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We don’t believe in the life changing health benefits of green smoothies. But we also don’t think it’s controversial to say that replacing a meal or two a week of processed foods, with fruit and vegetable smoothies… is probably a good idea.

A quick way to produce nutritious meals or snacks on limited time: That’s why HealthyButSmart reviews and compares the most cost effective blenders on the market.

What Are The Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2018? 
HBS Review Team

In the market for a new blender for your smoothies? Don’t just invite any old blender into your world. You need one with a good blade to handle frozen foods, decent power, and a construction to suit your space and travel needs. Smoothies are serious business for those...

Vitamix Ascent A2300: Full Review, Comparison and Buying Guide
Elizabeth Martin

The A2300 is the entry-level – cheapest – model in Vitamix’s new Ascent range. Having reviewed... almost literally every Vitamix... I think it’s got a lot going for it and, feature per dollar, I think it ranks among the best models for home use. In the review below,...

Vitamix 5200 Review: What You Must Know Before Buying
Elizabeth Martin

If you are interested in buying a new blender, the Vitamix 5200 could very easily be what you are looking for. In this post, my goal is to tell you everything you need to know about the Vitamix 5200 so that you can decide whether this blender is right for you. Below...

Vitamix Ascent A3500: The Mother of All Reviews
Elizabeth Martin

This is it, the mack daddy of the Ascent series blenders. The Vitamix Ascent A3500 has everything you need in a blender while maintaining a beautiful physique. The Vitamix A3500 is a self-cleaning, sleek-looking, time-saving super blender. There’s more to it than...

Ninja BL660 Review: The Good, The Bad & Ugly?
Elizabeth Martin

If you've spent the last 30 minutes online looking for more information on the Ninja BL660 and still haven't found what you're looking for, this is it. You're probably wondering how powerful is the BL660? What sizes are the pitchers? But most importantly, what do...

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review: 4 machines in 1??
Elizabeth Martin

You can do so many things with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500. It’s like the Swiss army knife of kitchenware. If you need a food processor, a juicer and a blender, then instead of buying 3 different appliances, you can just buy one. It can even be used as a mixer...

Blendtec 575 Classic Review: Better than a Vitamix?
Elizabeth Martin

Are you on the lookout for a blender that’s powerful, high tech, and easy to use? But keen to save a little money as well? Depending on what you're looking to blend, and how often, The Blendtec Classic 575 might work for you. This review will help you understand where...

Insider Review Of The Vitamix 5300: Is It Worth The Price?
Elizabeth Martin

Sure, the Vitamix 5300 looks like a great buy. But Vitamix have a lot of models. How do you know if the 5300 is really the best choice for you? That's why I wrote this article. I've been using my Vitamix and providing research for people considering a Vitamix for the...