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We don’t believe in the life changing health benefits of green smoothies. But we also don’t think it’s controversial to say that replacing a meal or two a week of processed foods, with fruit and vegetable smoothies… is probably a good idea.

A quick way to produce nutritious meals or snacks on limited time: That’s why HealthyButSmart reviews and compares the most cost effective blenders on the market.

Magic Bullet Blender Review 2019: A Small & Compact Blender
HBS Review Team

The Magic Bullet is the original bullet blender from the same brand who makes the NutriBullet blenders. The Magic Bullet came first, and it has stuck around like glue. If you're wondering if it's worth your while to go for the OG Magic Bullet or reach for one of the...

What Are the Best Nutribullet Blenders on the Market in 2019?
HBS Review Team

Introduction When it comes to blitzing the heck out of fruits, veggies...and almost anything, the Nutribullet has taken over a huge chunk of the market. The Nutribullet empire market their blenders with the philosophy that they are experts at "nutrient extractors"....

What Are the Best Blenders For Smoothies in 2019? Buyer Guide
HBS Review Team

In the market for a new blender for your smoothies? Don’t just invite any old blender into your world. You need one with a good blade to handle frozen foods, decent power, and a construction to suit your space and travel needs. Smoothies are serious business for those...