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The Oster My Blend is perfect for those who can’t afford pricey blenders or those who only want to make single-serve smoothies. It is not very powerful but you don’t really need a lot of power anyway if you just want to prepare smoothies for yourself.

It’s a single-serve blender and it’s perfect for active and health-conscious individuals. The jar you use for blending is actually a transportable container for your smoothie, which allows you to prepare “drinks on the go.”

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Why Is This Oster Blender Worth Considering?

There are several good reasons to buy the Oster My Blend blender:

  • For the budget-conscious, the price is just right.
  • It also looks nice and sleek. Measuring 6.9 x 6.7 x 14.9 inches it won’t take much space on your kitchen counter. You also have plenty of color options to choose from such as black, gray, pink, orange, green, blue, black and teal, white and blue, white and red, and black and gray.
  • You don’t need a jar for this, as the smoothie you make is inside the plastic sport bottle already. So you fill the sports bottle with your ingredients, attach the blade to the bottle, secure the bottle to the blender base, and blend. Once that’s done (it will only take a few seconds), you just remove the blade attachment and replace it with the drinking lid, and you’re all set. No-fuss, no mess.
  • For the Blend-N-Go version, the 20-ounce Tritan bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. The latest versions have been improved greatly, the travel lid is very secure and you can carry it in your backpack or gym bag with no fear of spilling its contents.

>On the Pro, the Tritan bottle comes in a double-layer container that doesn’t produce any condensation. The double layering also keeps your drink cold for a longer period of time (about 30% longer). It even has a carry clip attachment as well as a specially designed reusable straw.

  • You can also buy the Oster My Blend bottle separately. So if you have several people in your home everyone can customize their own drink and have their own container in the color they want. Since it doesn’t take all that long to make a smoothie or a shake, everyone gets their drink pretty quickly.
  • You have different power options depending on the version you get. The Blend-N-Go offers 250 watts, which is sufficient for smoothies and shakes. The Pro offers 500 watts at the start and 350 watts for continuous blending, which makes it easier to crush the ice.
  • Both versions have stainless steel blades. Using the Oster MyBlend blender is very simple with its “One Touch” controls. So there’s really nothing to figure out. Just turn it on and blend until you’re satisfied with what you see.
  • Both the Blend-N-Go and the Pro come with the 3-year Satisfaction Guarantee from Oster, although you need to check as it may only be a 1-year limited warranty.
  • You will also get nice recipes in the instruction manual. It’s simply an extension of its underlying philosophy that everything should be quick. You don’t have to blend for long, you don’t have to transfer the contents into a separate bottle, and you don’t have to do online research for your smoothie and shake recipes.

What Do Customers of the Oster My Blend Say?

For the most part, customers who have bought the My Blend recognize the single-serve limitations, so no one complained that it’s not big enough to prepare drinks for the whole family all at once.

The less powerful motor works well enough, although you may have to add a few seconds for blending. But that works well in the morning since it’s relatively quiet compared to other blenders. For those who need their smoothies early while others are still sleeping, the My Blend doesn’t make a lot of noise that wakes up (and riles up) everyone in the house.

The lack of different settings is also an advantage because people buy the My Blend mainly for smoothies and shakes anyway. So you don’t have to push buttons and turn dials to get the same power setting every time. It’s so easy to use that tech-averse older person and even young children can use it easily. For young kids, you just need to prepare the ingredients inside the sports bottle and put it in the fridge. So when they want to drink a smoothie, all they have to do is to take out the sports bottle, put it in the blender, and turn it on.

Customers also attest to the portability and security of the sports bottle. Several years ago, a few complained that the lid wasn’t very secure. But for the last couple of years, Oster has made really secure lids that can stand the rigors of backpack travel.

For greater accessibility and peace of mind, Oster also offers a carry clip so you can attach your bottle outside your backpack. And since many have been asking about straws before, Oster now includes a reusable straw specially designed for the My Blend sports bottle.

When you use the bottle during the day, you won’t have any problem at all. This is especially true for the Pro version. The condensation-free feature protects your books, clothes, and electronics in your bag. Or you can just clip it to your bag. The straw works well too.

Many also like the fact that you don’t even need to assemble the blade. It’s connected to the attachment you put on the sports bottle. Cleaning is also very convenient, as everything’s dishwasher-friendly. Just put it on the top rack.

However, the limited wattage does come with practical limitations. The My Blend may not always find it easy to crush huge chunks of ice. So you may want to put in smaller pieces of ice. In fact, the more ice you put in, the more difficulties you get. So it’s not practical for frozen drinks.

Some people recommend that you leave some room in the blender when you use ice. Others say the standard “on and off and on again” method will work since at the start you have greater power.

People are also divided when it comes to grinding coffee beans. Oster customer support says that this is not recommended, but some have tried it and reported excellent results. If this is also a function you want, you should go for the Pro version just to be safe.

Where Can I Find an Oster My Blend Replacement Bottle?

It’s easy enough to find a replacement or an additional sports bottle. Your local blender seller may have some in stock, as My Blend is a very popular blender. Or you can always go online. The Oster website and Amazon usually offer them.

The prices are different depending on the color, as demand and availability determine the price.

Verdict: Is This Blender For You?

Virtually all the Oster My Blend reviews say that this blender is most suitable for people with healthy and active lifestyles. The price is very affordable, and it’s designed to create healthy shakes and smoothies for you to easily prepare and take out as you go about your day. It’s very easy to use and it’s quiet too.

But if you have a large household and everyone wants smoothies in the morning, then perhaps a bigger Oster blender is in order. It’s also not the blender to get when you want one that is versatile, as it’s not powerful enough to create a soup and frozen drinks.

If you want a personal blender for single-serve smoothies, this one is highly recommended. It works reliably, there’s very little fuss, and the sports bottle is very convenient. Buy the Oster My Blender and you can enjoy your healthy lifestyle without any problem in the morning, and you don’t even have to spend more than $40 for such a great kitchen tool. For singles and couples who want to stay healthy, this blender is a convenient solution.

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