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6 thoughts on “Sauces or Smoothies: The 5 Best Immersion Blenders Today”

  1. I just went through the annoyance of buying three immersion blenders, but not with the help of this article. First, a Cuisinart Smart Stick, complete with a mini-food processor and whisk. It was awful to use; the need to push and hold in the top button while using one of the side buttons was the antithesis of “ergonomic.” Without a very long thumb or the ability to use the thing two-handed, it was nearly impossible. The need to have the top button engaged in order to use a side button made pulsing impossible, as far as I could tell. I used it once, and it worked well, except for the awkward button configuration. My hand/thumb/wrist hurt at the time, and I wrapped my hand-thumb/wrist in ice the entire next day. I cleaned and returned the Cuisinart.

    Next a Bella. It was bright red (!), included a whisk, and inexpensive. I double-checked the blender and the instruction manual before actually buying it – no evidence of hard-to-reach buttons. On closer inspection at home, I noticed an open connection between the blade assembly and the hollow shaft, on both the blender and the whisk. I surmised that food would go up there and be hard if not impossible to remove with cleaning, and hence could/would stay up in the hollow shaft and eventually come down (complete with mold, bacteria, etc) into the next batch of food being mixed. That prospect was rather unappetizing, plus the Bella had a small plastic gasket (?) above the blade and whisk assemblies , and I had just read an article about health issues with some plastics used for that purpose.

    Finally, Chefman: I spotted a Chefman 300 watt at a good price, inspected it in the store – no open spaces for food waste of bactria to lurk, and no oddly placed buttons to hurt me.