Vitamix Professional Series 200: Is It The Blender For You?

If you found this page, chances are you are most likely looking for a good quality, professional grade blender.. am i right?

You are also probably wondering with so many models (especially from Vitamix) why would I choose the 200? what makes it different than, for example, the 750? How powerful is it and what can I make with it?

This complete review will clear any doubt you have and help you make the best decision for your needs.

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Want to know more? Simply use the table of contents below to check out what you need to know the most or read the rest of the article for an in depth review!

What Do I Get When I Buy a Vitamix 200?

Here’s a rundown of the goodies contained inside the Vitamix 200 package:

  • Motor base
  • Patented tamper that has a collar to stop it tangling with the blades
  • 64oz BPA free blender jug with a spill proof lid and feeder plug
  • Laser cut hammer mill blades with a 3-inch diameter
  • Recipe book containing over 300 recipes
  • Access to a user’s community and forum

All this comes with a great 7-Year warranty.

How powerful is the Vitamix 1723 Professional Series 200 blender?

This commercial grade blender is available to, and affordable enough for home users. The coolest thing about it?

Buyers Note: The Vitamix 200 has a 2 horsepower beast of a motor that spins the blades at 240mph! This is almost as powerful as the Vitamix 750, and you get that for something like $200 less the price PLUS a nice cookbook.

What can the Vitamix 200 Professional Series make?

This is a very versatile blender. Here is what the blender can make along with notes from users about how good or bad it is at making those items. Here is the list:

Blend cold soups – good at blending pre-cooked vegetables into a soup consistency.

Blend ingredients into a hot soup – very good results reported. It only takes about 5 minutes to turn raw vegetables into hot soup, or about three minutes for pre-cooked vegetables.

Smoothies – will make any smoothie, including green smoothies and copes easily with thick milkshakes. However, if you do make thick smoothies, you will need to use the tamper.

Frozen desserts – very good results provided the instructions are followed and be prepared to use the tamper mid-blend.

Slushies and cocktails – excellent results, this blender has no issues with handling ice

Nut butters – excellent results provided you follow the recipe and add the required amount of milk or oil. You are likely to need to use the tamper part way through because nuts tend to stick to the sides of the jug.

Flour – this machine will turn nuts and grains into flours, but you need to buy the dry container separately to do this.

As well as blend, it can do the following:

  • Cream
  • Puree
  • Heat
  • Churn
  • Self clean

What Do Other Customers Love About the 200?

Here is a summary of what other users liked about the 200 blender:

Blends whole foods – when it comes to fruit and vegetables you can put everything into this blender, skin, core and seeds all are smoothly blended.

Makes hot soup in minutes– the friction of the blades means it can produce hot soup, and do so very quickly

Easy to find and buy accessories – Vitamix accessories and parts are easy to find and buy. They are very fairly priced too.

Full control of the blade speed – there are ten blade speeds and you stay in control by selecting the speed you want. This makes it easier to produce good results.

Makes a great green smoothie – this is one of the few blenders that passes the green smoothie test. It almost liquefies green leaves. Other blenders just chop them into small slithers, which can leave you literally picking spinach out of your teeth. The Vitamix 200 does not have this common blender issue.

What Isn’t So Good?

You need a bit of ice for a cold smoothie – with those fruits and vegetables that take a while to blend you need to add some ice to produce a cold drink. The blades spin really fast so if you blend something for more than 40 seconds or so it can end up slightly warm if you do not add a little ice as well.

Some people reported leaks – a few people reported that their blender leaked when they used it, but they all got a replacement with no issues.

For thick shakes, you have to use the tamper – if you make thick shakes, frozen desserts or nut butters you will have to use the tamper occasionally to push the food back onto the blades. However, we have noticed this is the case with virtually every powerful blender.

To see the Vitamix 200 in action and a little explanation of its features, check out the video below:

What are the main differences between the Vitamix 200 and 750?

During my research online i noticed many people kept asking the same question over and over again: How does it compare to the 750?

I get it, you’ve seen the lower price and are wondering “Hmm, what makes the 200 less valuable?” Well, to be honest not much, obviously the vitamix 750 is kind of a higher end product.

Below is a summary of the main differences between the Vitamix 750 and 200:

  • The price – the 750 is normally about $200 more expensive than the 200
  • Preset programmes – the 750 has pre program settings the 200 is controlled manually
  • Pulse control – there is no pulse control on the 200, but there is on the 750
  • Recipe book – the 200 comes with a 300 plus page recipe book and the 750 with a 200 page recipe book

Should I buy the Vitamix Pro 200 blender?

If you are a family or couple that will use a blender on a daily basis the 200 is a great option. The fact that you get a 7-year warranty means that the cost is not an issue because you could easily end up burning your way through four or 5 cheaper blenders during that time.

Note: This is a professional blender, and different to the home blenders we’ve discussed elsewhere.

Where can I buy the Vitamix Series 200 Blender?

You can buy the Vitamix both off and online. However, as you know I like Amazon best. You get free shipping; good support and there are plenty of discounts, so you get good value for money.

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