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When people are asked to name a blender brand, Oster pops into the mind of most people. Americans have been using Oster blenders for close on a hundred years. When John Oster took over the Stevens Electric Company, he did so to get his hands on one product, the liquefying blender, which the firm had patented in 1922.

Mr Oster saw the benefits of the machine and was the first person to market blenders to the masses.

The Oster 10 speed blender is the result of nearly a hundred years of development.
Understandably, Oster blenders are very popular. They are good, and generations have used them, so they sell well. Not to mention the clever marketing ploy of rebranding these blenders as Osterizers, this cemented the brand in the minds of millions.

This page is a review for the Osterizer10 speed blender, one of the company’s best sellers. Over the years, the firm has released numerous versions of this format.

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The 10-speed range

Below we have pulled together the data from reviews for all of the 10 speed Osters that are currently widely available. They all have similar functionality and reading through the reviews seems to perform pretty much the same.
The models we have researched and that are covered by this review are:

All three of these are still available on Amazon and several other sites, so you can still go out and buy them, which is why we have researched them all.

What you get when you buy an Oster 10 speed blender:

  • A solidly built base that incorporates a 450-watt motor
  • Break resistant pitcher made from BPA-free plastic with an easy fill cap
  • Stainless steel ice-crushing blades

What the reviews say

Most of the reviews for these blenders come from the websites of American retailers, but the blender is available in Europe as well, so we did get some of the data below from European retailers. Across the sites, we looked at the reviews were not bad.
On average, the score was around 4 out of 5. However, on one site, the score was only 2.7 out of 5, but that site only had three reviews on it, so was not statistically representative enough.
Out of the 1000+ reviews, we found 51% rated it as 5 out of 5, and around 19% gave it five stars, but 13% of people rated it as only one star. Most of those bad reviews were from people who said the blender had failed quickly.

The pros

Built in filler cap – unlike many modern blenders the Oster’s feature a filler cap. This means you can stop the blender and add other ingredients without having to take the lid off. A simple thing, but something most users really appreciate being able to do. Most smoothies work best if you blend the dry ingredients like the nuts and seeds then add the fruit or vegetables chop them a bit and add the liquid to finish it off. With the Oster, it is easy to do this and get perfect results.

Ice Crusher blades – the blender blades in this machine are strong, and they deal especially well with ice. This blender is great for healthy ice cones and smoothies, and, of course, for the not so healthy, but tasty margaritas. Just don’t put more than five cubes in at once.

Durable metal drive – many people said that they had owned and used this blender for years. It really is a durable piece of kit. This is probably because the firm still makes their drives out of metal. So many firms make their motors from plastic, which strips within a couple of years rendering the blender useless or less effective.

Compact – the footprint of these blenders is smaller than most something many users liked.

Built in cooling fan – to protect the motor Oster includes a cooling fan.

The price – this is a high-quality blender, yet you can easily pick one up for under $40. That is truly amazing value for money.

The cons

Short power cord – the power cord is shorter than you get on other blenders

Jug can shatter – if you drop the jugs or bowls with the blades still inside onto a cement floor it can shatter. Replacements are available, but they cost nearly as much as the entire blender.

Jar lock can be tricky – locking the jar in place can be fiddly. It will work without the jar or pitcher being locked in place, so prepare yourself to catch your blender as it jumps across the counter.

Lock the jar or pitcher in place, and it is as stable as any other blender. Leave it loose, and you have a problem.

Our Verdict

This little blender has loads of fans, but it is clearly not popular with everyone. However, that said if you are on a budget or are looking for a compact blender it is worth keeping the Oster 10 speed blender on your list of possibilities. You can buy it easily from Amazon. Just click the following link to buy your Oster blender for a great price.

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