There are few things quite as refreshing as a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. But getting that juice out of ripe oranges can be a difficult task. For years people would spend hours hand squeezing orange after orange just to get some of that coveted juice out of every last orange.

This was clearly a huge hassle, so there were developments of orange juicers where you would press your orange on a curved device and twist the orange over some flanges. This was a step up from hand squeezing, but still left a lot of pulp and juice on the orange.

Today there are finally electric orange juicers to make getting that elusive glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. One of these electric juicers you may have come across is the Tribest Citristar. The Tribest Citrus juicer is a popular electric juicer that takes a lot of the hassle out of squeezing process to automatic the most frustrating part of getting fresh orange juice.

But is the Tribest Juicer for you? If you’ve been looking for a quality orange juicer, you’ve likely come across this appliance. With our Tribest Juicer reviews, we’ll go in-depth into this convenient model to give you everything you need to know about the Tribest Citristar electric citrus juicer to decide if this is the best way for you to get that orange juice you love!

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What Is Interesting About The Tribest Citristar CS-1000 Juicer?

Tribest is an American OEM manufacturer of a range of home appliance devices. The Tribest Citristar juicer is an electric juicer that works to remove all the pulp and juice from an orange and then separate the pulp from the juice so that you get a great glass of orange juice every time.

How It Works

If you have looked into the Tribest Citristar, you probably have some idea of how it functions, but just in case you are unsure, let’s take just a second to understand the concept. The Citristar looks something like a blender without a pitcher. On top of the base is a cone with flanges. When you place a half-cut orange on top of the cone and press down it will automatically begin to rotate. As it rotates and you press down the flanges will dig into the orange and separate the pulp and juice from the orange skin.

The pulp and juice then fall into a screen when some of the juice will fall down into a reservoir or out of the machine and into your container. The pulp that remains in the screen will be processed again by flanges rotating around the screen which get the very last drop of juice out of the pulp. In this way, you are able to get a big yield of juice out of every orange.

Quality Components

At the heart of the Tribest Citristar is a 50-watt motor that drives the turning cone. This motor is highly energy efficient and will plug into any standard 120-volt outlet in your home. So, the overall power consumption of this appliance is absolutely minimal. The motor is also very quiet, especially when compared to high-speed centrifugal juicers. These high-speed juicers are very loud and will possibly wake up your whole household when used! The Citristar, by contrast, is quiet and operates at a very low decibel so that it is not bothersome when used.

The screen through which the pulp and juice flow is made from a stainless steel material and has a design that maximizes the juice yield. The stainless steel is very reliable, resistant to wear and tear, and will not rust over time. This is important when dealing with fruits like oranges that have high acidic levels that can really break down weak materials over a long period of time.

The cone in which you press the orange is made from a durable plastic and has specially designed flanges which ream all the pulp from inside the orange skin. The helps you get as much of the juice out of the orange as possible, leaving nothing left inside so that nothing is wasted.

The cone also allows for you to juice more than just oranges. The large cone is also great for juicing both grapefruits and pomegranates. So, this makes the Citristar a versatile machine that juices any fruit that can be cut in half and pressed against the cone. If you are looking for more than just juicing oranges, the Citristar is a great option.

Locking Spout

Another great feature of the Tribest CS-1000 is that the spout out of which the juice flows can be locked in an upright position. This keeps you from dripping or spilling juice while you are in the middle of juicing. It also allows you to keep the juice in the machine as the pulp is being skimmed by the secondary flanges of the cone. This can help you get even more juice out of the machine. The interior container which holds the juice is also angled so all the juice will easily flow out of the machine and into your juice container.

Convenient Design

The Tribest Citristar weighs less than 8 pounds and only takes up about 8 inches in diameter. So, it will not take up very much room on your countertop at all. And Tribest has designed the cord to be stored within the juicer so that it is really easy to store. This machine can be left on your counter without a problem or you can put it in a cabinet without a problem.


The Citristar comes with a standard 1-year warranty on all its parts and functionality. This only covers manufacturer errors or parts defects, so if it is damaged due to customer abuse or accident, it is not covered by this warranty.

Check out the Tribest Citristar in a action with the quick video below:

What do reviews of the Tribest CS-1000 say? 

The vast majority of reviews of the Tribest CS1000 are glowing and positive. It is almost universal that people love this juicer. What people seem to like most is how easy it is to use this juicer. All you have to do is cut a fruit in half and then press it against the cone. That’s all there is to it!

Other users comment on how quiet the juicer is. These users have tried other juicers so they know how to compare this juicer with others. If it were an isolated use, it would be hard to judge, but when you’ve had several models, you can better determine which is the quietest.

A lot of users write that the powerful motor really cuts through all the pulp and inside materials of different fruits. This helps really get out every last drop so that no juice is wasted in the process or left in the peel.

If there are any complaints, they are from a very small minority of users. Some people have had some issues with too much pulp coming through with the juice. This might be a bit subjective and could easily be corrected by pouring the juice through a simple screen.

Others have commented that they do not like the pressure they have to use to get the orange fully pressed. Again, this can be a bit subjective based on expectations. Most people do not seem to have any difficulty with pressing down on the cone.

What’s The Best Price for the Tribest CS-1000 and where can I buy it?

Prices for the Tribest CS-1000 can change from time to time depending on special deals and shipping rates. Amazon regularly adjusts their prices in order to offer the best prices online. So, it is a good idea to check what Amazon offers. This model is known for being affordable so it is a good idea to see what rates Amazon is offering now.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

The Tribest Citristar is a great way to get that freshly squeezed orange juice in an easy and convenient way. The motorized cone and flanges mean that you will not have to struggle to really get all that juice out of the oranges.

The pieces come apart very simply so that you can clean the parts without any trouble at all. This is another major convenience factor for using the Citristar. If you used a high-speed centrifugal juicer there are a lot of internal parts that have to be taken apart and cleaned every time you use it. That can be time-consuming if all you want is a simple glass of orange juice. With the Citristar there are really only three parts that have to be cleaned. That is a quick clean up time comparatively speaking.

If you really want that fresh juice instead of the store-bought juices that have already been extracted, the Tribest Citristar is a great option. It solves the problem of having to hand squeeze or hand ream oranges which is really time-consuming and can be labor intensive. This is the best way to get the freshest and best tasting juice out of every orange you put through the juicer. The noise levels are low enough that you will not wake up your whole household using it and you can enjoy your juice in peace!

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