The Omega juicer 8005 is one of the most highly recommended masticating juicers you can get for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a juicer that can really give you what you’re paying for and bring added value to your household, you need not look further because Omega has an entire line for you.

Now if you’re in the process of looking for the right juicer and you want to know whether or not the J8005 is the right one for you, then it’s good to start by taking a look at its features, benefits, and price options, as well as comparing it to similar juicers that are available.

Seeing testimonials about how others have fared with this product will also help you decide whether it’s something you should go for or not.

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What Is So Interesting About The Omega 8005 Juicer? 

As one of Omega’s most popular juicers, the Omega J8005 has taken the juicing world by storm. There are many juicers in the market, and picking the perfect one that will really suit all of your needs will depend on many factors.

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

So what really makes this product stand out from the rest? As part of the Omega line, it clearly already has the stamp of quality and efficiency embedded with the brand, but taking a look at what really sets it apart from other options is also a good exercise. These are some features that make this juicer really interesting:


For one, the Omega 8005 is a full-on masticating juicer and nutrition center. What this means is that once you have it in your kitchen, you can use it not just to yield juice from fruits and vegetables but for so many other functions as well.

Apart from its juicing capabilities, the Omega 8005 functions as a grinder, homogenizer, pasta extruder, and overall food processor. Basically, you get 6 nozzles to choose from.

What this means is that your kitchen can truly benefit from having this around. Not only can you whip up the freshest and most nutritious of all juices, but you can also mix baby food, make real nut butter from actual nuts, create your own pasta, mince herbs for your dishes, and grind fresh coffee beans before you make yourself a cup of coffee. This versatility is quite priceless, and it’s one of the reasons why this juicer is truly worth it.

Complete Nutrition

As a juicer, this has one of the highest juice yields you can expect in the market today, and this is because of its auto pulp-ejection function. This means that even if you continuously feed it with fruits and vegetables, it automatically ejects the pulp and you don’t have to stop every now and then just to make sure that it still works efficiently. Because of this function, you get to do continuous juicing, and you’ll get the juice that you want in the best time possible.

The juicing system itself is also designed to give you the best capability possible. Compared to other high-speed juicers, what you get with the Omega 8005 is a dual-stage juicing system that can give you results at a low speed of 80 rpms. This means you can process your raw ingredients without having to worry about clogging, foaming, or even heat build-up that can possibly ruin the juicer. Because of this low speed, all the nutritional goodness from the fruits and vegetables are protected.

Oxidation is prevented, the healthy enzymes are maintained, and you can even store the juice without having to worry about degradation, for as long as 72 hours. So if you can’t finish the juice you prepared right away and you suddenly need to store it, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Professional Performance

Because of all its capabilities, what Omega 8005 gives you is access to professional-level performance from the comfort of your own home. You can say that this is the kind of juicer that can be trusted commercially, and chefs will certainly agree with you. Having this in your kitchen is therefore very beneficial.

The J8005 is a single-gear commercial masticating juicer, and it comes in chrome and black. Its appearance alone makes it look quite professional, and it measures 7 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep, and 8.5 inches tall.

It weighs 17 pounds. It’s also made with high-quality parts so you can be sure that it will last you a long time and really serve you for all your juicing needs.

Watch the quick video below to see the Omega 8005 in action!

How to use the Omega 8005 juicer?

Ease of use is one of the qualities people automatically look for when they’re picking a juicer. The good news is that that Omega 8005, even if it’s quite sophisticated when it comes to its functionalities, is actually really user-friendly.

First, you need to assemble it. Because it has less parts, it’s pretty easy to assemble. Just take the main plastic piece that contains the chute where you’ll place the raw materials and connect it onto the main body of the juicer. Then you need to take the white auger piece and put it inside as well. The juicing screen goes in last, before you put the end cap to seal it. The black funnel then goes on top. You should then put the two containers in place: one to catch the juice (it comes with an extra screen), and one to catch the pulp. You can also have the white tamper ready so you can push down the raw produce.

Prepare the ingredients that you’re going to juice by cleaning them up and slicing them into smaller pieces. After that, all you need to do is turn on the juicer, and basically place the produce in the chute, pushing it one after the other onto the juicer. Just keep doing this until you’ve juiced all the produce you have.

How to clean the Omega 8005?

Cleaning the Omega 8005 juicer after you’ve used it is another priority that you should be looking at. After all, if you have a juicer that has too many parts and that takes too much time to clean, that’s not an ideal situation either. The best part about Omega 8005 is that it only contains only 5 big parts that you can clean easily. The screen also has much less surface area, although the most challenging part of the cleaning is to remove the pulp that has been stuck to the juicing screen.

What you can do is take the parts of the juicer apart and clean it with hot water from the sink. Using a nylon dish brush with dish soap, you can scrub the parts and in particular try to dislodge the pulp from the screen. This will take only a little over 1 minute of your time, so it’s not really difficult.

What do Reviews of The Omega 8005 say?

The Omega 8005 has so many satisfied customers behind it, and in Amazon it even has a stellar customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Omega 8005 juicer reviews will tell you that customers are really happy with this purchase. It’s really one of the best masticating juicers out in the market, so if you’re serious about getting that nutrition going then this one has many satisfied customers rallying behind it.

There are many pros, including how simple this juicer is structured so it’s certainly easy to assemble, use, and clean. It also preserves all of the nutrition so much better, so this is good for the health-conscious. The only con that some people really emphasize is that they have a hard time cleaning the juicing screen. Also, some people find the feed chute too narrow.

How Does The Omega 8005 Compare?

Compared to other products in the market, this is how the Omega 8005 fares.

vs 8003

The Omega 8005 and 8003 are more or less the same, but they have different colors. While the 8005 is predominantly chrome and black, the 8003 is white, is a little heavier, and is cheaper.

vs 8007

The Omega 8007 is another heavy-duty juicer in the same 8000 series, but it has a different body shape and its color is silver. Its power is now 2 HP and its parts are BPA-free.

vs 8008

The 8008 also comes in chrome, but the warranty is 15 years and the parts are BPA-free. It’s also a much stronger juicer in terms of horsepower, which is now 2. Compared to the 8005, the funnel design is larger and the juicing screen has been upgraded.

vs VRT350

The Omega 8005 is less expensive than the VRT, but it’s also a lot more versatile especially when you want to do something else, like nut butters. The Omega series is also easier to clean.

vs 8004

The Omega 8004 is still a complete nutrition center commercial masticating juicer, but it’s close to the 8003 in weight. It costs more or less the same as the 8005, but it’s white in color and the auger is ultem.

vs 8006

The 8006 is a certified bestseller in the Omega line of masticating (cold press) juicers. It’s chrome and black just like the 8005, but the auger is ultem. That means the auger is about 8x stronger than the 8003, so it’s more ideal for heavy-duty juicing.

vs Omega Vert

Omega Vert has a crescent-shaped chute compared to the round chute of the 8005. This makes the chute size bigger. It’s best for juicing fruits and vegetables, however, it doesn’t allow you to make stuff like baby food, pasta and nut butters.

vs Green Star

While the Omega 8005 works with a single auger, the Green Star works with a twin-screw press. The feed chute of the Green Star is also square compared to the Omega’s round shape. It works at a higher RPM of 110, and its juice pitcher is made of glass compared to Omega’s plastic.

vs NC800

Here you’re upgrading in price to get a whole range of addons and extras that take every day juicing to a higher level of convenience and capability. With the NC800 you can grind coffee beans and make baby food on top of all the leafy green juicing you could want to do.

Where can I get Omega 8005 replacement parts and accessories?

Another common question is what to do when something goes wrong and a part seems to need replacement. The good news is that the Omega 8005 actually has a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor, which means you’ll always have the Omega guys behind you in the rare case that anything goes wrong. Omega will have replacement parts and will also help fix what needs to be fixed.

What’s The Best Price For The Omega 8005 and where can I buy it?

The bets price you can probably get for the Omega 8005 is probably from Amazon is well known for changing prices quite often, therefore we recommend you to check their listing on any given day to make sure you get the best current price.

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Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

After knowing all this information, the next question is whether or not this juicer is right for you. The Omega 8005 is a serious juicer for those who are seriously juicing. If you’re really into it and you’re serious about the nutritional benefits of juicing, then this is the right product for you. It is unparalleled in the quality of juice it can give you, so serious juicers will really get value for their money. If you think you’re only going to use the juicer once in a while, then perhaps a simpler one would suit your needs better.

Another thing you should consider is that this is a masticating juicer, and the low speed is something not a lot of people are really ecstatic about. It’s suitable for certain nutritional needs, but some users would perhaps prefer the centrifugal kind.

You should also remember that this juicer is like the ultimate nutrition center, and you can do so many things with it, not just juicing. This is why it will really suit those who do a lot of food processing in their kitchens. If you’re the type who likes to cook up a storm and entertain with food, then this one’s definitely for you.

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