Recent Press & Academic Mentions For Healthy But Smart

Last Updated: 5 October 2020

Healthy But Smart is fortunate to have been mentioned in prominent publications for our work reviewing research and enabling better-informed health decisions.

See a list of them below:

I’m a Doctor and You Could Get COVID if You Do This

New Zealand Herald

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth: Are super foods really that super? – NZ Herald

A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study


What Are Adaptogens & Do They Work?

10 Expert-Recommended Supplements to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Organic Authority

A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study – MetInfo

Queensland Times

‘Dream’ drug behind swimmer’s downfall | Queensland Times

What Is Activated Charcoal? | Live Science

Shayna Jack doping scandal: What is LGD-4033 ligandrol?

Soursop Tea: The Truth About Soursop Tea’s Health Claims

Things You Should Never Do For Your Health | Eat This Not That

Shayna Jack doping scandal: What is LGD-4033 ligandrol? | Fox Sports

Your iron deficiency, or mild anaemia, could have a surprising benefit | Health24

Old Wives’ Tales and Truths | Skeptical Inquirer

Reality Sandwich

Guide to Adaptogens and Adaptogenic Herbs | Reality Sandwich

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Shea Butter?

Should you upgrade your massage with CBD oil?

Does cupping work? The therapy practice used by Michael Phelps and more has a major following

Your Iron Deficiency, or Mild Anaemia, Could Have A Surprising Benefit

Baltimore Post Examiner

Do carnivores need Vitamin B12 supplements?

Should men over 40 take Niacin?

Huffington Post

Why Do I Keep Getting Yeast Infections?

Activated Charcoal Fad Seems Best At Removing Cash From Our Wallets
3 Health Fads I Won’t Be Trying This Summer


10 Sensitivities You May Have If You Have A Sensory Processing Disorder

Mel Magazine

What It’s Like To Be Medicated For Anger

Update On Alternative Glaucoma Medications

The Economist 1843 Magazine

The charcoal smoothie: a trend with benefits?

Trigger Point Doubts: Do “Muscle Knots” Exist?

Science Based Medicine

Phenibut Is Neither Proven Nor Safe As A Prosocial Wonder Drug
Nope, Quenepa Has No Health Benefits

Men’s Health

I Put a Giant Red Light on My Balls to Triple My Testosterone Levels

Can Yoga Help To Alleviate IBS? – The Good Men Project

Woman Dies After She Received ‘Live Bee Sting Acupuncture’

Constipation Treatment for the Elderly | Constipation Cures

University Of Waikato

Attitudes and Antibiotics – BioBlog

Ginseng for the Common Cold

Does Activated Charcoal Benefit Breastfeeding? Science Explains