Does Bergamot Really Lower Cholesterol?

Claim Bergamot lowers cholesterol. Verdict Origin There are 11 pre-clinical and 4 clinical studies supporting the claim that bergamot lowers cholesterol. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso) grows well in the Calabria region of Southern Italy. It has a unique profile of flavonoids and glycosides including neroeriocitrin, naringin, rutin, neodesmin and rhoifolin. It is often used as… Continue reading

Artichoke (& Artichoke Extract): Is It Really Good For The Liver?

Claim Artichoke (& Artichoke Extract) is good for the liver. Verdict There are studies to support the claim that artichoke (& artichoke extract) is good for the liver but more robust research is needed to corroborate these findings. Origin A post on stated that artichoke can help protect the liver from damage caused by… Continue reading

Do Multivitamins Really Increase The Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Claim Multivitamins increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Verdict There is no definitive proof that multivitamins increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Origin Online interest in the relationship between multivitamins and Alzheimer’s Disease was sparked by a paper published in 2009 by Dr George Brewer from University of Chicago (1). Dr Brewer believes that copper… Continue reading

Can Broccoli Sprouts Actually Help Fight Cancer?

Claim Broccoli Sprouts Help Fight Cancer Verdict There are no conclusive clinical trials evaluating the effects of broccoli sprouts on cancer. Origin Reports on The and advocate growing broccoli sprouts in order to prevent or treat cancer. Cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae) such as broccoli sprouts are enriched with several chemical components, such as sulforaphane… Continue reading

Do Papaya Seeds Really Detoxify The liver And Kidneys?

Claim Papaya seeds detoxify the liver and kidneys. Verdict There is no scientific or medical literature to support the claim that papaya seeds detoxify the liver and/or kidneys. Origin A post on recommends eating crushed papaya seeds to help detoxify the kidneys or liver. The post specifies that the seeds (and not the leaves,… Continue reading

Does Rosemary Really Increase Memory If You Sniff It?

Claim It has been said that sniffing rosemary increases memory. Verdict Sniffing rosemary actually slowed speed of memory in a randomised controlled trial in Britain. Origin The British Daily Mail featured a post on the ‘memory enhancing effects of rosemary’. This was followed by a piece on Robert Tisserand’s website (a leading manufacturer and promoter… Continue reading

Does Ligandrol (LGD 4033) Work? Full Review Of The Evidence

After finishing reviewing Beta Alanine, D Aspartic Acid, and Cissus, I decided to turn my attention to something a little more controversial. Ligandrol was a natural choice. Ligandrol or LGD-4033, is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals and currently under development by Viking Therapeutics [1], [2]. That sounds very technical and it… Continue reading

Does Cissus Quadrangularis Do Anything? Full Review of The Research

Cissus quadrangularis is a plant widely used in traditional Ayurvedic and African medicine across India, Asia and Africa. It was next on our hit list of popular supplements in the fitness and bodybuilding communities, after Beta Alanine, and D Aspartic Acid. (FYI: We since published a lengthy review on Ligandrol for the same series) It was… Continue reading

Does oregano oil have health benefits? The research reviewed.

1Plants have been used since antiquity to treat a wide range of medical conditions including infections. Nature has endowed plants with essential oils which help the plants fight off threats such as harmful parasites (8). The hydrophobic nature of essential oils disrupts the cytoplasmic membrane of microbial cell walls resulting in cell death (13). This… Continue reading

Does D Aspartic Acid Do Anything? The Research Reviewed

Aspartic acid, also known as aspartate, is an endogenous, or non-essential amino acid. Non-essential amino acids are amino acids (the building blocks that make up proteins) that can be made by the body, so they don’t have to be provided by food. Us humans can (and do) also acquire aspartic acid through the consumption of… Continue reading

Are There Benefits To Beta Alanine? Here’s What Research Says

There are lots of claims made by the fitness industry to convince consumers to part with their hard earned cash. Right now, beta alanine is being widely promoted as the hottest supplement around for bodybuilding and other athletic performance. (Not to mention Cissus Quadrangularis, D Aspartic Acid, and Ligandrol that we’ve also covered.) There are many… Continue reading

The Best Air Fryers of 2017: Complete Buyers Guide and Review

Everybody loves fried foods, even people who are concerned about their health. If you’ve struggled with ways to enjoy your favorite foods while remaining healthy, you’ve likely come across an “Air Fryer.” With these amazing cooking appliances, you’re able to enjoy your favorite fried foods with up to 75% less fat content. If you’ve been… Continue reading

Do Foam Rollers Actually Work? A Review of the Evidence

Easy.. unlike some of those ridiculously complicated gym equipment items. Cheap.. compared to expensive ongoing visits with masseuses, physiotherapists, or myotherapists. An at-home, and portable, fitness solution in our increasingly busy lives. What’s not to like about the concept of foam-rollers? It is yet another self-help option readily available to us, in the popular and ever-growing… Continue reading