Papaya seeds detoxify the liver and kidneys.



There is no scientific or medical literature to support the claim that papaya seeds detoxify the liver and/or kidneys.


A post on recommends eating crushed papaya seeds to help detoxify the kidneys or liver. The post specifies that the seeds (and not the leaves, fruit or peel) should be used for liver and kidney cleansing. It recommends crushing 5 to 6 papaya seeds and taking them with food or juice. Lime juice is especially recommended in the post.

No reference is provided for the claim that papaya seeds can help with liver cleansing. The post goes on to state that papaya seeds can prevent kidney failure according to research done at the University of Karachi. No reference is provided for the Karachi study.

There are no studies in the scientific or medical literature for the search term ‘papaya seeds’. Changing the search to Carica papaya (the official name) or pawpaw does not yield any results either. Searching the medical literature for ‘papaya and Karachi’ brings up just one study.

The study from Karachi was laboratory based and aimed to evaluate the ‘medicinal profile of all parts of the papaya fruit’ using solvents (1). The bark, leaves, fruit and peel of papaya were studied but not the seeds (1). The study concluded that ethanol or methanol can be used to possible anti-bacterial properties of papaya pulp. The Karachi study was published the year after the blog post on

In summary, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that papaya seeds offer any health benefits.

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