, so you’re getting the right macronutrients.

Bottom Line

Unless you’re into the weight loss and healthy eating vibe of the Lean, there’s no point in choosing it over the Max. The blenders are the same, and the accessories with the Max are more versatile.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutribullet RX

The RX is far more powerful than the Max, with 1700 watts compared to the Max’s 1200. The RX has a heating function for blending and heating hot soups, which the Max doesn’t have. The RX comes with a huge 45oz cup and a 30oz short cup, neither of which the Max has. The blades differ too: the RX blades are all curved and angled, whereas the Max has two straight prongs as well as angled ones.

Bottom Line

It all depends on what your needs are. If hot soups sound good to you then you might like the RX. Also, if you tend to blend super hard or gristly ingredients then the RX might also be a bit better due to the higher wattage.  Personally, I would go for the Max as I can’t see myself ever using the heating function, and sometimes the simpler option just seems like the best one. But it’s completely personal, they’re both great.

Nutribullet Max vs Nutri Ninja BL482

(Just a very brief background to the difference between “Bullet” and “Ninja”Nutribullet specialises in bullet blenders only, whereas Nutri Ninja also makes food processors, pitcher blenders and a combination of both).

The NutriNinja BL482 is a bullet blender like the Max. However, as it is part of the Auto iQ line it has manual buttons including three different blending options. It has “pulse”, “ultra blend” and “blend”, which are pretty self-explanatory. The Ninja BL482 has a lower wattage than the Max, at 1000 watts as opposed to 1200.

The Ninja comes with less accessories: a 32 oz, a  24 oz cup and an 18 oz cup, all with spouted lids. The NutriNinja Blades differ from Bullet blades too. The angles of the prongs are more extreme with the Bullet blades, and the Ninja blades are straighter.

Bottom Line

Depends on whether or not you want the option of manual controls. If you like to have the option of a pulse button then something from the Ninja line, like the BL482 is going to suit you well.

Nutribullet Max vs Vitamix 5300

Okay, so Vitamix blenders are pitcher blenders, which load from the top, as opposed to bullets which load from the bottom and have the blades screwed into them. The Vitamix 5300 has a 2.2 HP motor, which I have converted to 1600 watts. But please do correct me if my conversions are off, maths isn’t the strong point with me, I’m afraid. Either way, the Vitamix is powerful.

The Vitamix, unlike the NutriBullet Max, has manual controls, like all/most pitcher blenders. It has 10 speeds and a pulse option too. With the Vitamix, you can make almost anything, including dryer foods like nut butters and doughs. The Nutribullet Max isn’t so great with dry ingredients and is best for smoothies and cold sauces.

Bottom Line

It depends on your budget and your needs. If you have a large budget and you need an all-round blending whizz that can handle dry goods as well as smoothies then the Vitamix is a great choice. But if you just need something reliable to blend your smoothies without breaking the bank and clogging the benchtop then a Nutribullet would more than suffice.

Where is the Nutribullet Max Fill Line?

The “max line” is there to stop you from adding too much liquid. You can add a small number of solid ingredients above the max line (within reason), but the liquid must not exceed it. This is so you don’t find yourself with a leaking, exploding Nutribullet causing havoc on your benchtop and clothing.

It is marked out with a little dash and “max” about a third way down from the opening of the cup. The idea is to add solids first, then add the liquid until it reaches the Max fill line.

Can filling the nutribullet cup past the max line damage the motor?

Not necessarily, but it may cause leakages and trouble with blending thoroughly.

What’s the Warranty?

1-year warranty

Verdict: Is This Blender For You?

Apart from the slightly concerning reports of “burnt out” motors, there’s no reason to say the Max isn’t a worthy NutriBullet choice. However, it all depends on what your preferences are and what you need your blender to achieve. Personally, I quite like to have manual controls and buttons, so I would go for something like the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ.

However, if you really like the hands-off, auto blend technology then the Max should remain on your list of contenders. The wattage is great, the accessories are handy, and the blending ability is awesome. If your key intention for your new blender is smoothies and cold drinks then yup, the Max is a good option.

If you want to do all kinds of other things such as making nut butter, grind coffee, mix dough, etc. then a comprehensive pitcher blender like a Vitamix is going to be more worth your while.

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