If you’ve been looking for a quality juicer with more versatility than just a juicer than the Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 2 in 1 Juicer & Mincer has probably crossed your path. This sleek and elegant juicer has unique qualities that make it stand out in the market of many different juicer brands. But do these features mean it is a better machine?

In this article, we will take a look at the Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and see just what these features are and whether users are happy with what the Tribest Juicer brings to the juicing market.

Getting all your vitamins and minerals in quality juices is becoming more popular, so there are a lot more options available to you. With our Tribest juicer reviews, we will help you narrow down your options and see if this is the right juicer for you.

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If you want to know more, feel free to use the table of contents below and dive in!

What Is Interesting About the Tribest Slowstar Juicer?

The Tribest Slowstar SW-2000-b juicer has some unique features that set it apart from other juicers out there that you will come across.

This model has a very elegant design with a fashionable black and red finish. Many people will find this especially nice for their modern kitchen. There will be no need to hide this under the counter. It will look very nice in any kitchen.

But the unique aspects of the Tribest juicer are on the inside. This is a vertically designed model that works slowly with a single auger that turns and grinds your foods to extract maximum amounts of juices from great yields. It can accommodate large fruits like oranges and apples, small foods like berries, or leafy greens like kale or spinach.

Slow Speed and Powerful

The Tribest slow juicer turns its auger at a slow 47 RPM to give maximum attention to every bit of food you put through it. The motor which turns the auger is 200 watts. However, the Tribest Slowstar also features a 3 part gear reduction ratio to increase the amount of torque so that the motor is equivalent to 9 horsepower. This is extremely powerful in the world of juicers. Comparable juicers with 150 watts only produce around 4 horsepower.

This ensures that you will have reduced heat which decreases the level of oxidation and foam created. The freshness of the juice produces, therefore, is of a much superior quality to what you might get from other juicers.

Unique Auger Design

Another unique feature of the Tribest Slowstar Juicer is that the auger features a double-edged, “duoblade” which increases the juicer’s ability to cut through tough foods and give you very high yields of foods in less time. This also helps to reduce the amount of pulp that will be gathered in the juice. Some juicers require you to use a strainer to reduce the pulp, but this design will alleviate this step. Foods that are especially fibrous, like kale or celery, are better broken down by this dual-blade feature.

Spout Cap

The Tribest Slowstar also comes with a specially designed cap attached to the juice spout. This serves several functions. First, it will reduce or eliminate any dripping that you might experience from other juicers. Second, this will allow you to mix juices within the juicer itself rather than juicing many different foods and then blending them. This saves you a step when doing more than just juicing one food at a time.

Mincing Attachment

Unlike other juicers on the market, the Tribest Slowstar comes with an additional attachment. This Homogenizing / Mincing Attachment is used for when you want to make something other than juices. This will allow you to make sauces, nut butters, sorbets, and pates. This is where the versatility of the Tribest Slowstar comes into play. While other juicers promise to do some of these same functions, they are not nearly as efficient.

Check out the Tribest Slowstar in action with the video below!

What do reviews of the Slowstar SW 2000 say? 

Our research shows that people who use this juicer, have an overwhelmingly positive experience. In fact, most of the negative reviews have to do with distributors, not the product itself.

What People Like

Many users comment on the very low speed of the Tribest Slowstar. Other slow masticating juicers turn at around 80 RPM, but with the 47 RPM of the Slowstar, it greatly reduces oxidation. This means there is a higher yield of juice and it will retain a greater degree of nutrients and vitamins.

Another thing that people really like is how small and compact this juicer is for what it can do.  The small space means that if you have a small kitchen, it will not take up too much space. Or at the very least you can easily store it when you are not using it. This makes it very convenient if you have a small kitchen or if room is at a premium.

Other users who have tried various models of juicers comment that the Tribest Slowstar yields more juice than other masticating juicers. This may be due to the double-edged auger design which really cuts through the food and breaks it down more easily. This makes it a great machine for juicing the leafy greens like wheatgrass, kale, or parsley. These kinds of foods are difficult to juice because of their low water content to begin with. So, if you plan on juicing these kinds of foods, the Slowstar is a great option.

Many users really like the mincing attachment so that they can use the juicer to do other things with the machine than just juice. If you are interested in turning nuts into butter, making a puree, or doing any other number of great cooking techniques that require fine chopping, the Tribest Slowstar will most likely handle the job.

Several users comment on how easy the Tribest Slowstar is to clean. The upper portion of the juice disassembles very easily. Tribest includes several cleaning tools like brushes to scrub the inner screen. The internal parts can also be washed simply in the sink. Or you can run water through the machine between juices so that it can be cleaned out to clear the previous foods so there is no cross-flavoring.

Another thing that users really like about this juicer is how durable it is. The motor and the base are heavy so that it provides great stability when juicing. It does not feel like a cheap juicer, but rather a high-quality machine that produces quality juice.

What People Do Not Like

There are a few things that some users comment might make this a better machine. Some people do not like that the food chute is not as large as other juicers. Some vertical juicers are able to handle whole apples, but with the Tribest Slowstar, you will have to pre-cut your food into smaller pieces before it will be able to juice them. Some users will find this to be a bit of a hassle, but it is really only a few more minutes depending on the food.

While some people think the Tribest Slowstar is very easy to clean, another comment that it does require a bit more effort than other juicers. These users seem to want a simple disassemble and throw in the dishwasher kind of appliance. The Tribest Slowstar does require you to scrub a bit to give it a thorough cleaning. If you are not averse to keeping the machine clean in the way, this should not be a big downside. And as we pointed out above, many users actually find it easy to clean compared to other juicers.

The last thing that some users comment on is that some pulp seems to get stuck underneath the double-bladed auger. This makes it a bit inconvenient when juicing thick foods. You may have to run some water through the juicer to clear it out in these instances. Or, in some cases, you might have to take it apart and manually clear the stuck pulp from the auger.

Not very many users have reported this problem, so you might be able to avoid this issue by limited the amount of food you put through the machine at one time. If you parse out the food in smaller quantities, you will be able to avoid clogging.

What’s The Best Price for the Slowstar SW 2000 and where can I buy it?

The Slowstar SW 2000 is available in many different online retailers like Amazon. At Amazon, you will often find special deals and reduced prices. These prices are often changing to be competitive, so it is a good idea to check Amazon for their latest price and any other deals they are currently offering on shipping or extended warranties.

Verdict: Is This Juicer For You?

If you are looking for a versatile juicer that will produce high yields of juice for even the densest foods, the Tribest Slowstar is an excellent option. The mincer accessory means that you will be able to do more than just “juice.” You will be able to use this juicer to mince, pate, or even create butter from nuts. The dual blade auger and powerful motor will cut through the toughest foods and make a great amount of juice.

The Tribest Slowstar has an excellent reputation amongst juicers and a proven track record. If you are looking for a durable, stable, and elegant juicer that will work well and look good on your counter, the Tribest Slowstar is a quality juicer to meet all your juicing needs.

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