Latest Reviews in Food Processors

There are no claims of wild health benefits here. Our interest in food processors is that they make it easier and more convenient to prepare more nutritious meals. Nothing more or less.

There’s a reason why people don’t generally drop Twinkies into their food processors… although we’re sure that has happened.

In this category we do reviews and comparisons of the best available food processors. If you’re considering getting one, our reviews will help you make a better buying decision more quickly.

The 7 Best Cyber Monday Food Processor Deals: Up to 58% off
Elizabeth Martin

If you'd been waiting for the holiday sales to pick up a food processor... well played. As long as you're not absolutely committed to a particular brand or model, there are some exceptional deals available. This article takes all the knowledge we've acquired having...

What Are The Best Food Processors For Baby Food In 2019?
HBS Review Team

Making your own baby food at home can be quick, easy and very cost-effective if you have the right equipment. Funnily enough, not all food processors are ideal for baby food so before you buy just any old machine, take a look through our list. There are a few options...

The Definitive Top 5 Best Food Processors of 2019 Ranked
Elizabeth Martin

If you are tired of preparing all of your foods by hand, slicing and chopping vegetables, grinding up seeds and nuts, shredding and grating cheeses, or mixing dough, then you’ve likely considered a food processor. With these machines, you can save yourself many hours...