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A slow turning, high-powered juicer can be one of the best ways to get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. These types of juicers are often overlooked in place of the fast-spinning, more popular models. But professionals and those who use juicers on a consistent basis know that the slow turning juicers often out-perform these popular versions.

One of the highest-rated, most popular masticating juicers on the market is the NC800 by Omega. But is it right for you? With our Omega NC800 review, we cover everything you need to know about this versatile machine to help you decide if this is the right juicer for your needs.

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What’s So Good About the Omega NC800 Juicer?

Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition System Creates Fruit Vegetable and Wheatgrass Juice Quiet Motor Slow Masticating Dual-Stage Extraction with Adjustable Settings, 150-Watt, Silver

The Omega Juicer NC800 is a slow turning, single gear horizontal juicer that is great for those wanting to get the most out of their fruit and veg.

Slow Motor = Longer Lasting Juices

The motor will turn at 80 RPMs which greatly reduces any chances of heat buildup and eliminates oxidation which can destroy enzymes so that your juices contain maximum nutrients. One thing this means is that the juices you make will last a little longer with that fresh zesty juice taste you want. You can debate with your juicer owning buddies exactly how many hours a juice can last bottled in your fridge before it becomes unpleasant. Just know that with this juicer, you’ll find that time longer than the same juice made in a faster RPM juicer.

The motor is powerful enough to churn even the hardest foods so that you can process not just soft fruits into juice, but you can make a great variety of mixtures.

Juice (Almost) Anything

For soft fruits like oranges, grapefruits, or lemons, the NC800 will produce great juice. It may be overkill if that’s all you want to juice, but if you are looking to juice more than just soft fruits, the NC800 has greater versatility than other models.

If you are looking to juice vegetables like beets and tomatoes, the NC800 handles these well. But unlike other juicers, its slow-turning auger can also break down vegetables like broccoli and celery with great efficiency.

Juicers like the NC800 are often sought after because of their ability to process thick, leafy greens like kale, spinach, parsley, and wheatgrass. If you are looking to make healthy juices and smoothies with these kinds of vegetables, the NC800 will juice them thoroughly.

Extra-Large Feed Chute

It might seem insignificant how large the feed chute on your juicer is. As long as fruits and vegetables can fit in it, who cares? But the size of the chute changes how much chopping has to be done before something can fit in. When you use your juicer every day, the difference between a smaller feed chute (say on the Omega 8006 model) and a larger one is hours of cutting and chopping over the lifetime of a juicer. The NC800 has a massive feed chute, minimizing pre-prep time compared to other models.

Make Stuff Other Than Juice

One of the great selling points of the Omega NC800 is that it is not just a juicer, though it certainly will do that well. With different attachments, the NC800 can be used to make baby food or foods for older people who can no longer chew. The slow single auger (note this is not a twin gear model) will do the chewing for you.

You can also use the NC800 to make butter from different kinds of nuts. You will likely need to add some oils to the nuts to make it into a paste, but this is an option that is not available in most other juicers.

The Omega NC800 also comes with attachments to extrude pasta dough so that you can shape and make homemade pasta with ease. This will have a slight learning curve to use it properly, but with a little practice, this machine has a wide range of uses.

Practically one thing this extra capability means is that the Omega NC800 could replace other appliances in your kitchen. This all depends on exactly what you cook and how often but it’s conceivable this juicer could replace your existing blender, and possibly even food processor.

Oh, and that reminds me: You can also grind coffee with it! Quality coffee grinders use a similar slow burr crushing mechanism to get beans into consistently sized particles, and someone smart at Omega realized this. Now, as a bit of a coffee snob, I do foresee problems here. You’re going to get the oils of coffee beans in the gears of the juicer, so you could end up with coffee bitterness in your juices (bad) or some fruity notes in your coffee (possibly good?) but if you’re really into appliance minimalism, this small negative could still be worth the trade!

Extremely Long Warranty = It’ll Last You Years

One of the great selling points of the Omega juicers is their extensive warranties. For the NC800, Omega will warranty the entire device for 15 Years against any manufacturer errors or parts defects. Their customer service has an excellent reputation and their technicians are very knowledgeable when it comes to the products. You will not be speaking to someone who doesn’t know the models when you call. This gives you great peace of mind that the company will stand firmly behind their product should anything go wrong.

Like most warranties, Omega will not cover any customer errors or abuse, but if the fault is on the machine itself, they will cover it for the full 15 years.

It’s Not Big & Clunky

One surprising thing about a juicer with this much power and juicing capacity is the size. At 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches, it’s not going to clog your countertop unless you’re really pressed for space up there.

While commenting on the size I should mention that it does weigh 18lbs so if you’re planning on it being stored in a kitchen cupboard, just be aware that you’ll be lifting a small dumbell in and out each time you want to use it, and that might not be ideal.

Actually, while we’re on it, this video below gives a good sense of how it’ll look on your countertop as well as how it performs making juice!

Is the Omega NC800 a Masticating Juicer?

The NC800 is a masticating juicer, which means that it slowly grinds your fruits and vegetables to extract the maximum juice from them. Other juicers use centrifugal force at high speeds to extract the juice, but these do not work well with heavy, leafy greens.

For this reason, masticating, or cold press juicers are more versatile because they can handle both thick leafy greens like kale and soft fruits like oranges.

What Do Reviews of the Omega NC800 Say?

The one thing that reviews of the Omega NC800 all show is that people really like this juicer. With hundreds of reviews on Amazon and other sites, the vast majority are 4 stars or higher. Compared to other juicers in the same price range, people by far prefer the NC800.

What they like most about this machine is how thorough it is able to extract the juice from the pulp of even the driest vegetables. Its powerful motor can seriously grind out every last drop.

Reviewers also rave about how easy the NC800 is to clean. Reviewers who have had several different models all comment on how much easier it is to clean than any other machine they have owned.

Finally, reviewers comment that many other masticating juicers are prone to clog, but that the NC800 does not have this issue. With the wider feed chute, it is much less likely to become clogged while processing even tough, leafy greens.

What about those negative reviews?

There are some alarming sounding reviews online of people that saw smoke coming out of their juicer, or others that broke within the first couple of months. But I can tell you having reviewed hundreds of appliances for this website that defects happen. Look at the reviews of any similarly priced item and some negative reviews will have had a big problem.

Given that this juicer has – at time of writing – 4.5 stars out of thousands of reviews – it’s clear to me that these negative reviews do not reflect a real problem with the product. The other unfortunate thing about negative reviews like these is you can never tell to what extent they were due to user error.

What you really want to see with any appliance, is not that no one had a defect; It’s that defects were handled well. You can see that reviewers who had a problem with their machines, simply got them replaced by Omega and there were no further issues. With a 15 year warranty – longer than any appliance I’ve reviewed for this website – even if you’re in an unlucky super minority who gets a defect, you won’t end up out of pocket.

One last word from the negative reviews: One area where it may not live up to its promises is in the production of soy milk or nut milk. While it can be used to make these juices, there are other Omega juicers, like the VRT series that will do a better job at these kinds of applications. It works much better as a juicer and will perform these functions, but not as well as a device specifically designed for making milk.

How Do You Use the Omega NC800 Juicer?

The Omega NC800 Juicer is very easy to use. It has only one-speed setting so starting it up is as simple as flipping a switch. The fruits, vegetables, or other foods are fed through a chute at the top of the auger. The auger may grab the food naturally and pull it through the machine, but if not, a plunger is supplied to force the food into the mechanism.

At this point, the juicer will slowly grind the food and remove the pulp from the juice. The juice will is collected beneath the auger in a large tub or other glass that you can use. The pulp is ejected out of the front of the juicer which can be collected in the supplied container or your own bowl.

The end of the auger has an adjustable dial so that you can customize how quickly or slowly the pulp is extracted from the juice. This also allows you to mix foods as well as juice them by turning the dial down. All that’s left is to clean the juicer, which is just as easy as it is to use.

How to Clean the Omega NC800?

The NC800 is not difficult to clean but does require a little effort. The outer assembly detaches from the motor with the twist of a securing screw. The rest of the assembly also will easily then unscrew. With all the parts disassembled, they can be rinsed off and hand washed.
Or for easier cleaning all the components are fully dishwasher safe. This makes it clean-up quick and easy.

How Does the Omega NC800 Compare?

Here’s how the NC800HDS compares to other Omega models and juicers you might have been considering.

Omega NC800 vs NC900

Omega’s model numbering system can be somewhat confusing. To call one model the NC800 and another model the NC900 makes it sound like the NC900 is an upgrade to the NC800. But in reality, these two models have all the same internal components. What’s the difference then? The color, that’s the only difference. The NC800 is often listed as the NC800HDS. The “S” on the end stands for the “Silver.” The NC900 model is chrome plated plastic. This is to say that is has a chrome color, but it is not actually made of chrome.

So, this really comes down to a difference in personal preference. If you like silver, the NC800HDS is what you want. If you like a chrome appearance, then the NC900 is what you are after.

Omega NC800 vs VRT350

Both of these models by Omega are slow masticating juicers that are capable of processes leafy green and yielding high amounts of juice from dry foods. They have similar power and price points so that there is not much difference between the two.

The main difference is that the NC800 is a horizontally fed machine and the VRT350 is vertically fed. The NC800 also has the adjustable output for the pulp so that you can better customize the level of juice extracted. Overall, the VRT350 will do better with fruits while the NC800 will do better with vegetables, but each model can handle both fruits and vegetables. The VRT350 is slightly easier to use, but with a little practice, the NC800 is not difficult to use either.

Omega NC800 vs Omega J8006

The Omega J8006 is an older generation model of masticating juicers. The main difference between these two models is the adjustable end cap of the NC800. It has a wider overall chute that will let you fine-tune the level and consistency of the juice that is produced from the machine. If you want that kind of control, the NC800 is a better option. If you want something simpler, then you might consider the J8006.

Omega NC800 vs Tribest Slowstar

The Slowstar is a popular masticating juicer of comparable strength to the NC800. It turns at only 47 RPMs, so it is a bit slower to the NC800’s 80 RPMs, but this difference is negligible. The main difference between these two models is that the Slowstar is a vertical grinder, while the NC800 is a horizontal grinder. The NC800 also has control settings for the pulp output which allows you to customize how much juice is extracted from the pulp. The Slowstar has no customization settings like this.

So, the Slowstar is a simpler machine to use since you do not have to learn how to set the pulp output. It will handle fruits and juice a little bit better than the NC800, but the NC800 will do a better job with leafy greens. Both models can handle each application, but if you are picky about performance, you might consider this difference.

The Slowstar also comes with a 10-year warranty, compared to the 15-year warranty of the Omega. Both are impressive and should cover more than the life of the juicer.

Where Can I Get Omega NC800 Replacement Parts?

Since Omega has such long warranties on their products, they keep a full supply of replacement parts available. Sometimes it can be difficult to find your exact part on their website and since it will likely be covered by the warranty, it is best to call Omega’s customer service to get your replacement parts. Some parts can also be found on Amazon if you prefer to hunt them down yourself.

What’s the Best Price for the Omega NC800 and Where Can I Buy It?

Omega lists the MSRP for the NC800 at $329.95. But at retailers like Amazon, the price is often reduced at changes regularly to stay competitive. For this reason, it is good to check the current best price on Amazon to get a good deal.

Verdict: Should You Buy This Juicer?

Omega brand juicers are some of the best on the market and the NC800 is no exception. If you are looking for a juicer that will not only extract juice from soft fruits but will also get every last drop out of hard, leafy greens, no other juicer can outperform the NC800 for a similar price.

With the ability to also create nut butter, baby food, and make pasta, you could potentially replace numerous kitchen appliances, all with a machine that you have guaranteed to work for at least 15 years.

It is easy both to use and clean, even if adapting to the pulp settings will take some getting used to. Omega supplies the NC800 with a quality user manual to help you learn to use it, so the learning curve is fairly shallow.

If all of that is you, click here to see the current price for an Omega NC800 on Amazon and enjoy.

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