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4 thoughts on “Honeywell 50250-S Review & In-Depth Model Comparison”

  1. It is important to bear in mind how air filters are rated for size… When they say that they filter x number of square feet, what the manufacturer has actually done is estimated the height of the room, and determined that on HIGH the entire volume of the room is filtered X times. So, if you are looking for quiet, get a bigger filter and run it on low.

    A bigger filter means that there is less pressure required to put enough flow through the volume required to clean a room through the unit. Lower pressure means that the fan inside doesn’t need to work as hard, which means it will be cheaper to run.

    If you run a larger filter than needed on low, not only can you double the maintenance interval, but it will cost less to run, and will be quieter.

  2. My daughter and I are both Asthmatic. We have been using this Honeywell Model for about 8 years. We originally purchased 3 and ran them 24/7. One unit quit running just recently 🙁 These are my favorite air cleaners and we can’t sleep without it on. We used to have cats and these were perfect for eliminating pet dander and other allergens. I have really bad allergies and can actually tell in the air when the unit has been turned off. I definitely recommend this air cleaner.

  3. This gave a novice the information I needed to research and decide upon which purifier to buy. I am a baby-boomer, so the Honeywell brand is familiar to me. Thank you for the information that I needed to decide which purifier I will purchase. Your blog reduced all of the confusion and I am thankful. Honeywell it is!

    Barbara Rivers
    Goose Creek, SC