Ever since the Oster brand started to make blenders in the late 1940s, its kitchenware appliances have become “classics” epitomizing how quality can be found even in small appliances. Today, Oster offers many types of appliances for the home, but the classic Osterizer blender is still popular today.

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Why Is This Oster Blender Worth Considering?

There are many reasons why you really ought to consider the Osterizer classic blender models under the 4093-008 line up.  Some units offer a glass jar with a 5-cup capacity, while others offer a 6-cup capacity. But they all share the same excellent features:

The price is certainly attractive. Selling for less than $70, you can even find stores selling it for $60. Even when you factor in the shipping costs, it’s much more affordable than a lot of other blenders in the market today. Yet in many ways, this Oster blender outperforms its more expensive counterparts.

It comes in a classic “Beehive” design, which looks really great in any kitchen. It’s the look that has survived and thrived through the ages, and is iconic of the Oster brand.

It measures 15.6 x 10.4 x 8.7 inches, so it won’t take up much space on your kitchen countertop. Leave it there to add some class to your kitchen, but if you want to store it then its size makes it easy enough to put it away.

The classic design is further emphasized by its very simple control switch. You don’t have to use multiple buttons and dials, you just have a single toggle switch, and that’s it. This switch gives you 3 options: on, off, and a 2 speed setting (high or low). Many people think that a product with many complicated features is more difficult to use and the simplicity of the Classic Osterizer Blender is an advantage for those who just want a blender that does a great job at what it’s designed to do.

Its power is certainly more than sufficient. At the start, you get an immediate boost of 1,000 watts, and then you continue on with 600 watts of blending power.

All that power can crush ice and everything else when it powers the stainless steel “ice crusher” blade. The 4-point design of this blade offers precise chops and pulverizing power.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-09-at-19.17.15-copy-300x288-compressorCreating your blender product is a breeze, and many testers and consumers have attested to its effectiveness. Smoothies and shakes made from this blender are thick, frothy, and free of chunks. Frozen drinks such as margaritas are excellent. Put in your coffee beans, and the blender grinds them out evenly. Put some fresh veggies, and you have a healthy soup to go with your meal. And for pizza and tacos, you can also use this appliance to shred and grate your cheese.

Its parts are dishwasher safe, and there are only a few spots on the blender which you need to wipe clean. Once you’re done cleaning it, assembling it back is easy. You should have no problems putting back the blade, and whether you’re left-handed or right-handed the jar is easy to put back on the base and use.

Putting the lid on the jar is very easy too and so is taking it out. The cap can even be used to measure 2-ounce fillers. It has markings built-in for ease of measurements.

What sets the Osterizer apart from other brands is its distinct use of the “all metal” drive. The base is metal, and it also uses a metal shaft made to fit into the base of the pitcher when it turns the metal blade. This is in contrast to the more common practice nowadays of using plastic disks. With an all metal drive, Oster promises that you can make up to 10,000 smoothies before you will encounter a problem.

As for the warranty, it may depend on where you buy your blender. Amazon offers a 1-year warranty but it’s a different story when you get it directly from the Oster website. It comes with a 3-year satisfaction guarantee, and the all-metal drive comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

What Do Customers Of The Osterizer Blender Say?

Most people who have bought this blender have remarked about several features which they truly appreciated. For the most part, the ones who bought it are fully aware of the two speed settings so no one really complained about the lack of options for settings. Instead, they liked the fact that there wasn’t really anything to figure out. Just use the regular or the high setting, and find out how long you need to keep the bender running to get what you need. You’ll need to experiment, but that’s also part of the fun right?

Screen-Shot-2015-11-09-at-19.16.58-copy-296x300-compressorThose who bought it have also commented about how powerful the blender is. It can crush just about any ingredient you put in it, and it won’t take a lot of time to prepare your smoothies in the morning. Put some frozen veggies, some fruits and milk and perhaps a few tablespoons of protein powder and you get a power drink to start your day right in just 30 seconds tops. Customers say that the smoothies are silky smooth and you don’t even have to turn it on and off and on again to blend everything. It’s all done in one continuous cycle.

The look of the blender has also drawn a lot of praise. After all, not many appliances can fit right into many kitchen interior designs. But the look of this blender is suitable for basically all interior designs. Those who have modern kitchen designs as well as those with more classic designs all agree that this blender fits right in. The timelessness of the beehive design is truly a classic in every sense.

However, there is one drawback to the Osterizer that just about every customer and professional reviewer has noted. It’s very loud. Even when you compare to other powerful blenders, you’ll find that it’s so loud to the point of being irritating. It may even be harmful to your ears if you’re extra-sensitive.

Many have asked for tips on how to minimize the noise, but so far an effective solution has yet to be found that will work for everyone. Suggestions such as wrapping the bottom with a thick short or towel don’t really work. The best that people can do is to wear ear plugs to protect their eardrums.

However, for some people the noise is an acceptable drawback when you consider everything that this blender has to offer. In fact, some owners of this blender even claim that it’s not really as noisy as you would think.

Where Can I Find Osterizer Blender Spare Parts?

Screen-Shot-2015-11-09-at-19.17.07-copy-241x300-compressorThis blender is so popular that many shops have spare Osterizer blender parts available for any replacement part you might need. But you can always go online to make sure you get the right part. Many sites offer replacement parts for Oster blenders. Just make sure that you’re actually ordering the right replacement part for the model that you have.

You can also talk to Oster customer service to discuss whatever problem you have with your blender. Chances are Oster will give you a discount for the Osterizer parts you need. At the very least you can be sure you get the right Osterizer classic blender parts for the model you have. Their customer service personnel are also very friendly and professional, so you won’t have any problems communicating with them.

What’s The Best Price For The Osterizer Blender?

This all depends on where you buy it.

You can also buy it directly from the Oster website. Currently they’re offering a discount, and their regular price of $99.99 has been slashed to just $59.99.

On Amazon, you can probably find the same if not better deal but you need to check directly there on any given day because prices change pretty much all the time.

Verdict: Is This Blender For You?

The bottom line is, this one does everything you’d expect from a blender, and it’s easy to use. It looks great in any kitchen, is easy to clean and will last for a very long time.

So it really boils down to whether or not you can stand the noise of the Osterizer Blender Classic. Remember, many customers have commented that it is so loud it can be disruptive, and if you use this in the middle of the night you will end up waking up everyone.

But if you live alone or if no one minds the noise, then go for it. Its low price and excellent quality make for a superb choice. Just make sure you have your earplugs ready if you plan on using this blender several times a day, every day.

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