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Well played on waiting til holiday season to finally pick up your air fryer! Not only will you soon be frying and crisping your best comfort foods ever, you’ll also be shoving them in your friend’s faces, bragging about the deal you got. (Disclaimer: Don’t actually do that. Totally obnoxious.)

After hours of sifting, I’ve listed the current best Prime Day deals, most of which are already available ahead of October 13th and 14th!

Pick the deal that best suits you and get frying!

#1 Best Prime Day Air Fryer Deal: Ninja Air Fryer

I simply didn’t expect this air fryer to appear on the discount list this year. It’s so popular at the moment. Ninja could have ridden the existing wave and done just fine without reducing the price at all, but for some reason, they didn’t. The discount is big.

What’s so good about this machine?

  • The 4 functions: Dehydrator as well as cooking, frying and reheating. You normally don’t get that level of functionality for this price.
  • Quality: The ceramic coated frying basket means it avoids some of the cracking issues other models with plastic baskets have.
  • Diswasher safe: Ninja learned from their Blenders that people care about this. You can drop all the important parts into the dishwasher and have them come out the wash cycle clean. Sure, for heavily soiled baskets, you’ll need some elbow grease now and then. But in comparison to other machines without this feature, the convenience is huge.

I won’t overplay it. It’s an air fryer that looks and does what most air fryers do. It’s also not the biggest machine at 4qt. If you want to be cooking more than 2lb of french fries with any regularity, I’d urge you to look at our other options on the list.

It’s just that at this price, for this set of features and level of quality, I don’t think there’s a better air fryer right now.

#2 Best Prime Day Air Fryer Deal: Gowise 7qt Air Fryer

What if I told you the price of your new air fryer could get lower AND you could increase the cooking capacity?

That’s exactly the situation with the Gowise 7qt. Available at a massive discount right now, I haven’t seen a 7qt air fryer for this price… ever.

What’s 7qt compared to 4 or 5qt, in practical terms? It means you can cook 14 chicken wings at the same time. It means you can fit a 5lb chicken inside it. It means 2lbs of french fries.

What’s really important about the added capacity, is the ability to fit racks inside it (which come with the machine) to increase the cooking area and improve air circulation. On top of cooking more food, these mean you cook more quickly and get more crispiness in texture.

It has near-perfect ratings and other customers have specifically mentioned switching to this air fryer from others (like Cosori and Breville) and preferring them for cooking quality and ease of cleanup.

This deal is pretty hard to go past, and I don’t expect it to be around for long.

#3 Cheapest Possible: Chefman Turbofry 3.6qt

I bet you didn’t realize you could get an air fryer this cheap. Honestly, neither did I. Because outside of sale season you can’t. Right now however? Yeah, look at that price.

Because it’s cheap I’ll put the negatives first:

  • It’s 3.6qt: This is an air fryer for an individual or a couple. You can do a small batch of fries or wings, (or brussell sprouts or sweet potato gems) but past this you’ll be doing multiple cooks. Many customers don’t mind this because each cook is fast. Many of these things will be done in 15 minutes, so you can feasibly do a main and a side within 30-40 minutes depending on what it is. But in general, this is about the smallest capacity air fryer you can get.
  • Nothing. There is no other negative.

Because the basket is smaller, it will cook your meals just as quickly as any other air fryer (cook time of course being a product of quantity).

It’s small, at 8x8x9.5 inches so it won’t take up much room on your counter.

And it has a dishwasher safe basket (that will actually fit in your dishwasher, which is not true for all larger models. “Dishwasher safe” is meaningless if you can’t fit it in your dishwasher!) so cleanup isn’t a pain.

If you want a quality small air fryer at the lowest possible price, this is it. Don’t look further than the Chefman.

#4 Best Deal on a Big Air Fryer: Ultralean 12.5qt

One reason you might have gone past all the options so far is because: “Nope. Not big enough”.

If that’s you, #4 is your option. There’s a deal right now on this Ultralean, 12.qt air fryer oven, and I’m pretty happy I found it.

Here, you’re almost doubling your cooking capacity from our previous biggest fryer the Gowise 7qt. In this thing, you can fit large whole chickens. You can fit turkeys. It comes with racks, a rotisserie fork and skewer, a basket, and a tray, and you can fit multiple of these items inside the oven at the same time.

You can cook for families of 4 and above with ease in this thing.

Oh, and just to be clear: It has a rotisserie! This means not only can you cook more things, but you can cook meats more evenly without having to open the oven to toss or rotate. More convenience, less effort.

It’s not unreasonable to imagine that this thing could overtake your regular oven at usage. It has a dehydrator function. You can reheat things just as easily as in a microwave.

And somehow, its parts also still fit in a standard dishwasher. Yes, you’ll be running this through on a wash of it’s own. It’ll take up all the dishwasher space. But it still means the only thing you’ll be cleaning up now manually is the inside of the oven now and then.

That’s it for now!

Those are the best air fryer deals currently available for Prime day in my humble view. If I get wind of anything better I’ll update this post to let you know. Good luck grabbing a deal!

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