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We don’t believe in the life changing health benefits of green smoothies. But we also don’t think it’s controversial to say that replacing a meal or two a week of processed foods, with fruit and vegetable smoothies… is probably a good idea.

A quick way to produce nutritious meals or snacks on limited time: That’s why HealthyButSmart reviews and compares the most cost effective blenders on the market.

Everything You Need To Know About the Vitamix 6300
Elizabeth Martin

For many health-conscious folks out there, a blender is a crucial kitchen appliance to have in the home. It enables you to prepare and enjoy healthy drinks in a matter of minutes. You just put the ingredients inside, press the button, and voila, you have a freshly...

Ninja Pro System 1100: Is It Worth Your Money?
Elizabeth Martin

If you are looking for a high end, multipurpose blender the Ninja pro system 1100 is certainly well worth considering. Here I tell you a bit more about it with the aim of helping you to decide if the Ninja 1100 is the best option for you and your family....

Vitamix Professional Series 750: A Complete Buying Guide
Elizabeth Martin

The Vitamix 750 is one of those blenders that I had heard a lot about, but never got my hands on. It has been around for a few years but is still the talk of the blender world today. I finally got to to try one out myself for the first time when the holiday rental I...

Vitamix Professional Series 500: Read This Before Buying
Elizabeth Martin

Vitamix is a big manufacturer of blenders. They make a huge range of blenders and cater for both the domestic and commercial markets. One of their most popular blenders for home users is the Vitamix Professional Series 500. The Vitamix 500 bridges the gap between...

Vitamix S30 Review: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This
Elizabeth Martin

If you are looking for a compact blender, the Vitamix S30 could be exactly what you need. This Vitamix S30 review below will tell you everything you need to know to determine whether this is the right blender for you or not. I have owned several different blenders and...

The Vitamix 300: What You Wanted To Know But Couldn’t Find
Elizabeth Martin

The first thing to say about the Vitamix 300 is that it is part of the firm’s professional range. However, it is still a very popular blender for home users. That is why I have decided to include it on this blender review site. On this page, I am going to explain what...

Ninja NJ600 Review: Is This The Best Blender for You?
Elizabeth Martin

There are plenty of blenders available on the market, and the Ninja NJ600 is one of the most popular ones. It is possible to pick one up for under $100. Yet as you will see from this Ninja NJ600 review it is still a great blender that offers great functionality. On...