Latest Reviews in Juicers

The worst thing about juicers are some of the wacko “health experts” who advocate on their behalf.

Taken on their own – hype removed – juicers are a way to make delicious fresh liquids in the comfort of your own home. Ingredients dependent, they might even help you increase the nutrition content in your diet: Nothing for science to get grumpy about!

In this section we’ve reviewed and compared the best juicers available to help you decide which best suits your needs.

Omega 8008 Review 2020: An Efficient and Dependable Juicer
Elizabeth Martin

The Omega Chrome-Heavy Duty Masticaticating Juicer 8008 is a 5th generation juice extractor from Omega Juicers and just like its predecessors, it comes with a powerful commercial grade motor, a durable auger and a beautiful chrome finish. Omega Juicers’ 8000 series...

Omega Juicer 8005 Review 2020: Unparalleled Quality Juice
Elizabeth Martin

The Omega juicer 8005 is one of the most highly recommended masticating juicers you can get for your kitchen. If you’re looking for a juicer that can really give you what you’re paying for and bring added value to your household, you need not look further because...

Breville JE98XL Juicer Review 2019: A Great No-Frills Juicer
Elizabeth Martin

It’s no secret that the path to better health can be costly, and we’re not just talking about home gyms or gym memberships here. Many people who embark on a healthy lifestyle buy a juicer and these kitchen appliances can cost a lot of money. But while Breville does...