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You are on a quest for the perfect commercial food processor. Your goal is to find the tool that will best suit your needs in order to make lighter work of your professional kitchen tasks. My goal is to demystify some of the confusion that you may be facing with this guide to the best commercial food processors in 2021.

With so many models, sizes, and styles to choose from, the search for a food processor may seem overwhelming. First of all, let’s be honest about what you are looking for because this kitchen tool should make your job easier. Whether you are looking for the very best machine out there, a model with a number of attachments, or one that is more economical, this guide will help you on your way. You will soon be chopping, slicing, dicing, and mixing with the greatest of ease.

Keep reading to see our list of the best food processor, followed by a breakdown of who would want each specific food processor. Or, jump straight to our #1 commercial food processor on Amazon here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Commercial Food Processor?

Shopping for a food processor can be a bit daunting, so let’s begin by addressing exactly what a food processor is used for. Generally, they are designed to quickly chop, shred, slice, and mix. As a cook, I love wielding a super-sharp chef knife, but I also welcome the opportunity to give my hands a break as I buzz through a pile of vegetables with little effort. Beyond that, some food processors excel in other areas like emulsifying mayonnaise, making pie dough, or even juicing lemons. Let’s have a look at some of the criteria for making the best choice for your needs.

Criteria #1: Power – Because the motor is the core of your commercial food processor, it is best to go for a high power machine. A high power motor will generate high torque that will function fast and generate less noise. That, however, does not mean that a big motor is best for every job. Sometimes a machine with 600-700 watts of power is ideal for smaller cafes or even a work station that has limited space.

Criteria #2: Size – One of the first things to consider is the size of the food processor batch bowl. In other words, do you need a 3-cup bowl, a 3-quart bowl, or something in between? If you plan to chop garlic and herbs on occasion, a small machine will probably do the trick, but if you are making guacamole for a crowd of hungry sports fans, 14 cups may be more suitable to your needs.

These days, you can have the best of both worlds with some food processors that come with a large and a small bowl. This is a real bonus if you value your kitchen counter space because you can easily switch between the two sizes.

Criteria #3: Attachments – Beyond the basic S-blade, slicing, and shredding disc, you may be in the market for a food processor with a number of bells and whistles that perform a whole host of functions. Some machines come with an entire case of attachments, and one even has a citrus juicer attached.

Criteria #4: Cost – It is always good to know how much you are willing to spend before you get too caught up in the food processor of your dreams. A heavy-duty, commercial Robot Coupe can easily cost you over a hefty sum while a respectable mid-size machine could be yours for under much less. The price point will determine where you should start your search, but I encourage you not to buy the least expensive food processor out there because sometimes, you really do get what you paid for.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Commercial Food Processor

I have taken a number of things into consideration in coming up with the food processors in the following categories. Value is certainly one of those things, though that doesn’t mean the least expensive machine is the best. What I mean is that you are getting versatility and power at a reasonable price. It turns out that professional cooks are pretty passionate about their food processors, and the reviews reveal what they love and what they found disappointing.

#1: Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Combination Food Processor (Best Value)

Robot Coupe R101 B CLR Combination Food Processor, 2.5-Liter Bowl, Polycarbonate, Clear, 120v

The Robot Coupe R101 is a real kitchen workhorse, which is something I have come to expect from this brand. This particular model is relatively pared-down, but that is not to say that it is basic in any way. This machine gets its muscle from its heavy-duty, 3/4 HP motor that is both powerful and quiet – a combination that is essential to a busy working kitchen. Furthermore, the high-quality stainless steel blade is razor-sharp and won’t mash your food as it does its job.

The beauty of a quality food processor is that it lets you carry out many different types of kitchen tasks much more efficiently than by hand. This machine excels at grating bread crumbs, chopping garlic, pulverizing nuts, and making mayonnaise with ease. If you have ever had to perform any of these tasks without a powerful industrial processor, you can certainly attest to the importance of having the right tool for the task.

Its simple on/off control with a one-speed setting makes things simple and streamlined. No need for gadgetry here. The aim is to get the job done and move on. I also love the open top of this continuous feed processor. It allows the user to have a look into the bowl without stopping. Additionally, ingredients can easily be added while the machine runs for better efficiency.

An added feature that should not be overlooked is its built-in magnetic safety system which means it won’t start until the bowl and top are properly aligned. With all this power, that is a really good thing.

The small footprint of this machine makes perfect sense in the professional kitchen where counter space is at a premium. The base is sturdy and the machine a bit heavy at 26.3 pounds, which means it won’t slide around on your work station as it operates.

When you invest in a Robot Coupe, you are getting more than a powerful machine. You are getting a solid 3-year warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts and labor. You are also investing in a machine that will last for years.

#2: Robot Coupe R2N Ultra Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor (3 qt) (Best Machine)

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor with 3-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl, 1-HP, 120-Volts

This Robot Coupe is the perfect model for commercial use.  Apart from regular blending, mixing, chopping, and grating, the machine has a lot more to offer. Much like the previous model, this unit has the same large feed opening that lets you fit in multiple ingredients at once. So instead of stopping the machine to add ingredients, simply add them while the machine is running – something that’s essential when making emulsified sauces and vinaigrettes.

The super sharp, stainless steel, S-blade rotates at 1725 rpm and gives amazing results. The S-blade is housed by the generously-sized, 3-quart work bowl. Now, if you really want the luxury model, you will consider opting for the stainless steel bowl and this is why: Stainless steel doesn’t transfer odors like garlic, and it will not crack. Of course, replacement bowls are available for purchase, but if you have the means, you may want to go all out. Yes it’s an investment, but for the money, you get have a machine that will endure a great deal of kitchen use and abuse.

What sets this machine apart from the others?

Reason #1: What sets this model apart from the previous one is the attachments. Included are two slicing discs (2 mm and 4 mm) and a feed head with two different sized feed chutes, which will give you a bit of adaptability when working with different ingredients. This continuous feed processor will allow you to breeze through large quantities of vegetables in little time without stopping.

Reason #2: Credit goes to the processor’s powerful 1 HP motor that delivers power to complete various functions smoothly. If you have used less powerful machines, it is possible that you experienced overheating of the motor. Robot Coupe has addressed that with a fan-cooled motor so you can get through a pile of vegetables without taking a break. As if that were not enough, this motor is quiet, and that is a big deal in a professional kitchen setting.

While the price tag may seem a bit steep, bear in mind that this machine will last a very long time and will endure a great deal of use. As with the previous model, you are getting a solid 3-year warranty on the motor and 1 year on parts and labor.

#3: Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor (Best Multi-Purpose)

Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, includes 7 Attachment Blades + Chopper and Citrus Juicer , Made in Europe with German Engineering

Perhaps the most unique of the food processors is the Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor. I have to wonder if this is somehow a stroke of genius as it is German engineered and made in Europe. The motor is super quiet which doesn’t seem like a necessity until you try it and realize what you’ve been missing.

The design of this machine is sleek and again, quite unlike the food processors I am familiar with. Seven different attachments make this comparable to some other machines, but the citrus press truly sets it apart from the competition. Squeezing fresh lemon juice for your vinaigrette without having to reach for a lemon reamer is pretty nice, I have to say. Is it essential?

Well, not really, but it sure makes food preparation a lot more convenient. Chances are your salad station would benefit from the flexibility this machine delivers.

At just a fraction of the cost of the other food processors I looked at, this machine does not disappoint. One reviewer states, “It is incredibly versatile and an absolute workhorse. Doesn’t take much space and seems as close to actually possessing a magic wand as I have ever gotten. I really wanted something strong enough to make nut butter. With the small bowl insert, I can even make small amounts.” Nicely done, Braun.

#4: Breville Sous Chef (Best Low Cost)

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel

The Breville Sous Chef Food Processor has a number of bells and whistles that set it apart. Priced only slightly higher than the Braun above, this machine has a lot to deliver.

Notable here is the adjustable slicer blade that has 24 settings, allowing you to choose the thickness of your vegetables from a paper-thin 0.3 mm to hefty 8.0 mm slices. I can imagine this kind of flexibility would be so handy when it comes to slicing vegetables, allowing you to get the perfect thickness. Reviewers loved this feature.

The Breville Sous Chef offers two different size bowls to make it even more adaptable in the kitchen; a large 16-cup bowl and a smaller 2.5 cup bowl, a great feature that makes going from large to small task a breeze. Additionally, it saves you from the need for two separate machines, in turn saving space in your kitchen.

The timer on this machine really sets it apart from the others. This feature would give the user a lot more freedom, allowing a product to mix for a determined period of time then shut off automatically. I could see how this could apply to yeasted bread doughs that require a specific amount of time to develop gluten.

The Breville Sous Chef has a hefty, 1200 watt motor. I have to say that this machine could have its place in a commercial kitchen next to a more industrial one, like the Robot Coupe. While not as powerful, I think it offers a good number of features that may suit your needs if you are looking for something with a few more attachments.

#5: Waring Commercial WFP11S (Best for Basic Tasks)

Waring Commercial WFP11S Batch Bowl Food Processor with LiquiLock Seal System, 2-1/2-Quart

This professional food processor is powered by a high-grade, one horsepower motor, making it comparable in power to the Robot Coupe models that professional cooks (like me), love. The work bowl is quite impressive with a huge capacity of 2.5 quarts and made from a clear shatterproof, material so that you can see what’s going on inside.

This large 2-1/2-quart batch bowl takes things to the next level with the LiquiLock seal system which eliminates the likelihood of spillage or leakage, keeping your work station clean. Notable here is that Waring gives a 5-year warranty to back its motor and a 2-year warranty to back the parts.

Budget Options

It stands to reason that not everyone is in the position to spend a small fortune on a food processor. Perhaps you only plan to use it occasionally or have smaller needs. The following models may be just what you are looking for.

#1 Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY

Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel, White

If there is one basic, tried and true name in commercial food processors, then Cuisinart is it. This one is durable, dependable, and capable of handling big jobs. With a 720 watt motor, this machine is equipped to chop, shred, slice, and even knead dough despite its lack of fancy attachments.

The stainless steel blades and easy to clean bowl make this a solid choice when maintenance is of importance. Beyond that, it eliminates a lot of the necessary storage space required for a number of attachments. So, if you are like me and you value the space you have for extraneous tools, this may be the machine for you.

“The shredding blades all work great and you get consistent shredded and chopped foods. It pulses quickly without having to hold the button down forever before it starts to pulse.” boasts one Amazon reviewer. This efficient, responsive machine gets the job done without a lot of hesitation

Again, not all the bells and whistles, but I do feel that Cuisinart has a lot to offer with this classic machine. Add to that a solid 3-year warranty.

#2 KitchenAid KFP1466CU 14-Cup Food Processor 

KitchenAid KFP1466CU 14-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System and Dicing Kit - Contour Silver

If you are looking for a good size machine with a variety of applications, but don’t have the budget for a premium machine, then this KitchenAid food processor may be a smart option for you. This may be a good fit for your wallet as well as your kitchen.

Much like the Breville Sous Chef already mentioned, this machine has two different sized bowls (14 and 4 cup capacities) which makes it not only super handy but also a bit of a space saver. This feels like a pretty good deal already, but the list of assets goes on. The work bowl is quite generous in size with a huge capacity of 2.5 quarts and made from a clear, shatterproof, transparent material.

Beyond that, the patented LiquiLock seal system between the bowl and the lid removes any odds of spillage. If it seems like a lot for this reasonably priced machine, then you may have found the one for you!

#3 Waring (WCG75) 3 cup food processor

Waring (WCG75) 3 cup food processor

I would be remiss if I didn’t include something of smaller proportions in my list of commercial food processors and this Waring model may be just the size for your needs and your budget. With a 3-cup bowl, this is ideal for small tasks like grinding spices, chopping herbs, or even milling flax seeds for your baking purposes. Unique in that its powerful 3/4-horsepower, the high-speed motor is quick and surprisingly quiet for the amount of work it accomplishes. Included are two separate bowl and blade assemblies; one for grinding and the other for chopping.

If this machine fits your needs, you will be happy to know that it is quite heavy for its size which reduces the chance of it working its way off of your station. As far as size goes, it has a relatively small base which makes it perfect for tight kitchen spaces and allows it to store quite easily when not in use.

This may seem like a splurge for such a small machine, but I think it is important to note that the best commercial food processor is not necessarily the biggest; it is the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Is a Commercial Food Processor Definitely Right for You?

So what determines whether a commercial food processor is right for you? It is really about the frequency and duration of use. While some home models (such as those we’ve listed above, as well as a possible exception for professional Vitamix models) are certainly compatible with light kitchen use, you should consider the fact that many could not last a day in a busy professional kitchen.

Durability and a powerful motor contribute to the traits I look for in the ideal commercial food processor.

Verdict: Your Best Commercial Food Processor

There are so many things to consider when deciding if a commercial food processor is right for you. So let me break it down in more simple terms.

If you want a high power machine that can perform simple, daily tasks in large volumes, check out the Robot Coupe R101 or the Waring WFP11S.

If a variety of attachments for flexibility better suit your needs, consider the Breville Sous Chef or the Braun FP3020 .

For the best large food processors on a budget, have a look at the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY or the KitchenAid KFP1466CU.

The options are out there based on your needs. It is time to head into your kitchen and enjoy the process of food preparation.

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